CNET Update – Twitter declaws Meerkat, but the app won't give up

twitter is out to declaw the meerkat app I'm Bridget Carey and this is your cnet update twitter is no longer playing nice with meerkat a fast-growing app that has become an overnight sensation for streaming live video to your followers on Twitter meerkat launched about two weeks ago but it already has a hundred and twenty thousand […]

CNET Update – Samsung may soon launch new Galaxy to take on iPhone

is Samsung working on a phone that will top the galaxy s5 I'm Bridget Carey and this is your cnet update when it comes to Samsung smartphones the Galaxy S line has always been the flagship model but a report out of Korea says Samsung could be cooking up a new high-end smartphone that will launch next month […]

CNET Update – Sprint says it may keep two-year contracts after all

sprint says it may keep to your phone contracts after all I'm Bridget Carey this is your scene that update the classic two-year phone contract may not be dead just yet but it is on life support Sprint is now clarifying that contrary to previous reports it has not made any official decision to stop offering two-year contracts […]

CNET Update – Rock Band in virtual reality, coming to Oculus Rift

the band is getting back together in virtual reality I'm Bridget Carey this is your cnet update when rock band first came out in 2007 the idea was that you could feel like you're rock stars your smash buttons on plastic instruments but if you really want to feel like you're rocking out on stage soon you could […]

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