AirPrint Mobile Printing on your Brother printer

welcome today we’re going to look at printing from an Apple mobile device on your Brother printer. this video will cover multiple models and software versions. even though your machine may not match the model referred to on the screen the overall process will be the same before beginning you will need to make sure your Brother printer […]

Worlds SMALLEST Rugged Smartphone – Durability Test!

The world’s smallest, rugged 4G smartphone called Atom, running full Android, just raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter. But, how durable is it really? And what’s it made of? And how small is too small? Let’s find out. [Intro] This little guy, which is literally the same size as your ear, is probably the smallest smartphone I’ve […]

Galaxy A50 Durability Test! – is the Plastic Samsung Phone durable?

You’ve heard of the Galaxy S line…know you, the Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S9…those flagship Samsung phones where you pay top dollar for top specs. Samsung has another line called the A Series. It’s a group of mid-range smartphones that are mostly sold outside of the United States. With the Samsung A lineup we hit that sweet spot […]

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