100 thoughts on “Trump Tries To Project Leadership As Coronavirus Spreads Across U.S.”

  • Tens of millions of Amurricans get infected with the flu every single season and of them between 40.000 and 60.000 die as the result according to US health authorities, that is a death toll as big as that of the Vietnam War. Yet no one in the US is panicking about the flu, or about cigarette smoking which kills up to half a million every year, but everyone is hysterically running to the supermarkets of the nation to empty the water and toilet paper shelves as if the Apocalypse was ad portas. Gullible people.

  • Trump is always trying to outdo everyone. A real role model, always leading by example. A true American hero. If only this was true…

  • Anthony Usoro says:

    Hello Stephen, you do have some singing talent. i have noticed that from your many singing sessions…i guess comedy talent dont just exist alone, it always comes with others. Just keep it up.

  • Stimpson J. Kat says:

    who is he kidding the walking cheeto loves to touch is face it's his favorite body part i'm sure but than if he didn't than you'd think he's actually be a white man rather than an orange one

  • …too bad Stephen cant smoke a little of that peaceful cannabis instead of drinking that evil alcohol. What a crazy world we live in.

  • But wait, if the face masks aren't going to be an effective preventive measure against COVID 19, then why do healthcare providers & patients need them to help them prevent spreading COVID-19? My nursing education tells me the general surgeon is a fucking idiot & spreading false information. Face masks will most definitely help stop the spread of viruses.

  • I gotta look this up now. Coronavirus porn? No way 🤣 chance of getting distracted and looking for something else in less than 30 seconds: 100%

  • musicwelikemang says:

    233 confirmed cases out of a population of what, 350000000?
    Stfu Steven and stop spreading panic. Im not a Trump fan but 233 cases seems pretty under control.
    Damn MSM and their fearmongering.

  • musicwelikemang says:

    Hand-sanitizer kills 99.99% of bacteria. BACTERIA. It does literally nothing against coronavirus.
    Stop wasting your money.

  • shortylickens69 says:

    I am 93 percent sure the masks we can buy at Walgreens are NOT the same masks hospitals buy in bulk direct from the factory.
    I am 100 percent sure the surgeon general is part of the profit machine U.S. medicine has become and doesnt give a fuck if we live or die so long as we pay our bills.

  • steelerdave2000 says:

    Just imagine if Hillary were president. Her open borders policy would have half of our nation dead already. Liberals are morons, but extremely entertaining.

  • The Stephen Colbert's show is always funny and true to it's core with comedy. @StephenColbetr, dude keep up the great work. Hilarious 😂😄

  • Let's hope Trump gets the virus and is broken without a cure.
    It is written.
    Proverbs 6:12-19 A troublemaker and a villain, who goes about with …
    Proverbs 6:12 Commentaries: A worthless person, a wicked man, Is …

  • For Trump to yet again try to throw the blame to someone else is no big surprise. Blaming the one person he loves to blame the most…..Obama…his go to person to blame. America needs an intelligent adult who cares about America and the Constitution!!!!! Wonder what he would say about a virus named in favor of him…..BRAIN DEAD VIRUS. Please Vote Blue in November!!!!! Americans can’t take much more of the stupidity!!!!! I know I’ve had my
    fill of it and then some!!!!!!!

  • So using a pandemic to take political pot shots at Trump smacks of the lowest form of political opportunism; a bunch of hateful sewer rats wallowing in their own feces 🙂

  • Waite if they say the mask won’t help you .. then why do the doctors need them too ? To help fight the virus 🦠 at the hospital???? That trying to kill us

  • Chuck Schumer, you make your ancestor, your mother and your children look really bad, and you do not have the gut to face the true, shamefully so.

  • Eigono Kyoushi says:

    I don't have health insurance and I don't get sick days so I will keep showing up for work and hope I infect everyone and that they die a slow painful death. 🙂 That's capitalism. That's the broken system you voted for, America. If my life's not worthy, neither is yours. Here comes the payback. 🙂

  • If he is not applying the bronzer on his own, then he is employing a make up artist. For the life of me, I can't picture him using an airbrush!

  • Kathleen Henson says:

    I don’t need anyone to tell me how to stay well. I’m quite capable of handling the flu and I will be fine. All of you waiting on Trump or anyone else to tell you how to take care of yourself are pitiful. It’s the flu. Treat it as such.

  • Did you know that in the states many people who have symptoms are not saying anything or getting tested because it costs around $3,000 to get tested, and if you're insured it only covers a third of the cost.

  • marco michele sp 1981 says:

    Thsnks for your service. Just now at the program "Porta a porta" hosted by Bruno Vespa on Rai 1, the Italian miniser Boccia says the Italian government is going NOT to enforce provate hospitals to share their facilties, drugs' provisions as well as human resources. He believes in the good faith and Italian patriottism of our private entrapreneurs which untill now haven't done anything in Lombardia and Veneto in orer to support the overload for the public healthcare system.

    From the same point view, Italian government is the unique responsible of the deliberate diffusion of coronavirus in all the regions of our country, given that dozens of families has been free to go out of the socalled "Zone rosse" and transform a quarantine period into a sea holiday in Liguria and Toscana. The two cases of coronavirus discovered in Alassio and in La Spezia, from which I am writing, has been discovered for people who had come from the red zone of Codogno to their holyday house.

    Nobody has prosecuted their familiars, nobody has prosecuted the corrupted public officials and military personnel which allowed them to exit out the red zones, even AFTER their installation. Those "gold tourists" and landowners benefited by our cities' majors of order "ad personam" just tailored for their personal needs (, without ordering anything else than what they woud have done by themselves coming in Liguria for a two-weeks journey, totally deprived of any consideration for the lives and healthcare of the local residings.

  • Thank GOD Trump is the president and just threw 8.3 BILLION into fighting this virus. However the left-wing lunatics as well as whoever watches Colbert won't care about this fact. I just hope he shuts down the borders because it's time to look out for ones country and I'm sure that will be Trumps next step as a strong leader! Imagine if Biden was running the show, that fool would ban Corona beer and call it a day.

  • Melanie “I’ve not touched my face in weeks”. That’s because you’re so much up your arse Mr President Fart.

  • The,ode Tho,masa says:

    I can hardly wait until the covid-19 hits the next Agolf Twitler Trump
    rally. I hope his followers cheer loudly and long with the covid-19 carriers, believing Agolf Twitler Trump's words as "a hoax" and his having it under control.

  • The first wave of the 1918 swine flu was rather mild. Then the virus mutated and the
    second wave was worse. Then it mutated again and the third wave was
    devastating. Half of the world’s population was infected and around fifty
    million died.

    The coronavirus leaked from a PRC lab that had modified it to make it more virulent
    for use as a bioweapon. See the exegesis by Mike Adams. CCP admits it’s man-made,
    claims America did it. Clever people these
    communist Chinese.

    There should be a total boycott of PRC, both travel and trade, until it's annexed by the Republic of China.

    Billions appropriated to prevent the spread of coronavirus should be spent on sealing
    the southern border, an open door to coronavirus. Hundreds, perhaps thousands,
    of commiechinks from PRC have crossed the border to the United States illegally.
    Pelosi and the Democrats would obstruct the sealing of the southern border because
    they insist on open borders regardless of the cost in lives, treasure and national security.
    Then when there’s a major outbreak they’ll blame Trump.

    If PRC won't accede to annexation, pull the plug on its banks and watch its economy go straight to Hell.
    The Republic of China could then negotiate annexation or other arrangement region by region.
    For example, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region might be ceded to Kazakhstan, Tibet to India,
    Hong Kong to the Republic of China. Some warlords might accede to annexation,
    others might declare independence and negotiate treaties of amity and commerce.

  • Stanton Dinger says:

    Surgeon General Masks DON'T WORK also QUIT BUYING MASKS SO OUR DOCTORS DON'T RISK SPREADING THE CORONA VIRUS!!! hmmm not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • Huples Cat EPL says:

    Stop wearing masks. They don't work. And health care workers need them even though they dont work and we did not have anywhere near enough stored up

  • VibrationsfromMirror says:

    We NEED be to able to be home when we need to be home! UNIVERSAL INCOME Tax the Robots TODAY! campaign/ Plague )

  • Free Gaming Casino says:

    Maybe it's time for trump to visit China, so he can shake hands and give his expert advice on the corona virus.

  • The greatest justice would be if all the Republican senators that voted to acquit Trump caught Covid-19 and died due to Trump doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus in America.

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    But don’t get any in my mouth or eyes, CARONA!
    Keeping it a mystery, until week three,
    and so the CDC thinks that we’ll die, CARONA!
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  • JianDan Funding says:

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  • One good thing about the Coronavirus…….It’s revealed the real virus( moronavirus) which has spread too far ,too fast. 🎯🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️🦧🦧🦧🌒Now back to your regularly scheduled programming🐉

  • Does this guy do anything else than try to link anything bad that happens anywhere in the world to Trump? You blindly and wildly hate Trump like an angry little child would. We get it already you pathetic little man. TRUMP 2020 coming up y'all. I'll enjoy all your tears sooooo much.

  • why are you guys ok with this I mean 2 days ago people have already started to die I really hope this isn't really laughing

  • It will soon dawn on the American public that Trump has ordered a "Stand Down" order on testing for the
    coronavirus. I pray that Pence and the medical team do not "cover up" for Trump this time. Our elderly and
    our sick relatives' lives are on the line. Please God give these Republican ENABLERS a heart and a conscience.

  • Anand Prahlad says:

    I like that Trump has an independent opinion & doesn't give a damn. Don't like it? That's cool too, cuz no one's stopping you from doing your own thing. #ItsAllGoodBaby

  • Connie Williams says:

    Someone who will make you smile, 16 yr old Simone Gonzalez from Phoenix Arizona singing her original song First 💋 video

    median 59 year, elderly existing condition. No children <15 year, case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%

  • plasticweapon says:

    if the corona virus is ANYWHERE NEAR the threat that you media creeps make it out to be, you should not be making it into excuse to smug about trump #100,000,000,000.

  • 1:50 If masks are not effective in preventing people from catching the virus, why do healthcare providers need them then? Seems like a contradiction.

  • The coronavirus began in the USA as early as September 2019.
    The pulmonary fibrosis deaths attributed to vaping may have been caused by the coronavirus from the DARPA biolab they closed at that time.

  • Strain Counsel says:

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