This Catfish Was Out For REVENGE ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Catfish: The TV Show

This Catfish Was Out For REVENGE ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Catfish: The TV Show

– [Nev] There she is. Time to confess. (tense music) – [Angel] Hey, you guys. – What’s up? – [Angel] What is
Cece doing here? – Well, okay. So yesterday we did
some investigation, we found some things, we wanna
go through all that with you. But this morning,
Cece called us back, and then she asked to come
over here and talk to you. – Okay. – [Cece] So, you
know that guy Jordan you’ve been talking to? – [Angel] Yes. What about him? – I’ve been talking to him. (dramatic music)
– What? – Yeah. – When did you even
start talking to Jordan? – Like, a few weeks ago. We’ve been texting, he calls me. (dramatic music) – He calls you? – Yeah. – Like a relationship, talking? – Yeah. You don’t even seem
that serious about him. – What are you talking about? What do you mean,
I’m not serious? – You have Brendan. – Why the (beep) would you, oh
my God, I cannot, (stutters) I can’t even talk right
now, this is just, this is so messed up. – Whatever. – Doesn’t make any sense. – It don’t make sense that
you was talking to two dudes at the same time. – It doesn’t matter–
– It do matter. – No, that’s my situation.
– It don’t matter. – You know that I’m with Jordan. Why would you talk to him?
– Well, me talking to Jordan is my situation. – I don’t have anything
to say to you, so. – You told her the truth, now let’s move on
to the next issue, which is who the hell
this guy is, anyway. But we can do that
with just you. – I don’t want her, no. I don’t want her here. – I think that’s understandable. And we can call you later
and sort of fill you in, but I think maybe that’s
a good place to leave it for the moment. Lot of roads end here. (tense music) – I didn’t even know there
was a fountain over here. Watch out. – We’re just meeting
him at this fountain? – He said, yeah, he
said the fountain. Just chill here then, I guess, so we can see when
they get here? Establish as wide a
perimeter as we can. – I feel like someone’s
going to, like, roll up on us right now. – It was always that
sort of weirdness. Here comes a guy on a bike. – [Laura] There he is. – He sort of looked like
he was coming over here, but I don’t think so. Where is Angel? – She’s taking forever. Maybe she’s here with him. – I had a crazy thought
that maybe it is Angel. – Texting herself?
– And then she made this whole thing, I don’t know. And then she just made
the whole thing up. – Oh, uh-uh. – [Nev] Is that her? – [Cece] Mm-hmm. – [Laura] That’s Angel, right? – And then maybe she’s
in love with you. – [Cece] That’d be crazy. – [Laura] That’s Angel, right? – Mm-hmm. (tense music) – [Nav] Hey. – [Laura] Hi. – [Cece] Hi. – How you doing? – I’m doing all right. Kind of. Feeling nervous. Good to see you, too. – [Nev] So we’re just waiting. – Yeah.
– Trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. It’s not you, is it? – No! – [Laura] You’re not Jordan? – No, I’m not Jordan. – [Laura] You’re not Jordan. (tense music) – It’s 2:30. – You ain’t heard from him? – No. – You wanna know why you
ain’t heard from him? (tense music) ‘Cause I’m Jordan. Stupid bitch.
(dramatic music) – [Nev] What? – [Cece] Yeah. – Are you serious?
– Yeah. Yeah. – [Nev] I don’t understand. So you made the profile,
it’s been you the whole time. – Yup. – Why would you do
this for this long? – It don’t matter how
long I been doing it. You had it coming. (tense music) – What did she have coming? – This girl been stealing
dudes from me for years. How does it feel, ’cause
it don’t feel good, right? It don’t feel good. – [Angel] What is this? – So you created the profile– – [Cece] Yes I did. – To match with her, ’cause
you knew she was on Tinder. – Mm-hmm. I was eventually gon’ tell her, but she wants to meet Jordan. So here I am. – [Nev] What are these
guys that you stole, is that true, or? – I don’t know what
she’s talking about?. – You don’t? Use your brain. You don’t know? You stole three
dudes from me, Angel! – I didn’t steal
anybody from you. – Roy, Troy, and Chris. – What? – I guess this
would’ve been, like, years ago? – Yes. – There were some guys that
you started talking to, relationships, or these
were guys that you– – I wasn’t in a relationship. But we were talking, in
the midst of talking. These were people that
could’ve been potential for me. Oh, oh, I’m drunk, I’m drunk, I was sitting on his lap. That’s (beep) you don’t do. Once she was at a party, she magically
appeared on his lap, it didn’t feel good. (stutters)


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