How to digitize 8mm VIDEO8 Hi8 MiniDV DIGITAL8 tapes, while you still can…

>>This video was brought to you by Squarespace. [SOFT MUSIC] [static] Hello prehistoric filmmakers! Yes, this one is especially for you. If you’ve used a consumer camcorder in the 80s, then you’ve probably used a Video 8 camera. Back then, a Video 8 was a very popular standard, mainly used by Sony. It was launched in 1985 and […]

A Simple Way to Extract Text From Images | Best OCR app for Android

Ok, so let’s consider some of these situations Say, you have couple of business card From which you would like to extract the phone numbers and email address; OR You found an interesting image with a quote on Facebook, and you want to copy its text OR let just say You simply want to digitalize any kind of […]

How To | Connect Your Sony MDF-RF995 headphones to your Sony TV

Learn how to connect your Sony TV and your Sony MDR-RF995RK Wireless Home Theater headphones for simultaneous listening. First, insert the supplied rechargeable battery into the left housing of the headphones. Next, plug the AC adapter into the headphone base, and plug the AC adapter into an outlet. Remember, when the battery gets low, simply place the headphones […]

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