Google’s congressional hearing highlights in 11 minutes

Our only witness today is Mr. Sundar Pichai Pichai is the chief executive officer of Google. Chairman Goodlatte ranking women adler distinguished members of the committee Thank you for the opportunity to be here today More than 90% of all internet searches take place on Google or its subsidiary YouTube and they are curating what we see Google, […]

CNET News – Tech Minute: Google Reader substitutions

if you're someone who follows lots of news publications and blogs you need a reader to aggregate all that material into one place here are three great alternatives to google reader for Apple users give reader a world besides its standard RSS management capabilities users might enjoy its robust sharing features that let you post directly to Facebook […]

'Silicon Valley' star Jimmy O. Yang talks Jian Yang and his new book

help me welcome actor writer stand-up comedian best known for jinyang on Silicon Valley Jimmy o yang Wow look at this the whole office is here nice awesome awesome hello hello how you doing man good how are you I'm good I heard you had some mediocre ramen in San Francisco splurt Brahman not to talk bad about […]

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