WatchOS 7 – It’s OFFICIAL…

WatchOS 7 – It’s OFFICIAL…

As WWDC 2020 Draw’s nearer and
nearer we are seeing more and more leaks for WatchOS 7 , Parental controls coming
to the up watch for the very first time watch face sharing and most importantly
you have been waiting for this feature it’s official sleep tracking app is
coming to the next version of WatchOS if you guys like anything up related
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released to my channel first you guys we need to talk about the sleep tracking
app because Apple is making major and big changes and improvements to the next
watch your West phase I was talking about this in my previous videos and now
to see a statement like this release from a top high source we now might be
seeing this implemented and this was also leaked in the iOS 14 code adding on
to this particular feature watch where seven is said to include a new
personalized sleep goal in the health app and this will also be used to
improve sleep duration and quality I know they’ve been certain leaks and
rumors talking about it but it wasn’t a hundred percent certain and to hear
something like this really amazes me that Apple are really taking the health
up and every single fitness up seriously and that watch is supposed to do that
it’s not only full you know checking the time and checking your messages it has
other duties to do as the next feature is watch face sharing and this type of
feature came along pretty unusual because I did not think about Apple
doing this there are different watch faces that you can choose from in the
selected watch app range and you can also do this on your iPhone as well if
this feature would be enabled on what your s7 you’ll be able to send the same
watch face into another person’s feed I don’t know how they would send it maybe
through the iPhone maybe through airdrop imagine if they would introduce a drop
on to the average that would be and there’s a new info graph Pro watch face
has also been leaked and I think that this will basically be for the upwards
Series six I believe maybe it could be for older models but this will include a
lot of things in terms of calculating speed and the travel time in between the
distances moving on to parental controls I
really noticed this but I don’t really understand why you would have to have
parental controls on the Apple watch maybe playing games will come on playing
games on the Apple watch is fun but only takes about two minutes to get bored of
it improvements to photo based watch faces will be implemented also changes
to watch apps will be no longer based on extensions all the Apple watch is from
the series 1 – the series 6 I must say when that releases they may soon detect
blood oxygen levels and they’ve been working on this feature before but
currently Apple series 1 and later can notify wearers when they detect a
regular heart rhythm so like EKG or have risk of cardiac arrest and the having
blood oxygen levels is very very useful to athletes I myself play football and
this is an amazing feature to have introduced amazed by all of these leaks
that we have seen today and there’s got to be more leaks to come as the upward
series 6 will be unveiled for you guys we would like to learn more about this
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