Intel turns to Overwatch to show off seventh-generation core (CNET News)

and you know I'm always pushing the boundaries of processor graphics and so I have something really really special to show everyone but instead of me talking about it why don't you just take this for a spin so this is a 7th gen power dell XPS and it's using processor graphics I five ultra low voltage to […]

Sex toy collects data, owners collect big paycheck (CNET News)

a sex toy company is paying its users $10,000 each after spying on their sex lives without permission this sexy time snafu all began with an internet-connected vibrator called the we-vibe 4 plus it's designed to be used by long distance couples to activate remotely but the app was reportedly peeping in on users intimate moments collecting data […]

CNET News – Jury awards Apple far less than it wanted in Apple v. Samsung

after a month-long trial on the tech behind popular mobile features like slide to unlock autocorrect and FaceTime a San Jose jury has come up with a split verdict it was a mixed bag for Apple and Samsung this time around in the patent trial in this second patent infringement trial Apple and Samsung accused each other of […]

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