Why SJW’s Can’t Apologize | We The Internet TV

Why SJW’s Can’t Apologize | We The Internet TV

[LOU] Has anyone, any of those
students that were protesting, have any of them reached out
to you and perhaps apologized? [BRET] That has not happened. (laughter) [BRET] Well, I’m not sure… So, first of all, you’ve got to
understand that the discipline that is meted out to somebody who breaks ranks in that way is severe. So there is a case
during the protests where, in this 4:00 meeting in the
top of the library building that almost boils over into violence
a bunch of different times. It’s a very famous clip
if you’ve watched this stuff. After that meeting, I was actually
told that there was preparations being made
to kidnap me, and I wasn’t going to be
allowed to leave. I was ultimately allowed to
leave that room. I walked out and a bunch of students, some of them mine, students who had decided that they
wanted to protect me, followed me out. But some other students followed me
out because they wanted to talk to me. One of them was a young woman
who was challenged by protesters at that point for talking to me. And she said, “No, I just…
he seems like a cool guy. I want to figure out what this is.
It doesn’t sound right to me.” And she talks to me, and we have
a productive exchange. And the heartbreaking thing, right?
This is a woman of color. I don’t know that it’s fair to say,
but I think she may have had autism, there was something about her
that just didn’t settle into the social milieu the way
it was supposed to. And the next day, after she had
satisfied her curiosity by talking to me and discovering that I wasn’t the
monster I was being portrayed as. [HEATHER] But doing so publicly,
so that others could see that she
was talking to you. [BRET] Yes. She was witnessed
doing this, and then she was brought onto a stage at one of the
protest events and made to
read a statement. And it’s horrifying because…
I must tell you, I’m dyslexic,
I don’t read out loud very well. She reads out loud and she
completely butchers the statement,
and it makes her look foolish. And so not only is she being forced
to recant her discovery, but it makes her look,
I don’t know, unfit,
or something like this. And I think the point is,
I know why they did that. And it’s because she broke ranks
and she did something that put the lie to the whole story,
and it had to be punished so nobody else would
get the idea to do that. So, why don’t people contact me? It has a lot to do with what happened to those people who did break ranks. And our students who are here today know that they were specially targeted. They were followed,
they were doxxed,
things happened to people, even for just simply
remaining as they were.


82 thoughts on “Why SJW’s Can’t Apologize | We The Internet TV”

  • Arcadia Occult Curio Shop Autumn Storm Hp says:

    "I'm Not Sorry For Bret Weinstein At Evergreen – NJJ Episode 6"


    Weinstein is the reason why the protest happened he is a Marxist professor who is now crying victim because his own Marxist Creations turned on him!

  • He just described a cult "disciplining" a member who was close to breaking away. Textbook cult behavior…. So sickening …

  • rueben cristobal says:

    Portland OR my hometown. It smells like human waste with garbage and homeless camps all over the place. Traditionally ran by Democrats.

  • Robert Stimmel says:

    Well… u.s. colleges may be expensive and they certainly don't guarantee to give a good return on investment, but they do sound welcoming. How could anyone not want to live on a college campus after hearing this story?

  • Political discord as it is now doesn’t exactly lend itself to people apologizing.
    Your initial sides will see you as weak and too compromising.
    And the side your apologizing to will probably just use you as a bludgeon against your side. (Explaining your own side being angry.)

    P.S. Anyone else noticing more comments under these videos being negative against Weinstein?

  • Unfortunately many students aren't using logic. It's important both sides always be heard, even when you disagree, too many colleges are only letting one side be heard. Colleges were supposed to be where kids grew up, now they've become expensive day cares. Thanks so much for doing these. Lou needs a green suit for St. Patrick's day!! Best wishes

  • electro baroque says:

    the title is a bit disconnected with the content of the video. I'd say SJWs can apologize verbally but only when it implies recognition of their own perceived identity group faults, or identity group boundary recognition, they love that. They usually don't apologize by the true meaning of the word which is recognizing individual faults.

  • Man. That poor girl. That's one of those things that, regardless of how much someone disagrees with you, you hate to see them treated like crap. I hate that those people humiliated that girl just for talking to someone. Absolutely agree with everyone else, that's straight up cult behavior.

  • John McCormick says:

    Let's keep in mind that this happened and happens at schools where mostly rich people send their kids. In public universities, especially where there is a more age-diverse and experience-diverse student body, this is less likely. #notallcollegestudents 😉

  • losers produce losers,
    absent winners too,
    add in the modern education system and voila, there you go
    the modern sjw….a loser

  • Coming from a communist country, that was infuriating and heartbreaking to hear how they humiliated that girl. I understand this psychological manipulation/intimidation all to well. People saying sounds like a cult and it is…it's the cult of Communism.

  • Brian Anderson says:

    They can't apologize because they are self righteous cry babies who have been brainwashed buy radical leftist neo-nazis.

  • This sounds identical to the traitors in 1984 when they admit to treason on national tv and are then executed. This is wrong on far too many levels, and is honestly more terrifying than just about anything else I have ever heard of.

    That book wasn't supposed to be a guide! It was something we were supposed to avoid!

  • People are probably going to give me so much shit for this but I believe so much of this is because social media is ruining our society. I'm old enough to have lived the first half of my life without the internet and we didn't treat people like this before social media became mainstream. The internet has been mostly wonderful for us but this isn't part of the good. I honestly believe that "normies" aren't handling it very well.
    Go ahead with your "ok boomer" insults (even though I'm gen x) or whatever else you want to call me.

  • If people want to get a good grip of understanding communism they need to read Tortured for Christ. It was written by a Romanian Pastor, Richard Wurmbrand.

  • The Evil Evil left has taken over university campuses with their marxist ways. It started as feminists and the cancer has spread rapidly.

  • Imagine giving a fuck about what your "group" thinks about what you're doing. Read a statement? Here's a statement: go fuck yourself.

  • Casey Wollberg says:

    I was raised in a cult. I saw this stuff coming immediately. The ironic thing is that it first happened in the new atheist movement, a group of people coming out of religion. Or so they thought. It was quickly infiltrated by feminists and sjws and became a branch of the identitarian/greivance cult. There is a classic book by eric hoffer titled the true believer, which explains very well the mindset driving these kinds of people.

  • democrat IS a DISEASE. It will kill us ALL if we fail to exterminate it NOW by any means necessary. There is no debating this issue. The threat is REAL , the threat is PRESENT , the threat is CLEAR and it is very , VERY dangerous !

  • More importantly, never apologize to a SJW. SJWs regard apologies as a weakness in conviction, a win for them and they respond by attacking back even harder. SJWs are a part of a hive mind.

  • Mob Rule trash telling me I had to do something would have gotten the middle finger as a response and if they pushed it they would get even more. The Left want to play victims while being bullies and aggressors and they HAVE TO BE STOPPED.

  • ThePsychopompos1 says:

    100% correct. This is the core of fascism, to lay severe punishment for anyone who doesn’t completely agree with all the gangs talking points.

  • If I am not mistaken, Weinstein and Heying still belong to the "liberal left". Why would you choose to remain identified with an ideology that is so racist, sexist, hateful, violent, anti-free speech, et al if you say you are "liberal"?

  • Safe Space Bear says:

    That is a heartbreaking story. Poor girl…I will pretend to know she came out of it alright bc she was hip enough to see thru the BS and speak to Breat…but that had to be hella painful

  • Elizabeth Spence says:

    I think I saw the girl giving the speech. It was pathetic. It appeared like she didnt know how to read. Should be among Benjamin Boyce archives.

  • Natalie Alicia Norment says:

    Deep inside, I believe this whole new type of cancer started because everyone wants to be accepted for who they are, both inside and out, but some of us are frustrated because we find ourselves attracted to certain people but they reject us because we're not good enough. If only we were taught as kids that not everyone is going to accept us for who we are and that's okay. It's better to just cut your losses with those refuse to accept you as a person. Seriously it still feels like high school these days, even it also happens during college.

  • Der Rikmeister says:

    Brought on stage and forced to recant?
    Looks like they were just a guillotine away from a 'glorious revolution'.

  • Hmmm, so believing in complete lies and demonstrating verbal and physical hate has now become "breaking ranks". What a way to apologize for evil and cult mentality!

  • Will D. Skies says:

    I had never heard of Dr. Weinstein, so I looked him up. I'm not even sure what was so controversial about him. He wanted his university to keep its tradition of a "Day of Absence" where minorities left campus to show the impact they had, while the university wanted to change it to a day where white students and faculty went somewhere else. This hardly seems worth the wrath of even the most insane of progressive leftists.

  • You can't reason with drunks and you can't reason with babies – thats why they can't sign contracts, vote, or own property and thats what you're dealing with with most SJW's and liberals. They possess the maturity and reasoning abilities of the average …..9 year old at best.

  • Buddy Lee Woods says:

    Rebels without logic . College goofs really need to feel so important & it is CULTISH . Nothing new here to see except that its growing bigger & stupider & less tolerant & more threatening etc . Own it . Live & let learn .

  • If these sort of people are ever allowed to gain actual political power, there will be political cleansing.

    See The French Revolution for details.

  • Christian Taylor says:

    For all the fighting to be in white schools and be accepted into white society and now they want white people segregated? Not the brightest bunch of college kids this day and age huh 🤔

  • Weinstein is still a radical leftist. He helped create this Frankenstein. He seems pleased with the product of his teaching.

  • Yet more proof that for lefties, it isn't about 'justice' or even their favorite, 'equity' – it's about control. If they don't or can't control it, they hate it.

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