The Samsung Q60R vs Q70R – What’s The Difference?

The Samsung Q60R vs Q70R – What’s The Difference?

We’ve gotten a chance over the last couple
weeks to look at a couple of the 2019 Samsung QLEDS pretty closely, and now it’s time
to compare them and see which one might work best for you. Hi, I’m Carl with Abt, and in this video
we’re gonna be taking a side by side look at the Q60 and Q70, the first two QLEDs in
Samsung’s lineup for this year. Starting off, there’s some differences you’ll
notice right away without even having to turn the sets on. For example, the Q60 has a noticeably thicker
bezel than the 70. But if you look closely, when the TVs turned
on, the 70 has a black border running around the picture. That black border combined with the smaller
bezel makes them almost the same. So it’s not a major difference, but it’s
something to note. The next one, and this is only gonna apply
if you’re putting these on stands, is the pedestal. They both do their job in holding the TV in
place, but the 70 offers a step up in its construction. The feet are metal instead of the plastic, which is what
you get on the 60. And the cable management’s much better looking
on the 70. With the 60 you get a couple plastic clips
to hold the cables in place. The 70 has channels built right into the pedestal. I will say though, with the 60 you can at
least get a couple HDMI cables run through each of the clips. You’d have a hard time fitting more than
one through each side on the 70. Just something to keep in mind if you’re
plugging in more than two sources and you wanna try and hide all the cables on the 70. Inputs between the two though, are exactly
the same. Two USBs, four HDMI 2.1s with number
4 having an audio return channel, antenna, RS232C, and an optical output as well as bluetooth. Moving on we’ve got the sound. The Q60s got a twenty watt, 2 channel system,
where the 70 gets 40 watts and 2 point ”1” channels. So your bass is better on the 70, however,
I still say either one benefits greatly from a supplemental audio source. Next up is probably the most notable difference,
the picture. They both, obviously, use Samsung’s quantum
dot technology, however the 60 is edge lit and the 70 has a full array panel. And that, along with the addition of quantum
HDR 8X on the 70, dramatically improves the contrast. Colors on both look natural, if not slightly
oversaturated, but you can adjust those to your liking within the menus. And regarding the menus, the only difference
you’re gonna find in those has to do with that local dimming. On the 70 you can set the local dimming to
low, standard or high. The 60, because it’s edge lit, doesn’t
allow for any adjustment like that. Putting them side by side you can see right
away the black levels are much better on the 70. The 60 has more of a gray tone to it, but
that’s mostly a side effect of the edge lighting. But I did notice when I was running some tests
that the whites, although good on both, 70 didn’t seem as bright on the 60, even though
both pictures were on the same settings. And I tried local dimming on every level and
turned the brightness all the way up to see if that made any difference, but it didn’t. It didn’t seem to be a factor when I was
watching movies or shows, but it was something I noticed. Motion seemed very similar between the two
as well. I couldn’t tell a difference. Neither was bad by any stretch so I was happy
with that. The last thing I noticed regarding the picture,
was the off angle viewing. It seems like the 70 holds its picture at
a bit more of an angle than the 60, but it was pretty close between the two. And that’s really everything. There aren’t a ton of differences here. The picture, obviously, is the most prominent
one, which is why the 70 is generally about 400 dollars more at the 65 inch size. But is it worth the extra cost? It’s right on the edge, but I’d say so. Especially if you’re someone who doesn’t
upgrade their TV all that often. What do you think? Are the benefits of the 70 worth it? Let us know in the comments. As always, we appreciate you checking out
our video, and don’t forget to subscribe so you get updates whenever we upload new


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  • Anthony Hershko says:

    I'm getting a bad picture quality with the qe65q60r Any idea why? The lights and there's no deep color at all.. I found myself playing with the modes and nothing seems to work.. I had the old Samsung 4K 6400 and it was great.. I always wanted a real 4K HDR so I bought it.. (65 inch) Do you think it's because I'm using an old HDMI cable? (It's "monster" cable , that company from Beats headphones), I'm using satellite company service with 4K. Thanks!

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