what it’s like to work in the tech industry 👩🏻‍💻

– Hi everyone, I’m dearsaturdays. – I’m just kidding. My name’s Christine. – Hi, I’m kchoi. Welcome back to my channel. Today I’m joined by my dear friend Christine, aka dear saturdays. If you’ve watched my videos before, you might know that I post a lot of videos about consulting, and career in general, so I wanted to […]

CNET Update – Sprint says it may keep two-year contracts after all

sprint says it may keep to your phone contracts after all I'm Bridget Carey this is your scene that update the classic two-year phone contract may not be dead just yet but it is on life support Sprint is now clarifying that contrary to previous reports it has not made any official decision to stop offering two-year contracts […]

Intel turns to Overwatch to show off seventh-generation core (CNET News)

and you know I'm always pushing the boundaries of processor graphics and so I have something really really special to show everyone but instead of me talking about it why don't you just take this for a spin so this is a 7th gen power dell XPS and it's using processor graphics I five ultra low voltage to […]

CNET News – Jury awards Apple far less than it wanted in Apple v. Samsung

after a month-long trial on the tech behind popular mobile features like slide to unlock autocorrect and FaceTime a San Jose jury has come up with a split verdict it was a mixed bag for Apple and Samsung this time around in the patent trial in this second patent infringement trial Apple and Samsung accused each other of […]

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