What’s ‘Lite’ with the Samsung S10 Lite? Detailed review

What’s ‘Lite’ with the Samsung S10 Lite? Detailed review

Ah yes,1 more godly friend who bought a new
phone and gave me to review. Samsung S10 lite came out of nowhere and people
who were waiting for snapdragon samsung flagship devices in many countries like India and others
would be so happy to see this as an option under a more affordable category. But let’s see what is exactly LITE here
on the phone and what makes the phone so much cheaper as compared to samsung’s own, more
expensive flagships, even when this phone does come with a ex-flagship processor on
it. Or if it’s just LITE because it’s LIGHT? Hey everyone, Mukul here with another phone
review which people keep buying around me and I keep snatching to review them. The snapdragon 855 is a solid chipset and
still outperforms many other chipsets in similar segments. Especially that crappy exynos samsung generally
pushes down our throat in countries like India on their flagship devices. In the box you get the phone, 25W fast charger,
usb c to usb c cable, usb c earphones. So overall a nice kit. A usb c to usb cable would have been better
as that would have meant just to carry the cable and not the charger everywhere you go. But Samsung had other plans and you CAN’T
do anything about it now. Especially after you have bought the phone. The charger also has this weird font scaling
which we mostly see on fake chargers in the market. So this is definitely one of the lite parts
of the phone. But I am pretty sure that only 1 out of 1000
apes are going to notice this out there. why would ape buy a phone? The usb-c earphones are pretty basic and for
some odd reason the one I got didn’t work on its 1 side. Now I would have to go through the RMA process
to get it replaced. Thanks samsung 😐 So the dead out of the box earphones is definitely
LITE part of the package here. I have no complaints with the overall finish,
the samsung s10 lite has. It looks good and feels good in the hand. The phone is pretty slim and lightweight. And the device felt more approachable as compared
to the note 9 in my hand. So don’t hesitate in asking out the s10
lite out. What the f….. You can put the plastic body of the phone
in one of its lite features but really, if you are someone who always uses cases on their
phones then this isn’t something to even think or bother upon. I mean, half of the phone is glass anyway
and the other half doesn’t even matter much till you are actually taking b-rolls of the
phone like this. The device comes with android 10 and samsung’s
new and improved one ui 2.0 out of the box. Trying out the phone’s most crucial feature,
which is calling, the call quality was strong but because of the punch hole design the earpiece
speaker was shifted right on the edge on the top. So for me it took some getting used to,as
I had to readjust the ear accordingly, as I am used to placing it right on the grill
way below that on the note 9. But this is just nitpicking. This screen doesn’t curve on the edges and
thank goodness for that. This just means you won’t be accidently
touching anything on the edges of the phone. Curve edges on touch screen phones was one
of the most innovative unwanted features on a handheld device. But you need something to market on the ever
monotonous phone market right? The centre notch won’t bother you much if
you are not viewing the videos with the screen full aspect ratio. But even if you do – the notch wouldn’t
be much of a distraction. The screen is beautiful and bright. I have no issues with recommending the screen
of this phone. And that doesn’t mean you go out and just buy the screen of the phone. The massive 4500 mah battery was another surprise
of the phone and certainly not part of the Lite package here. I was pretty happy with the performance of
the battery too as it easily lasted a day and there was still ample juice left to stretch
it to some part of the next day too. The speakers are on the bottom of the phone
and are decently loud. I won’t say they are gonna blow your mind. Compared to my note 9 they are at least 30-35% less than note 9’s peak volume. So the one sided firing speakers can be considered
a lite feature here but not a huge loss considering the price. Fingerprint sensor behaves like any other
samsung phone. I didn’t remove the top protective layer
as the phone wasn’t mine but I am pretty sure the extra layer of security on samsung
phones make them the slowest fingerprint unlocking phone in the market. The face unlock was blazing fast. It kept surprising me with how good and fast
it was. So I would recommend activating both the fingerprint
and face unlock feature on the phone. Best part is you get a last gen flagship snapdragon
in this phone rather than samsung’s own exynos which isn’t at par to a snapdragon
in recent years. But I am calling it a last gen processor because
the snapdragon 865 phones are out now. Otherwise I would still say that a snapdragon
855 device has nothing wrong going for it. The performance and everything was extremely
snappy and I just loved how smooth the phone behaved with most of its tasks. Ah its raining outside. Playing call of duty, which I suck at and
wont prefer playing on the phone…..was also smooth. And just for these few seconds of shot I had
to download and install and login to the game. So yeah. See some more of this. The charging speed was pretty good. The phone took somewhere around 30 mins to
charge from 60 to 100%. From 90-100 it took most of its time. The phone also supports wifi calling and if
you are not sure of what is that, check my video on it in the description. Another lite part of the device is that the
samsung removed the extra bixby button and by default set the power button on the right
as bixby and that is quite the, what the fish here. So by default, to switch off the phone you
have to hold the volume down + power button which is a process which sucks heavily and
will remind you of the good old rooting days. Or use the icon on the notification panel. But you can also, thankfully change the setting
of that button to make it act as your default power button. pheeew. The phone also offers a totally new array
of cameras on it. There are 3 cameras on the back as primary,
ultra wide and macro cameras. And a camera on the front. Overall I was very impressed with the phone
camera capabilities.It definitely showed signs of being a little light but gotta say they
perform really good in this price segment. There were shortcomings such as the 4k video
doesn’t support any sort of video stabilization. But you could record 4k from the front camera
too. I actually had a lot of fun playing with the
live focus video mode. It actually worked good and things like having
a night mode in even on the ultra wide lens AND the front camera is a huge BONUS and trust
me just because of these little mods to the cameras, many of your pictures are going to
look so much better. This video won’t do much justice to the
camera review. So a dedicated video on camera will be up
next soon on the channel. So do sub for that update. One ui has been really transformative for
samsung. Most of the things we do with samsung phones
now are smooth and lag free. The focus – work mode is totally customizable
and for the weak people like me who are poor with their focus. There’s also a thing like game launcher
to boost game performance but I think a true mobile gamer would be able to explain it better
than me. The ability to easily customize themes, and
the dark mode is true love. The battery stats ui is new so i still kinda
prefer the gsam battery app to monitor my battery usage on the phone. Always on display is there on this phone too
like many other samsung phones and they are quite customizable too. Device care has a new ui and animation too
which looks sleek and sexy and is quite easy to use if you are someone with an OCD of optimizing
your phone again and again like some users. Digital wellbeing takes notes of all the time
you have been spending on different kinds of apps on the phone so that if you spend
some time on assessing this too and this feature totally forgetting to include itself in the
stats haha. I had fun translating my voice to text with
the inbuilt translator and it was pretty accurate in my testing. And it worked with punctuation. With bixby comes bixby routines which has
been one of the most innovative features of bixby on samsung phones. Just customize a particular any of these different
commands, say it and a set of actions will be performed. A certain set of cool motion and gestures
are also there on the device. Pretty self explanatory and makes any samsung
device really strong when it comes to these many customizations. Kids are now playing in the rain. So despite ALL the LITE feature discussed
so far, for the price of under 40,000 indian rupees or round about 500 us dollars makes
the phone a direct competitor to other oneplus devices. Except for having more Hz on the screen, the
phone actually ticks almost all other boxes. Samsung planned this well. You are actually not losing anything on performance,
and you are getting most of what samsung offers in a more affordable range. Plus its security which a lot of people dig. I am under the impression that many people
are not considering the device maybe because it has the word LITE associated with it and
generally a lot of users except a LITE device to have a lite performance but that clearly
isn’t the case here. Will I recommend the device? For the price hell yeah. And after some discounted offers we indian
buyers are right now getting, the device is a real steal. Hope the video helped you and make sure to
leave like and sub for more relevant content. That’s all for this video. MuBot out. And now I am gonna go outside and bath in the rain!


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