Ultimate Ears Speaker Line Up Explained

Ultimate Ears Speaker Line Up Explained

Ultimate Ears has been on fire lately… most recently they released their all new
HYPERBOOM. Its a great sounding $400 speaker thats packs
an impressive amount of bass in a relatively compact package… And I actually prefer it over the JBL Boombox
which has been a fan favorite for awhile. And last summer UE also released their new
Wonderboom 2. And this has become my favorite $100 speaker
cause again it sounds great but its also extremely compact and extremely durable. So you can literally take this thing anywhere
and not have to worry about it. So over all I personally think Ultimate Ears
is on the up and up and im really looking forward to their future products. But for right now lets break down UE’s current
product line up. So ultimate ear’s line up currently consists
of their Wonderboom 2 which has a retail price of $100 but they routinely can be found for
around $80. Up next is the Boom 3 which has a retail price
of $150 but if you want Alexa voice integration then you can go for the Blast which unfortunately
I don’t have here but it retails for $180. Then there’s the Megaboom 3 which has a
retail price of $200 and then there’s the Megablast which has Alexa voice assistant
integration and retails for $250. And then there’s the all new Hyperboom which
retails for $400 and its just a freaking monster. So if you want to pick any of these speakers
up they’ll all be linked down below and if you want to learn more about any of these
speakers please watch their full reviews cause we’re only going over the main differences
here. So first off lets go over the designs of these
speakers. All of UE’s speakers share the same design
principles. They’re all vertical speakers which I’ve
actually found that I really like cause all of these speakers tend to take up less surface
area on a table compared to each of their direct competitors… they all have fabric
mesh bodies so they can stand up to constant bumps and scrapes and they’re all water
resistant so non of them are afraid of a little bit of water. But like I mentioned earlier if you need something
ultra portable and ultra durable for lets say your next camping trip… then the Wonderboom
2 is your best option here. Now the Boom 3, Megaboom 3, blast and Megablast
are all compact in their own right… but the Wonderboom 2 just takes it up to another
level. Now when it comes to battery life all of these
speakers except the Hyperboom charge via a Micro USB port. So definitely moving forward we would like
for UE’s newer speakers to use USB C for charging. But for now all of UE’s speakers in today’s
line up are all using micro usb. But regardless all of UE’s speakers should
have no problem lasting you a good 6 to 8 hour listening session with their volume set
at 80% which I think is reasonable. But if you’re looking for the speaker here
with the best battery life but you’re definitely not getting the Hyperboom… then the Megaboom
3 has the best endurance here. But something to also keep in mind here is
that Ultimate ears also sells a charging dock thats compatible with the Boom 3, Megaboom
3, Blast and Megablast. So if you don’t want to worry about always
keeping your speakers charged then you can always go for the charging dock. Just keep in mind the charging dock doesn’t
work with the Wonderboom 2 unfortunately. But it be cool if it did. But another thing to keep in mind here is
that non of UE’s speakers expect for the Hyperboom have an audio jack. So all of UE’s smaller speakers can only
be used wirelessly. Now personally I don’t mind not having an
audio jack on my smaller speakers but I do think its something to watch out for. Where as with the Hyperboom there is an audio
jack and if you want you can even hook it up to your TV through the optical port which
is pretty rare for a bluetooth speaker like this. Now before we jump into speaker set ups and
sounds test I do want to quickly explain the main differences between the Boom line up
and the Blast line up. The Boom 3 and megaboom 3 are just your standard
bluetooth speakers. Where as the Blast and Megablast have Alexa
voice assistant integration. So you can use your Megablast or blast just
as you would with any other Alexa smart speaker. Personally since im not the biggest fan of
Alexa and prefer Google assistant I always tend to lean towards the Megaboom 3 over the
the Megablast cause you save money and get better battery life. But I’ve also noticed that the microphones
on the Megablst dosnt do as of a good job picking up your voice when you issue a command
compared to newer smart speakers. So for that reason I don’t find myself using
the voice commands on the megablast all that often. I also want to point out that the megablast
dosnt have a dedicated play pause button cause they want you to use Alexa to control your
music playback… which has always been a petpeeve of mine. So if you want to skip through your music
you either have to use your voice or issue a voice command and hope that Alexa hears. But thankfully none of the other speakers
here have this short coming. They all have a fully laid out media control
buttons. Now I know this all sounds simple but its
something you miss when you don’t have it anymore. But when it comes to speaker set ups, the
Megablast is more impressive than the megaboom 3. The Megablast has dual drivers, dual tweeters
and dual passive radiators which all shoot out of either side of this speaker. Where as the Megaboom 3 has a similar set
up to the Megablast cause it also has dual drivers and dual passive radiators… but
notice that the Megaboom 3 doesn’t have dual tweeters. So the highs aren’t as crisp as the megablast’s. Then there’s the Boom 3 which has a similar
set up to the megaboom 3… dual drivers and dual passive radiators, but just a little
smaller. And then there’s the Wonderboom 2 which
also has dual drivers and dual passive radiators but again its just even smaller than the whats
found on the Boom 3. But then there’s the hyperboom which is
in a whole other league. This speaker has dual four and a half inch
woofers, dual one inch tweeters, and dual three and a half inch by seven and a half
inch rectangular passive radiators shooting out the back. Now something that all of these speakers have
in common is that they all have a lot of bass for their size… but so that you can see
for yourself we’re going to jump into a sound test. Now just so that you know all of these speakers
are playing at max volume so that you can get a since of each max potential. So just as you’d expect all of UE’s speakers
have the same sound signature. UE’s speakers tend to have a bass heavy
sound signature cause UE wants you to physically feel your music. Now obviously the quietest speaker here by
comparison is the Wonderboom 2 and the loudest speaker here is the Hyperboom. But the real comparison here is going to be
between the middle speakers here. So the difference between the Boom 3 and Megaboom
3 is that the Megaboom 3 gets louder and and has more bass than the Boom 3. But when we compare the Meagboom 3 to the
Megablast… over all the Megablast sounds better than the Megaboom 3 for a few reasons. Now yes the Megablast does get louder and
it does have more bass than the Megaboom 3 but since the Megablast also has those dual
tweeters you get more detail in the highs. Now something that all of these speakers have
in common is that they all have customizable EQ’s. The Boom 3, Megaboom 3, and Hyperboom all
connect to UE’s app. And from there you can either choose from
a few pre made EQ’s or you can make your own. So if you want more bass you can do that or
if you want to bring the mids out a little bit then you can also do that. Now very quickly while we’re here, I also
want to point out that through this app you can also remotely power these speakers on
or off. A small but very useful feature which isn’t
available on all basic bluetooth speakers. Now the blast and megablast also have a fully
customizable EQ but they have their own special app from UE. But non the less you can still customize their
sound. But this now leads us to the wonderboom 2. Unfortunately the Wonderboom 2 doesn’t connect
to UE’s app so you can’t fully customize its EQ. But the Wonderboom 2 does have 2 EQ modes
to choose from. You have its stock very Bassy EQ but there’s
also an outdoors mode which you can active by pressing the button on the bottom of this
speaker. And what out doors mode does on this speaker
is that it reduces its bass and puts and emphasis on the mids and highs so that this speaker
sounds louder and you also get a slight battery life bump. But this now leads us to these speaker’s
speaker pairing protocols. Now the Wonderboom 2 can be paired up to another
wonderboom 2 or to an original wonderboom. But at the end of the day you can only have
up to two Wonderboom speakers paired together. Now if you were to get two Wonderboom 2 speakers
you can pair them up and have them play in left and right stereo mode or have them play
in sync. But if you were to pair a Wonderboom 2 to
an original Wonderboom then you can only have them play in sync. Next up there’s PartyUp so you can pair
the Hyperboom up to the Megaboom 3 or Boom 3 or even some older UE Boom speakers and
you can mix and match and you can have up to 150 speakers paired together which is just
over kill. But unfortunately you can’t pair a blast
or megablast to a boom or megaboom speaker. But you can however pair a blast to a megablast. Ultimately UE does have some fragmentation
between their speakers when it comes to pairing them to one another… but I do like PartyUp
for the most part. But here’s hoping that the Wonderboom 3
will support PartyUp in the future. But over all, like I said at the beginning
of this video the Wonderboom 2 and Hyperboom are two of my favorite speakers right now. I absolutely love the Wonderboom 2 cause it
sounds bigger than it actually is. Its also extremely durable and has a long
battery life so if you need something small to stuff in your back pack then I don’t
think that you can go wrong with the Wonderboom 2. Then there’s the hyperboom which is a very
rich sounding speaker that just loves shaking the walls in your house. But you can just as easily take it on the
go with you to you or just move it around the house. And even though this speaker sounds huge it
doesn’t take up all that much space compared to its direct competitors. But now this brings us to the middle offerings
of UE’s line up. Personally I really think that if you’re
looking into the mid sized speakers from UE I think the best bang for your buck here is
going with the Megaboom 3. Even though the Boom 3 sounds good I think
you’re better off in the long run going with the Megaboom 3 cause its gets louder,
it has more bass, and it also has a longer battery life. Now even though I do prefer the Megablast’s
speaker set up over the megaboom 3’s I think you end up making some compromises with the
Megablast. The Megablast costs $50 more than the Megaboom
3, you do sacrifice a little bit of battery life, and you also sacrifice PartyUP so if
you plan on getting future UE speakers you’ll might be out of luck. But if you’re a big Alexa fan than maybe
the blast or megablast are more your style. But at the end of the day, I really think
both the Wonderboom 2 and Hyperboom are two great options that you can’t go wrong with.


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