XXTV: We take you behind the scenes of a sold out event in Chicago – Xtreme Xperience

XXTV: We take you behind the scenes of a sold out event in Chicago – Xtreme Xperience

Jimmie: This is going to be on film on celluloid from here to eternity. What’s the word of the day? Drivers: SMOOTH! [Off Camera laughter] Rich: Smooth! [Music begins to play] Driver: I’m too old to be in a low car now Rich S:We’re getting for Autobahn, so it’s time to pack up the trailer. This is kind of a our hometown event, so we’re doing it big. Yo, Cal! Alyssa B: We move all of our carts down to the trailer. Then we’re going to load them all in. Then, they’re strapped down. We don’t have a team that comes in, we do it all. [Ferrari cold start] [Music intensifies] Joe: Are we on camera? Mitch: Nope! Joe: As you sway with the camera Mitch: It’s not rolling really honestly. This is the proper way to hold it so that it doesn’t… I need to put tape over that. Joe: [counting] seven…
Alyssa:[counting] eight… Rich S: Welcome to the Autobahn Country Club here in Joliet,IL. This is like our home away from home. What we’re looking to do is bring you behind the scenes. I’ll show you what it was like. Maybe take you guys back to day one when we started and bring it all the way up to what it looked like today. Where we have 14 cars here. Three trailers, and we’re doing over 1200 drives this weekend It is going to be epic! Probably our biggest event ever, and we’re really excited to show you guys what that looks like behind the scenes. Mitch: Brian, how’s the fleet doing today? Brian V: It’s actually pretty good! Nothing too crazy. Just looking at normal wear and tear. From being on the track. Rich S: We’ve got FRAME as a corporate event. Time for some fun, out on the track. [Car engine noise] Instructor: Okay, we’ve got a green light. So first cone right here is your apex cone. I like that underneath your mirror. The next one we’ll look up to… [Engine noise] Instructor: Beautiful! Beautiful line. Brake hard. Off the brake. Get it in. Alright, remember… just like a volume knob. Start turning it up now. More. More. More. More! Max volume. Go! Joe: Really really fun car. It handles really well. The brakes are immaculate. And there’s a lot of power. Mitch: Did you get to experience the Snapchat spectacles?
Joe: I actually forgot to click it. Mitch: Well, you just clicked it now, so it’s running. You can do a little light. [laughs] Joe: Yeah before when out, I forgot to tap them. Oops! Rich S: So we are in the process of doing a bit of a content review. We’ve got Joe spearheading all the necessary driving. You know? The hard part. Getting out on track and turning laps. We’re going to spend some time reviewing the content that we have… then make sure this vlog ends up looking like pure gold. Rich S: Things get a little hectic over here. Trackside food isn’t always the best. At the Autobahn, we’re pretty lucky. Sometimes you just need some curly fries local gas station Arby’s.
Steve S: And a shake! Rich S: It’s not life on the road without: Arby’s. Burger King. Chicken fries… Super syrupy milkshakes. Ultra fried food. Pizza by the slice. That usually does the trick. Joe: It’s (Audi RS3LMS) about about $105,000 fully [race] spec. And, It’s service by Audi, so… Stu: That’s all this goes for? As is right there? Joe: Yep! That livery is like another five g’s… Joe: It’s test drive (in the Audi RS3 LMS) time! [Engine and exhaust noise] Rich S: Guys, hows does this event look compared to event number one at Autobahn? Joe: It’s night and day. Maybe as many people… because the first time we ever did this, it was like ‘Whoa!’ I can’t believe we just sold all these tickets? We actually have tents. We have signage. We have barricades. We have semi-trucks. We have nice helmets. We have stanchions and lines. None of that existed. The very first event, we had a barricade, and spray painted lines on the ground. It said, ‘R8″ and we thought that, throughout the day all the cars would line up as the same spot. Remember that? That didn’t work. [Music playing on radio in background] Rich S: So, the event has wrapped up and it’s time to get out of here. Time to pack on up guys. Every event there’s tear down… Between everyday, and always and forever. We will be lifting heavy things breaking stuff down, putting it back up all for you guys. We’ll see you next event!


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  • Thomas Goodwin says:

    Great! Can't wait to see more content! I also wondered, as I am new to YouTube if you could check out my videos and if you find them enjoyable, maybe help each other out as i'm close to 500? Thanks!

  • You guys only use that Purple Huracan for display? I wanted to drive that car and you guys wouldn't let me, told me to drive the other Huracan.. If I'm paying to drive Huracan I should be able to drive anyone I want… btw get rid off that rude Hispanic guy (Jose or whatever his name is) that gives helmets. That guy need to learn how to talk to people and stop being pushy. When I'm done driving I'll give the helmet back I don't need some jerk being pushy.

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