The Amazon Echo Show vs The Google Nest Hub Max – Which is the Best Smart Display?

The Amazon Echo Show vs The Google Nest Hub Max – Which is the Best Smart Display?

it’s time to pit Amazon versus Google in
the most epic battle of smart displays ever that or it’s time for an in-depth
comparison hello Automators thanks for tuning in
again I’m Brian from automate your life and today I’m going to take the
frustration out of automation by helping you choose between the two largest smart
displays from Google and Amazon now the Amazon echo show is in its second
generation of device while the nest hub Max is really the larger version of the
nest hub with some improvements there in terms of pricing both of these smart
displays sit at $230 USD any given day although there are sales always that you
can watch for but the capabilities are the general capabilities really are the
same in terms of what their voice assistance can do amazon has their own
and google has their own voice assistant and overall capabilities are really
similar now we’ll talk about the differences of what each device does
really a lot better in a minute but for now let’s start with the hardware
comparison the Amazon echo show second generation is a 10.1 inch smart display
with HD resolution at about 1280 by 800 now that’s exactly the same resolution
as the 10-inch nest hub max but it’s got a little better pixels per inch ratio
because it’s only a 10 inch screen but let’s be honest on a day-to-day basis
there’s no differential between the way these two look in terms of video quality
what I will say I find is that this does a bit of a better job of being an
overall display it’s a little bit more muted because of the ambient EQ Amazon
tends to do a lot of kind of what people are calling Amazon voice assistant ads
that tells you things to try and it sits there and it rotates now well you can
turn most of that off you can’t turn all of it off and I just find overall this
is a more pleasing display to look at because of that ambient EQ capability
that Google I think has worked very hard on if you’re looking for something
that’s very bright very vivid hits the color profile I think a little
better than the nest hub max does well that’s right here so if you’re going to
watch a lot of video content I think this is a great option for you just know
that it’s going to be busy and moving throughout your home at a lot of the
time when I look at the two devices I see some additional refinement over here
and if I was to put this very simply this looks like a newer LCD or LED TV
whereas this has the shape of what I would call an old CRT monitor and you
know for you kids that was something that burned your eyes out as you played
video games as a kid when I was a kid so you know it it just reminds me of that
kind of shape and that look and that feel when I move on to the speakers this
has a great new design that I really love the speakers are bi-directional and
configured which is a huge couple of words to try and say on a youtube video
but the the tweeters are coming out the front and the woofer is coming out the
back so you can get this reflection capability right here and I do think
they’ve directed the tweeters a little bit down and you get a really nice
reflection off of the surface it’s sitting on now what I’ll tell you is
that overall you’re not going to find any of these two speakers to be bad are
these two speaker systems to be bad the speakers on the Amazon echo show over
here I think you’ll find it’s a little stronger on the lower end of the
frequencies sometimes the design has it feeling or sounding a little muffled and
sometimes a little distorted out of it but overall this speaker is excellent
and this speaker is excellent and on a day to day basis you’re not really going
to see a difference they both can make phone calls they both
can make video calls because they have cameras on board they are both Bluetooth
capable although there’s a little difference that Amazon does better which
I’ll talk about in a minute and they’re both Wi-Fi dual Wi-Fi band capable for
connections so this is where we’ll start to diverge though and I’m going to talk
about some of the things that the echo show does much better than the nest hub
map the management of calendars on the echo show and really any Amazon voice
assistant enabled device they have iOS Microsoft calendars and Gmail calendars
whereas Google only has gmail calendar so it takes some extra work over here to
synchronize those other calendar type the echo show also has an onboard web
browser actually two of them whereas Google really doesn’t have one at least
not one you can use to navigate the web or bring up with just a command this
allows entrant into almost every web site and some additional home control
which that’s another thing that Amazon does really well they have more
integration with more different smart home products out there they’re just
more people making Amazon voice assistant and Nabal products and that
means this has more connectivity options not only that but there’s a full ZigBee
hub inside of this and you might not know what that means but basically
ZigBee devices are low-power and that means you can connect some of those
devices there are limitations to what you can connect here versus some other
smart home hubs on the market but that is sitting here inside of the echo show
and so that allows you to kind of start your smart home just with this device
now this has a thread hub on it but really that thread hub is not being
utilized and Google’s still in the starting stages of really getting that
up and running with the nest hub Macs on top of that this capability of having a
ZigBee hub over here means and there’s some other things that go into this but
Amazon’s routine capability is really an automation capability you can use
devices to trigger things to have but you actually can’t do that still
over here with the nest hub max now this will change by the time we’re in early
2020 that has to be here on the Google nest hub max there’s some other reasons
for that that I won’t go into but it will be here but right now it’s here and
Amazon continues to move forward with that capability it’s pretty good one big
note from me this was something I’ve utilized a number of times now I can
connect to bluetooth or use this as a Bluetooth speaker without an internet
connection and that’s because of how Amazon gives you the ability to swipe
down and get to the Bluetooth settings even if you don’t have an internet
connection I can’t do that over here and it was a big deal at a couple of events
that I’ve brought this to which is again a good enough speaker for a lot of
events the drop in feature which allows you to essentially use this as an
intercom it’s a big deal to some people and the ability to adjust the weight
word through a couple of different things is a big deal to people as well
or some people anyways neither of those things show up over here although Google
has a new call home feature we can call all of your devices at home to kind of
have a conversation there in terms of TV and media services the fire TV sticks
work really well over here Google has their chromecast but the fire TV sticks
are much better interface to utilize in a lot of ways and same with their fire
TV cube they just they have something there it’s really good but what kind of
happens with all of the TV and music services is while you’re in the US
Amazon has a ton they have a lot of different options but as soon as you get
outside the US and this is kind of transitioning over to some of the things
that Google does better those options disappear there is a stark contrast
between the services available in the US with Amazon and the services available
even in Canada just across that border here there’s a big differential and
you’re going to find that so kind of moving over here the Google Nest hub max
is a lot better internationally and I’m I’m in Canada but I can just see it
through the people and their common here on YouTube lots of the features
although people get really frustrated at Google when they don’t give you some
feature internationally they’re doing much better and there’s a number of
different indices around that see the music and even some of the video
services really don’t change over here and while Google doesn’t have as many
options necessarily they’re showing up in all the countries and the other thing
is the language differential I mean they have so many languages over here on the
Google assistant they can translate languages and that kind of transitions
into their other big power which is all these different services that they have
we all know they have Google search but not only does that power the device but
then they go ahead and they utilize things like that Google translation
capability right onboard here they use finance they use news they use all of
their different services and their music and YouTube and I mean there’s a ton
here that Google has access to that they put right into this device you’re
utilizing all of their services but you’re getting a lot of power out of
that another big thing is Google Maps and it is much improved over here I get
that navigation every morning or I get told kind of what my route is on my
commute every morning so that’s great now the Google assistant itself is
really a service and this has become a huge service and it is the better voice
assistant of the two there’s a couple of ways that Amazon does things better we
talked about those but in general the Google assistant is way more accurate
and it’s it’s even more conversational it’s getting more conversational and
we’ve seen some of these improvements at Google i/o and these other events where
Google has really shown their strength in software and that’s what that’s based
on this is really a piece of software a massive piece of software but it’s
really good over here I think the app for controlling these
devices is much better over here and overall the visual interface on the nest
hub max is just better as well they’ve done a better job
in creating those visual interfaces for you there’s also much deeper integration
with Android devices and so you have a lot of these Android devices that have
really the same experience as this on it in a lot of ways with the Google
assistant and some other basic things like the clock on an Android device
being Google assisting capable and being able to set alarms for you on that
smartphone or on these or controlling your smart home in general so lots of
good integration there with Android and getting better all the time
now I haven’t even talked about kind of device specific things there’s a nest
camera on this and that gives you access to full nest security camera features
now you’d have to pay for a subscription service if you want the cloud recordings
but it’s still a full nest cam even without that that just doesn’t record
video it’ll still tell you when someone’s in your home that isn’t
supposed to be there and when you’re out and about and then the Google duo video
calling is really really powerful over here this camera actually follows you
around the room within about a hundred and twenty seven degrees that’s the
field of view that they have but it will actually follow zoom in and out as you
get closer and and further away from the camera with that camera comes a couple
of new features like facial recognition where I get all kinds of information on
this device when I just look at it and then also on top of that I have the new
gesture capability which allows me to start and stop music or stop timers from
ringing or alarms from ringing just by bringing up my hand and this is actually
a really powerful component of how I’m using this device on a daily basis now
and Amazon really has nothing on that front kind of deepening that facial
recognition capability in the voice recognition capability is some of the
ways Google has figured out that we need to personalize these devices to
different people and so not only can I get kind of some of those personalized
recommendations when I look at the screen or ask it for anything but I can
also set reminders for other people in my home
and this is just an entry point into what Google is going to do in terms of
personalization and help with communication in the home you can see
facial recognition being a really key component to all of them google has
chromecast built in and they’re really the initiating casting service out there
or at least the biggest one and well we talked about the fire TV sticks being
the best there’s also some real benefits to being chromecast capable you know I
can get Netflix onto this device it takes a bit of a workaround but I can do
it and on top of that I think as we see stadia come out you’re going to see this
show up on that device and that’s not a guarantee by any means so you have all
these differences and some of them will be minor to you and some of them will be
a big deal but really what you’re doing when you buy one of these devices is
you’re buying into an ecosystem and these two companies are playing
different games see Amazon in the last two years has at least it’s it’s got to
be well over 50 Amazon voice assistant enabled products that they’ve put out
just themselves and this doesn’t account for all of their partners and yeah it’s
it’s a massive number of products so you can now find their voice assistant
everywhere throughout your home and you can even find it in your car and
nowadays you can even find it on you you look at the products that they just put
out in their Hardware event there’s a ring that can go on your hand there’s a
set of eyeglasses that you can buy as well
you have giant speakers that really compared to some of the speakers they
put out last year with the echo studio that that has an echo sub in it and then
additional speakers but so what they’re doing is they’re kind of building
something that fits into every spot in your home and I think what they’re doing
in a lot of cases is providing you a very similar experience with their
voices system which isn’t a bad experience it’s a great experience but
it’s all over the place and you’re going to have all these options to utilizing
that with different products throughout your home Google on the other hand has
been a more measured with their product release
but not so measured with the release of features with their Google assistant and
I mean this is what they’re great at they’re a software company really
through and through so their products are you know few and far between by
comparison and as they focus on this voice assistant you see some real jumps
every year I mean when we look at Google i/o the last couple of years there are
moments in those events that I still remember when when I watched the person
well sorry not the person when I watched the Google assistant make a reservation
I mean that was so powerful and well that’s not fully rolled out all over the
world it is available in the US right now in a lot of places this year I
remember watching the ladies sit there and she was rattling off commands to
that Google assistant so quickly and it was all locally executing on the phone
very very powerful stuff and this this is what we’re going to continue to see
out of Google taking the hardware they’ve produced and really very similar
hardware when you get down to the nuts and bolts
and really accentuating it or making it that much better with their software
capability so from a platform perspective I really don’t think you can
make a bad choice its Amazon and Google and they’re both making a serious play
to be the center of your smart home and they both have different methods of
going about it but both have great options now you’re here for me to give
you a clear indication on which one I would choose for my home and which one I
think you should choose as well in the end there’s one thing that I always come
back to here and while the hardware is fantastic over here on Amazon’s device I
always find a little bit of extra refinement in the devices from Google
and this is no exception there’s a little bit extra refinement over here
and lots of that comes from their software capability and I do think
that’s really important because in the end these have processors these have
storage space these have circuit boards they have
speakers and really I mean what what they can put into these devices
are gonna be relatively similar over the years there’s really not much of a
differential so in the end the differentiator is how good they are at
producing software and there is no doubt in my mind that Google is the better
software company by far and Amazon is doing a lot to catch up but right now
when I look ahead I see the extra capabilities the extra functions that I
want to live my life and to automate my life showing up over here now clearly
this one is so close that a lot of you are going to need some other information
to make a decision now I have playlists for both of these devices that will show
you those features show you these capabilities that I’ve talked about in
this video so both of those playlists are up on screen now otherwise guys
thanks for watching and of course don’t hate automate


40 thoughts on “The Amazon Echo Show vs The Google Nest Hub Max – Which is the Best Smart Display?”

  • Wright Near Home says:

    Automate Your Life is one of the best content creators for smart home tech. I actually created my own channel Wright Near Home for more videos on smart home technology.

  • I got 3 Google speaker 2 Lenovo smart display 3 echo show 5 is there a way to cast music in all of these at once. Or should I go all in with Google or Amazon? I'm in Canada

  • All they need to do is fix the google-ring integration and I’d buy a nest hub max…
    not many people know integration and support exists but it doesn’t work and ring support has been abysmal

  • Thanks for the details but i still think the video is still pretty long. I skipped couple times and wanted to give up in the middle of it. Just my thought. Thanks again

  • Brian, I hate to break it to you but Leisure Suit Larry didn't hurt your eyes because of the CRT screen….. Just sayin'….

  • It feels weird to actually type these words, but from a security perspective, the IoT Lockdown also endorses the Google Home environment over the Amazon Alexa environment. Especially with all of these version 2.0 devices just announced.

  • gordon mckenzie says:

    I was with Google until a software update bricked my Google

    Home and Mini devices. Eventually Google replaced my mini but

    the process from reporting the fault to receiving the replacement

    is the worst customer experience I have ever had. While waiting I

    bought an Echo Dot and I had it up and running with all my smart

    home devices within an hour. For me the difference between Google

    and Amazon is negligible and hopefully I never have to experience

    the Amazon fault/support system.

  • Great video! About the only thing I don't fully understand is… That Google can't start routines based on a device. So you do you mean based on a motion sensor or the like… On Google there can't be a Google home app routine start but with Amazon you can?

  • Google make much better use of screen real estate than Amazon do, in my humble opinion! Their range of services under their banner gives so many options for them enabling greater functionality over time too. I'm a little surprised they enabled the setting reminders for other people function before they've given the ability to invite others to the calendar events that you can create through Google Assistant though πŸ€”

  • Actually, Amazon echo show has a new feature called show Intel. You can activate it by saying Alexa, what am I holding? It will tell you to place an object by the camera, and it will ask you to rotate the object until it sees a label. It will then tell you what the object is. It’s useful for individuals who are blind/low vision.

  • Brian, I agree with you. I don't have a google nest max yet, but soon. I liked the comparison between the 2, you always show a great comparison, easy to understand. Thanks for the cast.

  • The decision between these two is getting tougher everyday, but if you are an apple user with apple music in Canada then it's Amazon with that integration, and it works great!

  • Just face it, you are a Google Guy! πŸ™‚ The Echo Show devices are so much better for many reasons, and I'll list a few in a minute. Your Channel is Automate Your Life and that is your FOCUS! I understand that. The problem I see is you really LOVE Google products/eco-system over Amazon eco-system.

    The Amazon ecosystem has 20,000 products that interact with their products and Google has 10,000 products that interact with their products. So obviously Amazon is ahead in the smarthome environment! Amazon has been doing it longer than Google. You even sometimes acknowledge that and pass over saying GOOGLE will be better in a few months. Come on, people have been saying that for at least 2 years now!

    The Echo Show products are TRUE multimedia and communication devices and are stand alone products. You can set up Echo Shows using just the device and 99 percent of OPTIONS are done on the device itself. That is HUGE feature of the Echo Show. On the Google Home Hub's you Absolutely need to have your Smart phone next to you for practically everything! If you go into OPTIONS on the Google Home Hub it tells you to go to smartphone to handle this. That is HUGE difference and you pass over it, with scarcely a word! You can't even change the Clock Face without your smartphone! You can't change AnYTHING on the Google Home Hub … I don't want to have my smartphone on me every time I need to adjust something on the Google Home Hub's… but I have to.

    The Google Home Hub's don't have ANY Apps at all! No Browsers! No itunes , No siriusFM, Amazon Music and don't have all the music OPTIONS Amazon Has. Compare the List and you will see Amazon is better and FULLER list of Music OPtions! The Show devices have 80,000 skills that you can enable from the device itself. Amazon wins hands down.

    As far is Movies/TV Shows, Live TV Stations … again Amazon Show's are just plain better. If you have Amazon Prime account you can watch movies/tv shows on the device, NO smartphone necessary. If you want Full Screen YouTube you can use one of the 2 Browsers to do watch YouTube, in addition to watching PlutoTV, Tubi, and lots of websites! The Google Home Hub's ONLY have YouTube and that is it! You can Cast to Google Home Hub … but again you have to have your smartphone on you to do that, whereas Amazon Shows have browsers to see things on the web! Again Amazon wins hands down!

    The Camera on the Show 5 at least has Shutter to completely block the camera … the google home Max and the 10 inch Show device doesn't have Shutter. And that is TERRIBLE, how do we really know if google/amazon/government can turn it on without our knowing about it. At least the Show 5 and the upcoming Show 8 has that shutter. Privacy is very big Concern with many people. People aren't always in best condition at all times in their home, and having that camera always watching … many people don't like!

    As far as AI is concerned. Amazon beats Google on this too. Why? I'll tell you why. Ask Google Home Hub to spell a word for you, it will just spell it. On Amazon it will spell the word PLUS show the word on screen! If you give math equations to google home hub it will just give the answer. On the Amazon show it will give the answer PLUS show the whole equation on the screen and you can check if it's what you stated. Having those features on the Amazon Device is really helpful to students and regular people, both seeing it and hearing it. As opposed to just hearing it on the Google Home Hub device.
    The Google Home Hub's have NO virtual keyboard on the device … which is Huge … you have to use your voice for everything. With Show Devices they do have virtual keyboard and it's very useful in so many ways. The Show devices have better communicate OPTIONS and you can use keyboard to type in phone number or messages , and it uses either skype/ or smartphone number to dial anyone for FREE (your smartphone can be turned off and it doesn't use any minutes). Google uses your smartphone only … but it doesn't have to be turned on either.

    Amazon has 4 wake words … many of us have these devices in a few rooms, so we can give different WAKE words to different Amazon products , which I find invaluable if I have Show device and echo device close by. Google only has 1 WAKE word, and they have not had the willingness to give us other WAKE words. I can't have 2 Google Devices in same room because who knows which will activate … the Google Home Hub or Mini?

    Β  I know you are automate guy … and you love Google products. When you refer to Amazon stuff your heart isn't into it! πŸ™‚

    I still love you and like your stuff. Just like some people like google products or apple products or amazon products … you are Google Guy! So for Google Stuff you are cool.

  • I will always go with a Google product mainly because I have my entire CD collection (2000+) downloaded to Google Music. Amazon does not offer that service and I own a lot of music not available thru Amazon's music service.

  • Thanks for talking about internation vs USA differences. These difference literally erase nearly all avantages of Alexa powered devices in many countries

  • I just bought a Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab 10.1". I am very unhappy with the "ambient smart display" I was hoping that it would show the weather, calendar, notification, widgets and a big digital clock.
    – The clock is 1cm by 2cm so you can barely see it throughout the house. I can't change it
    – You can't even customize the display other than choosing google photo albums
    The stock Windows 10 lock screen is better than these so called smart displays?

  • I wish both of these companies would have a hotline with people can she just different things. Was that cannot stand on stupidest crap going across the screen on the echo on the Echo Show 5 to leave the large clock in the center of the screen. If the two companies would look at each other and take the goods from both the Echo Show and nest I think they could make one hell of a device. Google is very slow at doing anything with their products. Yes. The Echo Show 2nd generation doesn't even have a shutter button for the camera. I mean what the hell why would they put it on all the other ones and not that one. Some people have larger nightstands than others what it really cost that much more to put a camera shutter in. I think they do idiotic things

  • Google Nest Hub Max πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’₯πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • In the video you say google nest does not have a hub like the echo does, is that a software change or is it a hardware change to the nest?

  • β–ͺMy first time here in your channelπŸ™‚Excellent video thank you πŸ‘ its very complete and easy to follow , you have a new subscriber! Regards from London πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

  • Paul Shakeshaft says:

    One major problem no on-screen keyboard for searching on Google or YouTube which is totally no good at all, this makes it not very smart at tall…

  • I have Android and iPhone users in the home. Will Google ever integrate for iPhone compatibility? I am more partial to Google products.

  • Ruwan Gooneratne says:

    I'm looking to buy google nest hub max or amazon echo show. I have a few main requirements.

    1.) Can I able to sync my apple cloud photo album through which perfectly working? I have photo frame requirement
    2.) Want to install a browser and access web site with a virtual keyboard which device perfectly working? Enter user name password login to web accounts.
    3.) Dail my iPhone Xs contact through which device perfectly working?

    Please advise. I'm hurrying to buy it soon.

  • Enjoy your Videos… Very impressed with Nest Hub Max. Can you do a Video on Outlook Calendar Users trying to Sync with Google Calendar so my daily schedule pops up on my Nest Home Max?

  • Charles Mobley says:

    I have both and I prefer the amazon show by far, i run a nest doorbell ,house full of Phillip's hue smart bulbs, arlo security cameras,blue tooth speakers, many tp link smart plugs, bee hyve water system, nest thermostat streams my apple music playlists better and alexa responds even with music playing where as google you have to yell or repeat many times. Google chromecast is a joke, what's the point of its reliant on home wifi,just use a smart tv and throw chromecast in the trash,firestick can cast with just a cell phone hotspot without the need for internet ! Sorry I own both systems plus minis and dots and Google let's me down way too much, so much I rarely use it. I do prefer googles home app over alexa, google improved to app considerably.

  • good review! a question i only have google products at the mo, looking to introduce just one aamazon can the show act as a digital photo frame like the google but with lots of images rotating not just one ?

  • Red Fire Wolf 🐺πŸ”₯ says:

    I'm torn, I like the face recognition of the nest hub max, but I don't like the Google minis. However I'm planning on getting a ring doorbell. I've heard the ring doorbell is really slow on the echo show. Such a hard decision. Even though I feel like Alexa or computer will be a better wake word than ok Google. I don't know what route to choose. 😩

  • What are you talking about when it comes to sound quality? The Nest Max sounds ten times better than the Show!!! It's not even close. We've got both, and there's a huge difference between them. The Show's sound is muffled and distorted. Also, WHY would anyone need or want a browser for a smart speaker??? If I want to use a browser to browse the net, I'M NOT GOING TO DO IT ON MY SMART SPEAKERS!!! I have two computers, a smart phone and a 65" Qled television to do that. Smart speakers aren't meant for browsing. Why are you so heavily biased towards the Show??? It's killing any credibility you might have had… Too many things you've said are either a bit wrong, or completely false. Especially about using devices for triggering multiple things to happen. YES you can do it with the Max! That was the last straw for this vid, as you have no cred left… If you can't be honest, or do your homework any better than this, then you shouldn't make videos on YT. Thumbs down and OUT!

  • Brian, we are installing internet at my 93 year old mom's house so she can continue to live independently. Shes doing great. we have installed Amazon echo throughout the house. But I would like to send her pictures remotely. If I purchase the new Amazon echo show 2, can I send her pictures that will show up on that device as a picture frame. I can't find any information on. Any advice? Assuming it can from my siblings apple and Android devices. Thanks

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