SXSW, Ultra music festival canceled amid growing coronavirus fears


100 thoughts on “SXSW, Ultra music festival canceled amid growing coronavirus fears”

  • Marshall law coming soon. The plan is coming to fruition at a rapid pace. Everyone is playing right into it. SHEEP!

  • Disco Biscuits says:

    But Florida Okeechobee festival March 5th was ok for the go? Okeechobee has two cases not published, those were people who actually got ill enough to go to the hospital.what about the walking asystematic's dancing around coofing on everyone/sharing their disposable vapes? Corona Chan is right there dancing along side them, and she bout to make the bod- i mean beats drop

  • XxinfamousxX321 says:

    This is why we should protest to make the white house put more money into the Coronavirus and eliminate it and the fear it brought to get the economy going, not denying it and say "everything is fine, I am the President and what comes out of my mouth is true.. "

  • Every single conference and convention in this nation should be pro-actively cancelled. Stop this spread by being pro-active.

    Close every school now so that the kids do not carry the virus home and to grandparents.

    New CDC guidelines recommending those 65 and overt stay at home and socially isolate.

  • Coachella let’s gooooo,!!! Oh wait annoying influencers won’t get the option to get those pics for their gram. That’s a win.

  • Its ridiculous that they cancelled this music festival but still haven't closed Disney world in Florida when this theme park attracts thousands of people from all over the world on a daily. Cancelling ultra isn't going to make much of a difference ha.

  • The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes says:

    SXSW is full of liberals and Democrats and other idiot morons. So I don't see any loss here.

  • The most effective way to spread a Virus is by large groups and travel. In the short term these should not be taking place. I hope necessary decisions like this continue. The more rapid control measures are put in place the shallower the peak the epidemic will be. Good Luck and check on loved ones.

  • Nicholas obando says:

    Haha, I'm glad it was canceled. Too many rich people coming to town at the expense of low income residents. Austin is my hometown, i watched it turn into the monster it's become

  • Someone responsible should declare a national emergency. What are they waiting for? A million people infected? More?


    Everyone is letting fear run their lives, it's a shame. This virus is not has bad as the flu. Between 16,500 and 40,000 people in the US die from the flu. 100,000's and more die from the flu in China every year, around 2800 have died from the corona virus in China. So everybody calm down a little, it's not has bad as the media is saying.

  • Look 100 yrs ago it was flu took lives now 2020 virus and flu. So wash hands avoid large crowds get flu shot.

  • This is planned chaos… Why not just close every mall, shut down theme/amusement parks, theatres, restaurants, and anywhere where people gather? So ridiculous…

  • I work at a hotel in Austin. This was the latest big cancellation due to Corona. Several others cancelled as well. We're taking it hard and working 3 and 4 day weeks till it's over. We needed that income. It may take a whole year to fiscally get back to where we should be. This actually is a great time to stay at a hotel. Many incentives will be offered. Little inside info for you there.

  • Only the rich will make it through. I'm low class, my Bill's will eat me alive without work 🙁 lights gotta stay on somehow.

  • Elizabeth's Oracle says:

    SXSW only stopped after 41,000 ppl signed a petition, not bc they wanted to do the right thing. ATX mayor globalist scum. Glad to hear the WH targeting effected workers for $ support, 👍❤️🤍💙.

  • Imagine the level of disappointment that must be felt for those whose first Ultra Fest this would’ve been…absolutely heartbreaking 😞

  • Oprahs FatAss says:

    A couple of months from now when the whole thing has blown over this is going to seem like such a stupid decision.

  • cristina krobot says:

    This is stupid. Media is causing hysteria. If people aren't living their lives, the markets will keep diving.

  • Dennis Alvarez says:

    Thank god for the city of Austin taken on the responsible of keeping its citizens safe, because the US government can’t!

  • PointingOutObvious says:

    Incompetent Trump can't even get 2,400 covid-19 test kits to help the 2,400 Americans stuck on a cruise ship to go home, much less a couple of hundreds millions test kits for the 28 states that have infection in America.

  • Sally Brookner says:

    Not to worry. Good thing we’ve had that pandemic response team in place in the National Security Council, oh wait, Trump fired em all years ago.
    But good thing CDC has continued to be well-funded … oh wait.

  • Here's something I think is practical that can actually work a care package for every home:

    1) laminated coronavirus at a glance chart for signs symptoms important phone numbers, etc
    2) 1000 masks based on a family of 4 for 3 months
    3) 10 adult goggles 5 adolescent goggles and 5 children goggles
    4) 500 extra large clothes 500 large gloves 500 medium gloves and 500 small gloves
    5) 1 gallon of hand sanitizer
    6) 10 adult full body gowns, 10 children size full body gowns.
    7) 4 covid-19 test kits
    8) 1 electronic thermometer
    9) a dvd and manual to give you complete info about virus, do's don'ts, myths, and instructions for how to use kit contents.
    10) _______________^_^ (fill in the blank)

  • Derrick Marshall says:

    I am from Austin .they made the right decision ,all parties agreed and put public health first.also the first week of sxsw is international ,alot of companies from Asia and other countries attend .this was one of the major concerns when this decision was made.

  • Imagine if everyone stopped doing all the unnecessary distractions and switched to healthy communities, resilient homes, industry that solves all social and environmental issues, then started to live in a beautiful way!

  • They wouldn't close SXSW for the regular flu.. I feel like they know something we don't. Corona must be much worse than we think.

  • wisegeorge365 says:

    So, that should mean the end of Trump's stupid rallies, shouldn't it? Trumpies follow him from all over the country and they are a sick bunch even without the virus.

  • Formula1 brings in $600 million in 3 days. SXSW $350 million in 2 weeks. But hey we still have the rodeo and the Dell invitational golf tourney!

  • SXSW is an industry convention. I hear a lot of complaints from vendor attendees. Just like other conventions. It’s a lot of hard work for them.
    And SXSW charges artists an arm and a leg to appear in small venues. I met some hip hop kids from LA about 17-18 years old that had to pay $5000 for a one hour set at an auto repair shop garage! Plus room and board and travel. I hope they got signed. But there are no guarantees.

  • Chatla Suresh says:

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  • LostCommunication1 says:

    You mean to tell me the city of Miami wont get to quadruple the price of everything towards the end of the of this month????

  • I think this coronavirus is just a big media hoax. I bet if you do your research you'll find out that the Coronavirus is not much more dangerous than the common flu. We should protect yourself from it, but we don't need the media trying to create Mass Hysteria

  • Yay!!! awesome 👍…no body needs a bunch of stupid Texans and south west dirt bags all huddled up anyway…

  • It was cancelled because a petition was started by private citizens.

    A petition.

    Not by government agencies or doctors or scientists, but fear mongers trying to make headlines.

  • Stop all festivals sports events etc etc or people will get infected with this SARS COV 2 COVID 19 NO CURE VIRUS 🦠 DUH 🙄

  • To late! Should of shut down flights and boarders. Let it go thru. AMERICA couldn't afford this mess TRUMP. Big mistake on your part.

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