Tucker: We must remain calm but not complacent about the Chinese coronavirus


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  • Blame past Democrats..media & RINOs for the possible China conflict..bunch of asses hating on the one guy that wants America 💪

  • Great the way President Trump is keeping the whole nation abreast of the very latest position. [This as opposed to Obama who allowed over 20,000 deaths before he stirred!!!]
    My only concern is the very real danger that China presents because they control the sole manufacture of so many of the most important life-saving drugs and are threatening to use this as a lever against the West. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????? How did Obama allow this appalling situation to occur????? We can only assume that Obama hates the USA so much he has put the whole country's medicines supply at extreme risk and he MUST be made to answer for this sedition.

  • I agree, DO NOT BE COMPLACENT…visit your local gun store without any further undue delay.
    Stick it to the temperature readers gizmo and say, Read this you fucken nurse kunts.

  • Paul Provenzano says:

    ‘Dependent upon a hostile foreign power.’ I’d like to know which people in this country are the most responsible. Who sold us down the river?

  • What's the idea behind calling this the Chinese coronavirus. I thought you were going to claim it was developed by china purposefully. Don't call it that we still need china, Tucker. For reals.

  • China needs to be held financially accountable for releasing a bioweapon from their Wuhan lab. Trump needs to ratchet up tariffs on China.

  • Janice Penquite says:

    I usually dont like to listen to Tucker carlson but he really said some honest stuff and actually made sense..and he's calling out the people who are lying about how serious this virus really is and for that I commend him.good job Tucker, we can all learn a listen from this we need to forget about politics and start coming together as descent human beings to help everyone get through this.

  • You can't SAY CHINESE Coronavirus!(1) it's So Racist!(2)some of the Chinese may Identify with another Pronoun!Like Kato my little Yellow Friend!That was from the PINK Panther!Did he Identify as PINK?Such a Neutral color,PINK!We need a PINK party!

  • Tucker Carlson insists on calling it the "Chinese Coronavirus" – and the message to millions of Fox News viewers is clear: IT'S ALL CHINA'S FAULT! Blaming China may not be racist, but it's xenophobic, inaccurate, and unreasonable.

  • The loss of our jobs , motor city started with Nixon. Remember Nixon s open trade with china . An if you wondered what this is about its trade an the next four years with trump . china had us being borderless an broken . Its ugly the only way to turn this around is our schools an knowledge

  • First time I've ever disagreed with Tucker – this 'virus' is not more deadly than the common flu, it is not 'air born' and only can be contracted by touch – so, Trucker stop the hyperbole, you're causing needless fears, like the 'deep state' is doing. Precautions should be taken, not panic.

  • Hey tucker. Why are you worried. I thought is was a HOAX. That’s what happens when trump attempt to weaponized this virus. 🔵🇺🇸voting blue no matter who to remove “THE LIAR” from the White House.

  • Next time someone tells you "Its like the flu"
    just reply with "When did the Flu shut down interntational borders?"

    Its NOTHING like the flu people, stop with this theory

  • I like Tucker but he doesn't understand the statistics … Not his fault, he's a journalist. He has a BA in history, not anything related to biology or the medical field

  • Have you ever looked at Bill Gates in global vaccinations YouTube has a lot of his population control ideas check it out

  • Timothy Farrand says:

    China has reached the James Bond level of villainy. Create a virus and then sell the cure. Those that challenge must be eliminated

  • Tucker is himself still spinning politics into it. He is only saying things that others have said weeks ago. If someone found anything new in this episode, start looking elsewhere.

  • Enric Gonzalez says:

    Again, like the SARS virus, the origin of CORONA virus is China, where they keep on slaughtering wild animals that carry all kind of dangerous diseases for humans. Why isn't China blocked completely until they forbid these practices? They haven't done ANYTHING since the outbreak of SARS!!!

  • AOCs right…
    Orange MAN BAD…
    Tuckers just a racist…
    Coronavirus like all border jumpers just looking for a BETTER life…
    No borders NO WALL NO USA at ALL…
    That's exactly what you leftists liberals & most democrats were saying JUST a couple weeks ago…
    NOW you've found something else to blame on U.S. … Especially the white MAN…

  • Why hasn't Fox reported that the president and his team have came in contact with the Coronavirus…✋ something is really wrong with Fox News

  • WHAT THE HELL IS HE TALKING ABOUT!!! He blaming the Democrats for everything Donald Trump has said!!! Fox News should be ashamed of themselves… this is a real crisis Democrats have no power this is all the Republicans

  • Junqiao John Zhao says:

    We Chinese had already donate 500M masks and protective suits to South Korea and more are produced for iran and Italy. Many of our automobile companies and Petroleum companies have open mask and protective suite factories working day and night. Are you still dreaming the masks are dropped from the sky?

  • Common Tucker this crap is just another setup from the globalists. They want a Medical Martial Law all over the world. Most cases are just the normal flu. They pull the same stunt as with the Mexican flu a few years back. Watch Amazing polly on this. There are clips in there showing they where planning to do this for a while. Never let a crisis go to waste remember.

  • China released this virus on purpose. We let them infiltrate our Universities, they bought off the personnel running the colleges and bio-labs, let them censor using big tech and social media, let them buy Hollywood to spread hate and demoralize us, with the pols they bought off and their media puppets trying to convince us that the Russians and President Trump were the threat when, all along, it was China and… HILLARY. We have some serious mobilizing to do, folks. Preferably, before we are inundated with Chinese troops marauding through our neighborhoods.

  • Nofrackingzone 2.0 says:

    DoD send around a notice that employers can telework if concerned about corona virus, but when asked to do so we were told that we can’t and should wait an see if it gets worse. Yeah nice.

  • AwakeAmericanow. says:

    Here in the U.K. testing for Covid-19 is free, workers get a minimum of $500.00 per month if unable to work. Not a lot, better than nothing. In America I've seen people, obviously ill serving in shops, restaurants. Paid a minimum hourly rate, relying on tips. They can't afford not to work, what better way to spread an infection? It's to be hoped the American government has a plan, testing, quarantine, and who will pay? Most hourly paid workers need two jobs, just to make ends meet.

  • TBH China did an amazing job in getting the virus under control in China. However America is stupid to find itself in a position where it's totally dependent on Chinese suppliers. That's capitalism folks. The free flow of capital without the free flow of labour. It's becoming apparent that while capitalism has many virtues we need regulations, aka a little bit of socialism

  • The stock market is down nearly 20% and could very well drop further because we do not know the extent of people infected in our country due to lack of test kits. Some experts have postulated infection rates in the tens of thousands already but we cannot know due to this administration totally dropping the ball

  • C'mon Tucker, you could do better than this.
    I agree on most of your points, but the risk for us dying, especially amongst the productive ages. I'll have much much more chances of getting killed in a car crash rather than being killed by Covid-19. Your message isn't going to calm down the financial markets and the general population. In fact, the media isn't currently doing much to portray this global incident from a more realistic point of view. It's much easier and it's selling more when you sell something in the worst-case scenario, and that's what you and the rest of the media are currently doing.

    By the way, I'm all for bringing critical industries back into the US so we can be more dependant on global events such as this.


    America its time to take your country back. Return to our founding principles and the Constitution. Remove everything and everyone associated with the progressive ideology. Restore the rights of the individual and reduce the federal government and limit its power to what is in the Constitution. Stand and fight!

  • At this point I believe that we will be hit harder by the recession that is to follow instead of getting sick with the virus.

  • I posted this on a FB post. Funny how you are immediately attacked and called "fear monger" by people that listen to Dr. Drew. A lot of people just refuse to believe this is really happening. I must admit, there are sometimes that this doesnt feel real. Crazy world we live in.

  • Discuss The VERY RESTRICTIVE IMMIGRATION POLICIES of Bernie’s favorite countries!!!!!! In his utopia countries You can have your cake and eat it too, just don’t let anyone else in to steal their cake. We’ve experienced this attitude especially in Sweden and Finland!! These two are Bernie’s top choices. But when asked specifics on Sweden adopting opposite new steps away from what Bernie is proposing .., well, uhhh he didnt “know the details”!!!! 🙄🙄.

  • KnightInShiningASMR says:

    Tucker, i think it's time the Five Eyes cut ties with the World Health Organization and started a Five Eyes Health Organization that uses the military. Australia announced a pandemic while the WHO refuses to do so. The simple announcement of a pandemic in Australia opens up all avenues to stop a pandemic. It's the same as America utilizing all possible resources if a national emergency is declared. China might have stopped the coronavirus in their own country, but how many of their containment methods were advised by the World Health Organization? None? The longer you listen to WHO, the more cases and deaths you're gonna have.

  • Where do you think Bloomberg made his billions!!! Check it out ,
    That's right The pharmaceutical industry in China. He sold his country down the drain and he wanted to run it

  • The people on the left are rejoicing. They were hoping for a recession..anything to hurt President Trumps chance at re-election.

  • Tucker really needs to get his facts straight. He states the "mortality rate" as being 3.4%, however, that number is inflated because it doesn't take into consideration of those who DON'T go to an emergency room, private doctor or urgent care even though they are infected by the virus. MANY treat this like the flu and YES like the flu, in most, it passes. So, if you got the sniffles and a cough…you may think it's the cold and simply stay home and rest…but in fact it was the virus. While other experience a fever and sore throat and decide to take over the counter meds to self treat. It's only those who don't respond to rest and time that eventually go to the doctors and only THEN is it determined they in fact have the virus. After factoring in the likelihood of those who don't seek medical care and recover on their own the percentage is closer to 1%. And as far as the "regular" flu goes…strange he didn't mention the number of people who die from it. In the US ALONE , depending on the year, anywhere between 12,000 and 60,000 people die from complications to the flu. Worldwide the flu kills anywhere from 291,000 to 646,000 each year.

    And how many people has this virus killed so far?

  • Good Lord Tucker! I wish I had the crystal ball that you have which enables you to give such a doomsday report! Whatever!

  • Ricardo Martin says:

    The Chinese Coronavirus? Really? Its a human virus! Here we go! US Citizens always blaming others for our problems. Why dont we point out the fact that Trump stop funding the CDC! How they fired numerous scientists! How he appointed Pence, who doesn’t believe in science.

  • I do not see the flooding of patients in the hospitals in Thailand. I assume that the spreading is relatively slow in tropical area. It is 30 degree Celsius during day time. Within next week, if there is still not a lot of patients going to the hospitals, then we are safe here in Thailand. It is not a pandemic, only local epidemic in a few countries.

  • Tucker is awesome, probably the best in the business right now… I hope that he is wrong, I fear that he is right.

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