9 thoughts on “Update March ’20 – New mic again, slow release rate, shifting shelf & upcoming schedule”

  • Great video as usual Jon was missing your content. With regards to the ringing noise no point asking me I have tinnitus and so hear that all the time

  • Chris Mcpherson says:

    Really enjoy the shifting shelf segment! We just got Belratti and Concept to the table for the first time. Belratti is awesome! It's like a portable version of Dixit and plays better than dixit at the lower player counts. Concept is also really fun when you stick to the most difficult clues. We played it a long time ago and didn't think much of it but after a reviewer was constantly mentioning it we gave it a chance again. Bought a cheap copy and have been enjoying it.

  • Andrew Fairley says:

    Did you have the new mike for Dominations? I thought the audio sounded different for that game – a little softer than usual.

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