Why China is Important for Ethiopian Airlines | Access Africa | CNBC International

I was speaking to the Ethiopian Prime Minister and he explained to me the growing importance of China and how they’re becoming more involved in the Ethiopian economy You have several routes that connect Ethiopia to China – What else is in the plan? Yeah China is very important for us as an airline Yes China is very […]

How Elon Musk Took Tesla To Hell And Back With The Model 3

The last time, at least in the US, any car company achieved mass manufacturing was about a hundred years ago and then Tesla. The issue is definitely not coming up with a car design, it is absolutely all about building the production system. The difficulty and value of manufacturing is under appreciated. It’s like relatively easy to make […]

The future of food may be crickets and worms | CNBC Reports

Eating insects might sound like a challenge on a survival game, but some experts predict it could be a big part of our future food consumption. And if that’s the case, well, I want to be an early adopter. I’m in Bangkok, Thailand heading to a brand new insects restaurant. And unlike the past where you could find […]


I’m in Manhattan to visit my good friend and fellow Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran Barbara! Kevin, about time! So this is your place Barbara? Yep it is! what exactly is this room? it’s the TV room. You didn’t pay $13 million bucks for this room with a ping-pong table in it there’s got to be more so […]

How online dating changed society | CNBC Reports

How do you find love? Until recently the answers ranged from traditional matchmaking to meeting a partner at work. But now for many, that search starts online. When you’re using a dating app, you have to be really open-minded. You can have extremely incredible dates and you can have dates where you’re like: “I definitely wasn’t feeling that.” So what does all this […]

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