How To Start YOUR YouTube Videos For Better Results

– I’m gonna tell you how to start your YouTube videos so you can keep people watching longer right after this quick introduction about an awesome video editing app that you should be using. This video is brought to you by Videoleap. Videoleap is a free mobile video editor that’s super intuitive and easy to learn. With Videoleap, […]

The Risks and Rewards of Mobile Voting, Explained | WSJ

– [Narrator] Registered voters in the Seattle area just had the chance to participate in what officials say is the country’s most extensive use of mobile voting yet. Over 95% of the election’s ballots were submitted electronically, via app or website. – Supporters of mobile voting say, “If you let people cast their ballots on their phones, “they’re […]

Am I Talking To You Or Your Brother? | Catfish: The TV Show

– Apparently there are two people coming to meet us. They’re almost here. Should we wait for ’em out front? – Oh lord. (dramatic music) – I don’t think it’s them. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. – Is that a new car? Looks like they’re stopping here. – I’m nervous. – Is that them? – I can’t […]

[Eng Sub] Turn Left Turn Right สมองเลี้ยวซ้าย หัวใจเลี้ยวขวา | EP.4 [4/4]

Out of business Eeny, meeny, Miny, moe. The Fool. I think I need to find a new working method and I may find something more real What are you thinking? Research from real situations and real people. I think it’s dangerous Where did you go? You were out for a long time. Are you hungry? Well… With a […]

Inside NASA’s Psyche Mission to Study a Metallic Asteroid

When I was a little kid I thought I wanted to be an astronomer. I took a geology class and there’s just something about having a rock in your hand, something you could hold and feel. I thought, you know, we have rocks from outer space. Maybe I’ll study those. I study meteorites, I love meteorites. It’s like […]

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