What EV Start-Up Rivian Is Doing That Tesla Isn’t

Narrator: With Tesla’s stronghold on the electric-car market and multiple legacy automakers already taking a crack at the segment, it’s hard for small companies to make much noise. However, one particular American start-up seems to be on its way to becoming a household name when it comes to electric vehicles. Rivian is an electrical-vehicle start-up that was founded […]

2011 Lexus RX 350

cars.com auto review Hi this is Bill Jackson for cars.com were here with the 2011 Lexus RX 350 it was one of the first luxury SUV crossovers is still remains pretty popular so we’re gonna walk through some other features that make it that way now the arts is redesigned for 2010 and it’s just more than evolutionary […]

11 New Car Trends That Need to Die

– Auto-making is all about progress. Who can go the fastest (engine roaring) and farthest and safest, (crashing) while looking the coolest for the cheapest? Most new trends are awesome, like boosted economy cars, automatic lights, standard a/c, cooled seats, but sometimes, progress gives us some duds. Like vinyl roofs, bubble tops, and way too many cup holders. […]

DODGE HEMI – Everything You Need To Know | Up To Speed

(car screeching) – It’s the crossram breathing, fire snorting, eardrum deafening V8 that took America by storm. This absolute unit of an engine has powered everything, from muscle cars to your muscly dad’s truck. – That thing got a Hemi? – Yeah. (car engine roars) – It’s a legend so strong that for the first time ever, we’re […]

Sleeper Alert: Full Custom Volvo 240 Build

(engine revving) – Volvos are safe and they’re boring and they’re slow, right? Despite its reputation as one of the most vanilla family trucksters around, the Volvo 240 is actually a sick platform for speed. Today we have one of the cleanest, most custom Swedish sleepers around. Hold onto your lingonberries, we’re going indestructible bumpers to indestructible bumper […]

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