100 thoughts on “Watters’ Words: The Democrats divided”

  • Scalesofjustice says:

    Think Trojan Horse… whether it's Joe or Bernie, WATCH WHO THE V.P. WOULD BE! Neither Joe or Bernie would be "allowed" by the progressives to serve much of a first term… They will insert their "real" presidential nominee in the form of a V.P. running mate. This election could very well be between Trump and the democratic V.P. running mate to their presidential nominee. The dems are certainly backed into a corner, and can't hide their sinister plans as well as they might otherwise be able to do…

  • Joe Biden does those blunders on purpose. He knows what is coming. So he is preparing his defense for his upcoming trial. He is planting doubts on his "competence to stand trial." Really Good strategy for Joe at this time.

  • Pretty funny they have to choose between the Communists and an idiot they chose the idiot Joe jockstrap the idiot I don't blame them Trump is going to take Joe behind the gym oh yeah

  • They want to put Hillary in as his VP. Sanders was put there to provide the contrast. So you would choose the lesser of two Evils.

  • NWO Destruction says:

    So, it's down to the creepy gaffer vs the Bollinger Bolshevik. Trump must be laughing all the way to the white house.

  • This Debate will be Epic!!!! I guarentee Biden will challenge Trump to a push up contest @ least once. Tons of name calling it will be worth every second.

  • The great radio talkshow host Michael Savage coined the phrase liberalism is a mental disorder. It just goes to show with all the Democratic candidates. With Bernies heart attack and Ol’ Joe with dementia.This must be what the Democrats call their diversity. Vary scary!

  • Standard Cake says:

    It’s really sad that they’re abusing old man joe. Like I may not agree with him or any of his handlers. But he shouldn’t be used like that

  • AwakeAmericanow. says:

    Here in the U.K. testing for Covid-19 is free and workers get a minimum of $500.00 per month for time off work. Not a lot, but better than nothing. I have visited America and seen people who were obviously ill, serving in shops, restaurants, etc. I believe they are employed on a 'no work no pay basis' and sometimes mostly for tips. This is a perfect way to spread this infection, because they can't afford not to work. It's to be hoped the American government has a plan.

  • Congress knows they can't depend on Joe, that why their keeping a backup democrat in the background. There are three still in the democrat race.

  • therealsongstress says:

    Why you worrying about the democratic race …. why don’t you focus on the health & fitness of your incoherent republican president….Trump

  • Oscar de Ruijter says:

    Bernie would make a good to great president. You americans are actually sick. I am from Switzerland and we are way more polite too each other. And Bernie a comunist. That is false cause he is running for president and not for revolutionary leader.

  • People are dying and all Trump cultists can think about is Hunter Biden. Brainwashed and braindead Republicans can see what's coming . . . the coronavirus will make Hurricane Katrina look like a Sunday at the pool.

  • Seems like a Joe Biden has dementia but he really needs to be test for it and I don't think he could do the job of being the president of the United States with dementia it seems to be getting worse.

  • Trump is taking a huge political hit pretending the U. S. has a public health care system up to the rigors of a pandemic. If he doesn't get on the right side of this, it could cost him the election. Bernie Sanders and his people should be working round the clock to show how the system he advocates would be so much better than the chaos we have now.

  • When do they start to use the Vikings fan excuse, it's a rebuilding year? Hey dems, let your party die, go in for deprograming and start a new replacement for the party that was stolen from you.

  • Vettesweetnos says:

    “Just follow the leg hair up kids” – joe biden
    “My name is joe biden I’m a democrat candidate for the United States Senate, look me over, if you like what you see, help out, if not vote for the other biden…
    "At the debate, we will see who is sleepy , thanks chuck" "oh your chris, man these are back to back, and it's morning, I'm sleepy" – joe
    “Vote for someone else” – joe biden

  • The new Corona virus is extremely contagious, that is its primary trait and it's defusion is rapid, silentl and inexorable. It's coming, this is a certainty while the obnoxious moron refused to use the testing kit given by the World Health Organization, preferring to develop an American version of the testing kit thus, irresponsably allowing the virus to continue to infect undetected. The world is truly baffled and alarmed.

  • Support President Donald J Trump!

    VOTE TRUMP ♡🇺🇸3rd November 2020🇺🇸

    🇺🇸VOTE 🇺🇸VOTE 🇺🇸VOTE 🇺🇸VOTE 🇺🇸

    🇺🇸3rd NOVEMBER 2020🇺🇸


  • Keith Winslett says:

    All the democrats running put together can and will not beat Mr Trump . Now that is something to be happy about. We need to keep America great trump

  • Virginia Addis says:

    Trumpism so ridiculous who cares 7 months and DUMP THE TRUMP… NOT 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 A WELL INFORMED INTEELIGENT CHOICE. REALLY SHEEEE. GI WIZ .

  • Laugh at Biden's cognitive decline but no mention of Trump's personality disorder & obvious cognitive decline. How any one can watch this purile nonsense is laughable?

  • The insane part of this is how mind-numbingly stupid people have to be to possibly vote for this man number one who is blatantly corrupt number two he doesn't even know what day of the week or what he's running for 🤣🤣🤣 and they think this moron could run the country I would say he would wreck the place in about 4 months that would be my guess

  • the dems are doing again what they did with CORRUPT CLINTON.and trying to get biden. in.. i feel sorry for the americans who think about voting for biden .. because the MEDIA have them brainwashed about TRUMP.but every day more and more people are going over to the trump side . they see what the dems are doing and the black vote is going over also. except the black people who are in the gov . who are making them selfs rich running cities . and doing nothing for the black population of america .. the lying is not working now.trump will win and take everything over the house as pelosi will lose and we will see these people who tried to impeach trump with lies up in court.

  • Of course he's not going to be calling the shots.

    You think Obama was calling the shots?

    It was the same with:
    GW Bush
    Bill Clinton
    GHW Bush
    Ronald Reagan

    All of these presidents were puppets, they were just doing what they were told to do and say…

  • I can give Biden that about the senate. He was talking about 1973. All people with dementia goes back to their childhood.

  • TrumpWatch Now says:

    Biden got like, 12 people a rally… now all the sudden he's supposed to be the popular leader?
    DNC is a total media driven sham.

  • Ok, so Biden has LOTS of gaffs to offer up… but I will give him the mixing up who’s standing beside him. If they did indeed switch sides and he was focused on the audience, it’s easy to not look clearly at the person before you speak and trust your peripheral vision. It happens. My peripheral vision sucks. I’ve had a person standing forward left of me and I would try to find them looking forward right … and completely miss where they were…and I’m way, way younger than Biden.

  • Have the Amour of Yashuah? says:

    the Deep Mafia state pick the dumbest low IQ individuals to do their dirty work! you see the AOC and the squad he see Joe Biden you see Adam shift you see Jerry Nadler and you specifically see Nancy Pelosi all willing to make asses of themselves for the Deep state

  • If elected, Biden will let 'everyone do what ever they want' in governance/Agencies/Deep State just like Obama………..If elected, Bernie will not get any Agency/Deep State co-operation….So, neither one can deliver any of the massive flowery promises and thus very little of what they promise will evolve…Why bother voting for people that have talk but no walk?

  • At first I had my reservations about Warren, but she proved to be a brave warrior and chief front runner. I’m running out of Native American terms…..

  • Will Richards says:

    Does Hunter Biden get his name from his disappearances whenever the going gets a little tough…he has people hunting for him?


    How the hell can they have a hundred thousand illegal immigrants signed up to vote how is that possible I would like to know

  • Poor President Trump might
    have to debate Joe and Joe
    thinks he will be debating Ronald Reagan! This is going to be interesting debate!

  • John Grytbakk says:

    And so are the political Right these days. Just look at the many Neo-Cons / RINOs claiming to be on the Right. The Republican party is nearly completely taken over by these Anti-Americans. Both parties are ruined.

  • You'r actually right about Biden, but Sanders isn't a Communist, he's a pretty boring older guy who supports healthcare and education, just like a lot of other normal countries do.

  • could you imagine if Joe Biden was a PRESIDENT the CIA the FBI every billionaire would have a field day, They would enrich themselves to such an extent that would they would bankrupt America in just the first term second term I believe America would turn to poverty but you know the wealthy get to move away


    Trump is the best President in our life time. He is in the same league as Washington and Lincoln. Biden is corrupt. He’s inept, and he is controlled by the Deep State. America, we need to REMOVE the destructive progressive ideology of the liberal left from our nation. Demand accountability from our representatives. And demand justice from those who have betrayed America and her People. It is time to make your voice heard. Wake up and get involved.

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