TCL 6 Series/R625 2019 TV Review –

TCL 6 Series/R625 2019 TV Review –

Hey everyone, its Ryan here from
and today we’ll be testing the highly anticipated and much requested TCL 6 series 2019, also
known as the R625. It is a budget-friendly 4k LED TV that tries
to play with the heavy hitters from higher-end companies, such as Samsung and Sony. We’ll also compare it to other TVs in its
price range to see if it’s the best buy for you. We have the 65” version here, but it is
also available in a 55”. We expect the smaller size to have very similar
picture quality with slightly less local dimming zones, which shouldn’t affect picture quality
by any significant margin. The R625 is an updated 6 series TV for 2019
from TCL that adds Quantum Dot technology. It also has a revised design and picture quality
has improved slightly. After looking more into those, we’ll look
at the motion handling, input lag, and sound, and then compare to other competing models
which are currently available. If you’d like to skip straight to our test
results, click the links in the description below. The design of the 6 SERIES 2019 is great. Its definitely an improvement over last years
6 series. The bezels have been reduced on three sides
and the circle power button has been moved to the back so the front gives a clean look. The feet are sturdier and really help the
TV be planted and not wobble. The feet are very wide apart which is great
if you want to fit a soundbar between them, but it means you’ll need an entertainment
cabinet that is as wide as the TV so that it fits on top. Otherwise, you’ll need to wall mount the
TV which isn’t a bad thing because the TV is relatively thin, as you see here, but its
still thicker than most other competing models. The back of the TV has received an updated
glass-like plastic aesthetic that looks more premium than last years. Unfortunately, there is no cable management
on this set so zip ties might be necessary to clean up the wires. The single power button I mentioned just a
moment ago is now behind the TV on the right side and can only change inputs or power the
TV on and off. Using the remote will be the only way to properly
use this TV, but the good thing is the remote is responsive and easy to use. We’ll get into that a little later on. As we look at the front of the display again,
we’ll look at it with our thermal camera. Since this TV utilizes a Full Array Local
Dimming backlight, the LEDs are evenly distributed across the entire screen. It runs slightly warmer than last years R617
but is noticeably cooler than the Hisense H9F. We’ll be comparing the R625 to other TVs currently
available but competing models can change as new TVs are released throughout the year. To stay up to date with the comparisons as
we buy and tests new models, check out the review page on our website linked in the description
below. The contrast ratio is one of the most important
factors for good picture quality. It is the ratio between the measured bright
and dark areas of a scene. This means a TV with a good contrast ratio
has detail in bright and dark areas of a scene, and good black levels. VA type panels usually have good contrast
levels and the 6 SERIES 2019 performs excellently. The local dimming implementation on the 6
SERIES 2019 helps it achieve an almost twice as good contrast ratio from its native contrast,
and is an improvement over last years R617. The Vizio M Series Quantum 2019 and the Hisense
H9F perform a little better than the 6 SERIES 2019 in terms of native contrast, but the
contrast is very similar between the three when local dimming is enabled. This is great because it means black levels
are very black and the TV can still achieve high brightness levels. Speaking of the local dimming, this is also
another thing that was improved since last years R617. All 4 TVs here are able to brighten, dim,
and turn off different parts of the backlight dynamically to improve picture quality. However, each TV handles local dimming a little
differently. Some TVs prefer to raise average black level
to present all details and some do the opposite and crush out small details in favour of better
black levels and better blooming handling. The TCL 6 SERIES 2019 handles subtitles very
well and doesn’t present too much blooming when viewing the screen head on, which is
great. This does mean some details are slightly crushed
and fast moving object are dimmed, but it still does an impressive job limiting these
problems. The local dimming of the R625 is a definite
improvement over last year 6 series, and is better than the Hisense H9F, performing very
similarly to the Vizio M Series Quantum 2019. Black uniformity is an important aspect of
picture quality. Good black uniformity means that dark scenes
will be properly displayed without distracting clouding coming from the backlight. Without local dimming enabled, the 6 SERIES
2019 is excellent and black uniformity only gets better when local dimming is enabled. It outperforms last years TCL 6 series and
the H9F, and is very similar to the Vizio M Series Quantum 2019. Another category local dimming helps with
is brightness. The SDR brightness of the TCL 6 SERIES 2019
is great. The TV can get plenty bright to offset some
glare and it gets to about 570nits in real scenes. Last year’s R617 got brighter than the R625. Despite this small step down in brightness,
it still performs similar to the Hisense H9F and is much better than the Vizio M Series
Quantum 2019. HDR peak brightness is a similar story. First of all, the TCL 6 SERIES 2019 supports
Dolby Vision, HDR10, and HLG HDR formats, just like the Hisense and Vizio. . HDR brightness is important for different
reasons than SDR brightness. The higher dynamic range allows for more detail
in the bright and dark areas of the scene and is important for delivering impactful
and detailed bright highlights. The 6 SERIES 2019 gets bright enough for HDR
content to pop but isn’t as impressive as last years R617 or the Hisense H9F in real
scenes. It is, however, much better than the Vizio
M Series Quantum 2019 and will still be good enough for most people. Let’s move on to gray uniformity. Our gray uniformity test checks for any uniformity
issues with the panel where different pixels are all supposed to display the exact same
color, but may not. This is done by taking a picture of a 50%
gray pattern on each TV. Cloudy spots and other issues present on this
slide are known as the dirty screen effect, which are problematic when playing games or
watching sports which often tend to display uniform colors across the screen. The TCL 6 SERIES 2019 has decent uniformity,
with distracting DSE and noticeable dark edges around the display. This makes it a questionable choice for sports
fans and gamers, because uniform colors are very common in those types of content. This is one aspect of the panel that can vary
between units, so yours might perform differently. If you come across a panel that doesn’t
correspond to our results, let us know in the comments below. Next, well take a look at the viewing angles. If you don’t watch from directly in front
of the screen, its still important that the image remains accurate when viewed at an angle. In the case of the 6 SERIES 2019, and in fact
all the TVs here that have a VA type panel, the viewing angles are poor. VA panels cant normally deliver good viewing
angles, TVs like the LG SM9000 with IPS panels would be better options if viewing angles
are most important to you. Nonetheless, the TCL 6 SERIES 2019 has similar
viewing angles to the M Series Quantum 2019 which are some of the better results for VA
TVs. The 6 SERIES 2019 has seemingly taken a step
backwards in terms of reflection handling. We measure the amount of light reflected off
the screen, both directly and indirectly, using a light sphere and a Konica Minolta
Luminance Meter. The TCL 6 SERIES 2019 reflects more light
than last years 6 series and any of these other models. If you watch TV in an average-to-bright-lit
room, the TCL will be a little disappointing. The brightness of the display should counteract
glare a bit, but for bright rooms the H9F will be a better choice. The addition of the quantum dot backlight
has made a significant improvement to the 6 series’ color gamut and color volume. A wide color gamut is important for producing
vivid color in HDR content. The DCI-P3 color space, which is used by most
commercial blu-rays, is almost completely filled and there is big improvement in the
coverage of the Rec. 2020 color space. This puts it in the same high-performing category
as some of the more expensive sets from Sony, LG, and Samsung, as well as the Vizios including
the M Series Quantum 2019, which also added the Quantum Dot backlight this year. The color volume is good too, producing more
saturated shades of color than last years model at different brightness levels. Now this next part is becoming increasingly
important but is a little complicated. We measure the electro-optical transfer function
of each HDR TV. This is how a TV receives the HDR signal and
translates it to specific brightness, and this graph shows if the TV can follow the
reference standard that content is mastered at. The reference curve is the yellow line you
see here. This reference line is unachievable by any
TV at the moment, so every TV has a way to tone map the signal to the display’s capabilities,
and that is the gray line you see here. The R625 doesn’t follow it as accurately
as last years R617 but still does a better job than the Hisense H9F. The Vizio is good but doesn’t have the peak
brightness to compete with these other two. If you care about watching a movie as accurately
as the director intended, the TCL 6 SERIES 2018 is probably still the better bet for
you as it handles the EOTF very well. Otherwise the 6 SERIES 2019 is still a good
choice. Let’s move on to the motion handling of
the R625. First, we’ll start with the response time
which is the time it takes for a single pixel to change color. The TCL R625 has a good response time, but
some darker scenes will have very long transitions, causing visible ghosting. The TCL 6 SERIES 2019 also has a constant
backlight flicker of 960Hz which on this TV results in noticeable duplications and artifacts
in some content and it cant be disabled. You can see the duplications in the motion
blur photo here. If you want to clear up the persistence blur,
you can enable the LED Motion Clarity option which is the Black Frame Insertion feature. This lowers the flicker to 60Hz which can
be bothersome for some people but clears up the motion considerably. Unfortunately, there are still some visible
duplications. Next we’ll look at the input lag which is
especially important for gamers. Its important because input lag is the time
it takes an action in-game to appear on the screen. High input lag can cause mistiming of key
moments and can be incredibly distracting. The 6 SERIES 2019 has amazing low input lag. It has an input lag in 1080p, 1440p, and 4k
games around 11ms, and is 13ms in 4k HDR. The 6 SERIES 2019 has a better input lag than
the other 3 TVs here which is great. The TCL 6 SERIES 2019 accepts 120Hz signals
but is a 60Hz TV so it cant display 120Hz content properly, as it skips every other
frame. Alright, moving on to the smart features. The 6 SERIES 2019 uses the Roku smart platform
which is great. It is easy to use and has a wide range of
apps to choose from. Unfortunately, there are large ads on the
home screen which cannot be disabled. The remote also features a voice command feature
so some settings and functions can be controlled with your voice, such as opening YouTube or
checking the time. There are also 4 dedicated app buttons that
help you jump straight into an app, but they arent reprogrammable. The speakers that come integrated in the 6
SERIES 2019 are okay. They are a definite improvement over last
years R617 thanks to the lower low-frequency-extension as well as a slightly higher max volume. It also features Dolby Atmos decoding, but
you will not get the true effect of Atmos through the two tiny speakers. If you want better sound for movies, dialog,
or to get a true Atmos soundstage, discrete home theatre speakers or soundbars, which
we now review on our website, are recommended. So overall, the TCL 6 SERIES 2019 is a good
4k HDR TV with awesome picture quality. It a small step up over last years R617, sporting
an improved design. In terms of picture quality, it has an improved
local dimming feature and better black uniformity, making it the better dark room performer. Unfortunately, for those of you in a bright
room, it has worse reflection handling and doesn’t get as bright as the R617, so it
might not be the best choice for you. If we compare the Hisense H9F to the TCL R625,
they are similar in many ways but do differ slightly. The Hisense has a 120Hz panel and can interpolate
motion up to 120fps. The TCL is limited to 60fps because of its
60Hz panel. The Hisense also handles motion better, having
a better response time and less distracting duplications. Both TVs are great for gamers because of their
low input lag, but those of you in brighter rooms will prefer the H9F because of its better
reflection handling. Last but not least, compared to the Vizio
M Series Quantum 2019 they both perform very similarly besides one key aspect: brightness. The TCL R625 is noticeably brighter in both
SDR and HDR content. If brightness isn’t important to you, they
both have similar local dimming performance, uniformity, color gamut, and color volume. The TCL R625 will be a slightly better TV
for most people because of the similar performance and better Smart System, and gamers will appreciate
its excellent low input lag. If you only care about watching movies, both
will be great sets so pick up whichever you can find for the lowest price. So that’s all for the 2019 TCL 6 series! What do you think of it? Do you feel it has lived up to the hype? Leave us a comment down below to let us know
what you think. You can check out all of the measurements
for all of these TVs on our website. If you want access to all our latest test
results before they are officially published, become an insider on the website. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
and hit the notification bell to be alerted for all our new videos. One last thing, I promise. We are currently hiring in our offices in
Montreal for various positions. So, if you want to help people find the best
product for their needs, have a look at the careers page on our website. Thank you very much for watching and see you
next time.


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