Trump blasts Federal Reserve over interest rates: ‘We should be leading’


100 thoughts on “Trump blasts Federal Reserve over interest rates: ‘We should be leading’”

  • Russell Hillery says:

    D. GUMP'S stupidity has shown time and again that he hasn't a clue as to the functionality of government. Playing it by ear is for musicians.

  • Tiffany Petty says:

    Trump 2020 by a massive majority landslide 💘 the red tsunami's arrived. 👍 we American's will absolutely stand with our greatest American president ever Mr president trump in full support unconditionally. 👍 trump trump trump 💘

  • “Experts” & “Scientists” at the FED? Really? What has your first guess to speak been smoking? What a blowhard implying that the fed is any more of an expert than Trump is. Trump has easily made his millions with real investing while the fed has done nothing but waste trillions on pumping up a smoke screen economy for decades now. Trump has done more for the economy in 3.5 years than the fed has done since 1933 when they first demonized gold from our currency.

    I’m so sick of blowhard so-called experts who don’t know the first thing about genuine equity. Instead they only know money printing & racking up debt to prop up a bubble economy that has to eventually crash.


  • We the people should push to end the federal reserve which is behind every war in America since 1914, and it's also behind every stock market crash since 1913.

    They run as a private organization which we the people cannot find out how they operate publicly, and can run like a branch of government printing paper which should only be allowed by the congress to coin money as stated in the U.S. Constitution.

    We need to go back to sound money as we did back when we were under the Gold Standard which was removed by Nixon in 1971. JFK tried to back the U.S. Dollar with silver by creating the silver note which went against the federal note which almost everyone has in their wallets right now that's backed by nothing! JFK's silver note was backed by actual silver. We should bring back the silver note bare minimum. It sets a limit to what we can spend.

    Enough of this fake paper money that's worthless. We need to bring back sound money and reduce the national debt.

  • Hey Fox, I and the IRS agree Rept I spoke to on the phone agree. Tell the TRUMP White House to stop misusing the tax money used for refunds so they do not have to stagger fake holds on our money. Never in my 27 years employed have I ever had an issue with a tax return till this administration. I've loved paying taxes and doing my part. Stop abusing my TAX DOLLARS! YOU CALL YOURSELF CONSERVATIVES! BAAA

  • Sid Manchester says:

    Trump is a shining example of mismanagement of money – his or anybody elses. Squandered the money he initially got from his Daddy. And the money he got after Fred got alzheimers. The new Russian mafia bailed him out after his casinos failed inthe 1990's. And by the time of the Great Recession, and 6 bankruptcies, no bank would lend him a dime.

  • handing monetary policy over to a sycophant like mr gump would be a major mistake. especially after he's already handed $$$ trillions of dollars in tax breaks to his base of the .001% of the nation…..

  • Don Nightengale says:

    You Trumpers do not understand that middle America loses and the uber rich win every time the Fed lowers the rate. Lower rates do nothing for Corona Virus problems. Same with Trumps so called (Tax Cuts). No money left in Country's coffers to pay for roads, schools, bridges, Social Security etc. We work two jobs to survive. The rich, Corporations, CEO's, Hedge Funds, Bankers and Brokers, take their tax "savings" and spend them on planes, boats, tropical villas, etc. You have accomplished the MAGA goal… For the rich!! Good job Trumpers.

  • darkjqguar0969 says:

    Federal Reserve Chairman knows that if they keep pushing the rates down it will create a " deflation " and we don't want that in our country. Buy Trump's idea of getting re-elected is to have wall street high as the sky. Even if it means bankruptcy.
    Trump supporters
    If you don't know what Deflation means google it. LOL.

  • The Federal Reserve was stumbling all over themselves to help Obama in any way they could to lower his deficit… Federal Reserve… SMH

  • WTF! He probably wants to get all the interest rates eliminated from all his loans too. I wish he was that aggressive trying to eliminate students crazy loans for an education they can't find a job in their fields.

  • why woulld anyone listen to trump on this topic? any topic for that matter. goosing interest rates isn't a magic bullet you imbecile. everyone, please, please IGNORE him

  • Brandon Gordon says:

    Lowering the interest rates only masks the problem creating a large bubble which will cause a larger problem in the future. Get rid of the fed!

  • Trump never admits nor blames his policies (he doesn't really have any). Its a wacky universe we live in. No disrespect to his supporters, we need to unite more than ever.. enough abou tthe left and eight.. the DNC is a joke and Tump is the options many were left with… super sad..

  • Jimmy Richards says:

    As Trump has previously stated(I don’t have exact quotes here), low interest rates are like “free money”…. to us already rich guys. And he has stated that he is a “low interest rate kind of guy.”

    End the Fed! Although I have voted for and will vote for Trump…. I trust mostly Gold.

  • Apdavis Davis says:

    The Big Fat Bully,
    Orange👹 beastman. Just likes to argue with everybody don't he.
    Unstable genius STD'S( stupid trump disease) !

  • Jay Inquisitive says:

    Federal Reserve A Privately owned Central Bank Printing Money out of Noting basically printing money out of thin air backed by a promise US Credit and Debt to pay back The USA Dollar a floating Currency backed by Noting not even Gold (Why doesn't America print it's own Money??$) People wake up do you see the problem

  • So let's just allow the Liberal Media to cause a hysteria and massive selloff? If you think I'm wrong go watch the same reaction under an Obama Fed during the Swine Flu epidemic where 4,000 Americans DIED. Time to sue these propaganda machines.

  • The god emperor wants more power, thats what this all boils down to. Silly trump tards please dont vote this 2020.

  • Trent Petersen says:

    Trump's trickle down economics have FAILED !! Trump can only blame himself ….. being a rampant narcissist with full blown dementia he can only blame others.

  • claudermiller says:

    "Pumping money into their economy" I thought our economy was stronger than it's ever been? Why would you need or want to inflate the strongest economy in history? Trump is running a shell game just he has with all his businesses. Just wait till this house of cards collapses. The rich have already cashed in their chips. Watch how we're forced to cash out by handing over our social security benefits.

  • theoriginalmungaman says:

    Three countries left not on a Rothchild owned central bank. Once we force them on to it, its game over! The corona hoax is part of the plan!

  • Amanda Billings says:

    Just go to the nearest pawn shop and pawn your house your car your possessions. You will be paying three four times more to get them back.

  • Karl-Heinz Konopek says:

    I don't like Trump bat the federal bank is not federal it is private banks this has to stop right now !!!

  • In 2018 Trump panicked half of America over an imaginary caravan of disease-carrying invaders. False positive.
    In 2020 Trump calls the Coronavirus a hoax. False negative.
    Trump: False everything.

  • It's too funny watching the comment section.

    All you stupid Republicans complaining about "Socialist" Bernie Sanders… yet are cry the US government doesn't have sway or influence over the Federal Reserve….news flash, just look at all the other bankrupt countries around the world like Venezuela, and counties in the middle East. Counties that are bankrupt because thier governments have sway over thier countries banking system.

  • we are not leading nor following, we are free falling. I lost my trust in the US dollar, so I changed my savings out of the country already.

  • HvMetal WarMonger says:

    Lets see pump money into system with huge tax cut for wealthy. Result No factories built. As predicted those tax cuts where pumped into stock by backs making huge sums of money for wealthy stock holders. Now stocks tank trillions lost esp from retirement funds. What time is it? Time to pump more money back into a system that is just going to take that money and put it back into stocks and make the wealthy wealthier again. No jobs will be created except the ones that are lost do to the shrinking economy. All because stocks where extremely over valued to start with. I'm gona guess it is going to take 5 years to make back what was lost and what will still be lost over next year.

    We are headed for another deep recession, worst then the last one. Possibly a depression. Was accelerated by coronavirius but it was coming anyway.

  • Trump has added 3 trillion dollars to the national dept in 3 years, while giving the top 1% wealthiest Americans the biggest tax reduction in the history of the United States. In-so-doing, Trump has caused the value of the "dollar" to plummet worldwide. The only Americans who are profiting from this are the top 1% wealthiest Americans, who have most of their money invested abroad. Its called: "trickle-down-economics."

  • cobaltblueviolet says:

    What a great idea! Let's get the Fed to lower interest rates again to stimulate our economy! HAH. In reality …. Let's punish the people with real money in the bank and reward those who borrow outrageously to reward CEOs to keep their big corporations afloat until they run it into the ground and get bailed out yet again. Like Germany with their negative interest rates where people were actually PAYING to keep money in the bank? Ponzi scheme at it's best.⚡️

  • The FED needs to be separate from the President, in any administration. A politician who is looking to be re-elected will always want the FED to be cutting its rates to boost the economy now, at the cost of long term inflation issues. I am attending College, and we covered this with regards to Richard Nixon, and the consequences of his imprudence. I know nearly enough to say if the FED is making the right choice, but I agree with Greg when he says that we need to be listening to the experts. I can only hope that the FED is not being influenced, and that no bad precedents are being set.

  • Banks need to be controlled at the state level anyway. We don't need a central Federal bank necessarily. I think the best way to combat the banking organizations is to form State level banking systems with prime rates for the use of people's money. Kind of like the old days.

  • Daniel Ugalde says:

    If what the President is suggesting is the correct thing to do who cares if it look like the fed is doing what The President said

  • mopthermopther says:

    Community Guidlines reminds everyone not to make any comments about the people who control the banks and the media.

  • Deborah Testa says:

    The man who had his school records hidden and knows next to nothing about the economy now is bullying the Fed. Trump should let them work independently. The Fed was created to act independently so it distanced itself as it relates to politics. Let them do their job without interference.

  • Does anyone wonder why the Federal Reserve, a non-government privately owned organization, has authority over the country's money supply and interest rates?

  • When this economy crashes…and it will…there will be nothing left to do in terms of interest rate cuts. But, hey, fat orange blob got relief for his loans.

  • Howard Bradley says:

    Trumps empire is built on is he gonna do anything different with the country's economy, theres something very wrong with a boss that's had to sack everyone that mildly disagrees with him….

  • Yes, Mr. SixTimesBankruptcy should be giving advice to the FED. Need to prop up the fake and misleading economic numbers, to keep the crash from happening until AFTER November election. Then the World will see the full "I don't give a hoot about anything but me and my buddy Putin" act. The FED can and does act responsibly, without EVER listening to a Spray-Tan fraud.

  • Drastic Fisherman says:

    Fed reserve is JUST A NAME a bunch of bankers named their institution to give legitimacy to their bank, not run by ANY government agency, not even the Federal Government. Just another fat cat ploy to deceive the public. By the way, the World bank is NOT run by the world, either. 🤣

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