THE RURIK DYNASTY. Episode 7. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Docudrama. English dubbing

MINISTRY OF CULTURE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION THE RUSSIAN MILITARY AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY WITH THE SUPPORT OF THE NOVGOROD REGION STAR MEDIA PRESENT Al residents of Moscow came to look at that grandioso building site. Neatly cut stone pillars were reaching into the sky. The grandeur of what was being created before their very eyes was breathtaking. However, […]

LIFE AFTER LIFE. Episode 14. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

Who are you? Yuri Viktorovich, I’m Renat Tagirovich, the owner of this house. How did you get in? Surprisingly, I have the key. Right. What happened? I tried to call you, but you wouldn’t answer. -Yesterday was a hard day. -I can see that. What can I do for you? You see, Yuri Viktorovich. Your lease has expired. […]

How to Search, Open and Download torrents with Vuze Bittorrent Client 5.0

Vuze Bittorrent Client video guides part 1: How to Search, Open and Download torrents with Vuze. Let’s start by opening Vuze. Now, to search for a specific torrent within Vuze just move your pointer to the big search box at the top of the window, click it, type your desired search item and hit enter. In the results […]

Ooma Telo Home Phone – Crystal Clear Nationwide Calling for Free

this is Ooma it’s a home phone service reimagined for today’s home which means you get crystal-clear nationwide calling for free yep free you know the free kind as in no annual contracts just free crystal clear nationwide Colleen for free all because of this thanks game show host lady. Ooma, the smartphone for your home.

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