Switch Lite Hydro Dipping Custom

Switch Lite Hydro Dipping Custom

– Why didn’t we order like
five more shells Ken? We should have had five more shells. Now you don’t have to build a
Switch with this goo on it. So I am a big fan of the Switch Lite. In fact, this is my daily Switch, which is the super cool yellow. And really what I wanna do
here today is very simple. Create the ultimate Nintendo Switch Lite. So this is a very stock Switch. All I’ve done is install a
tempered glass screen protector and I have a 256 gig micro SD card inside. Oh, no, dropped it. Okay, first off, we have a
Bluetooth adapter for the Switch. One of the biggest flaws with the Switch and that goes for the Lite as
well as the standard Switch, is the fact that there’s
no Bluetooth audio. Even though it has Bluetooth. So with this little guy which is HomeSpot. Wait, Ken why didn’t you get the good one? – [Ken] It is a good one. It was 40 bucks, it has to be good. – I think that there’s another brand that’s better though. Kev did a video on it. Okay, let’s find out. This might be of slightly dubious quality. Oh, you see, I see USB
audio right here, okay. It is now pairing, so let me
grab my Bluetooth headphones. – [Ken] AirPods, AirPods, AirPods! – I’m not gonna go AirPods. AirPods on a Switches is dumb. I mean it sounds great. It sounds exactly like any kind of normal Bluetooth headphone. Which makes sense. Dude this feels totally fine. I mean especially considering that we have the low latency headphones, this is a great way to get
Bluetooth on your Switch. However, oh, this is just the beginning of our ultimate Switch Lite build. Which, to be clear, is
not an ultimate Switch. Because that has more
things that we can’t do like video out and what not, which you can’t do on the Switch Lite. But besides that, this is
the ultimate Switch Lite. Which is my favorite Switch
anyway, so it’s fine. – [Ken] There is no video out, but I got the next best thing. – Which is? Is this is just a screen magnifier? This is just a way to play Fortnite on a bigger like zoomed in screen? – [Ken] Oh, that is Fortnite? – That is Fortnite, well, I mean, I guess I know what
game we’re playing next. How do you use this? So this is just clip on? Oh
wait, you know what though, this might even not work with, can we use this with
the Bluetooth adapter? No I need to have in the middle. – [Ken] Yeah, no, why not? – Put it over the adapter? I guess there’s no buttons on the bottom. – [Ken] Yeah, no, do it, do it! – Oh actually look at
that, it actually clips on. Okay, we’re making progress here. – [Ken] Jesus Christ. – Oh, that’s wow. Wait, this actually is not bad dude. This is not bad. – [Ken] Does it different
in person versus? – No, what you’re seeing
on the camera right now is pretty accurate to what I see. So, just for reference this what it looks like
with it, that’s without. It’s a pretty big difference right? – [Ken] It Magnifies, it does it’s job. I’m killing someone with my pickaxe right now. Okay, I lost. The Switch ultimate project
going very well right now. What’s our next item? Woooooo! The charging and cooling service? What’s this, how’s it service? This product has a 6000
milliamp Hour battery. Please charge it through the Type-C charging cable when charging. Press the Switch button to start the fan. So this is a grip slash
cooler slash external battery for the Switch and Switch lite? – [Ken] Yeah man. – How much was this? – [Ken] 40 dollars. so the messed up thing about this product, is normally for building the ultimate, we have a lot of really crazy things to tack on to the Switch,
or like whatever calls… – They did all your work for you. – [Ken] But that is literally all of them in one product. – what the (bleep) is this? (laughter) So we have a kickstand, okay? You have a USB-C port
on the back, two fans, and then we have a USB-C port here as well as a power button. What tha, whoa. – [Ken] You do your exercises too. – (groans) Switching. Actually I think I’ll do
that a few more times, then we’ll break, it already
started feeling a little weird. That feels, okay, all right. And I’ll hit the power button. Oh, things are happening. Whoa, do you hear how loud that is? So essentially this is blowing on the back of the Switch and the actual sort of intake is right here. So then now let me try to
put my adapter in here, I feel like it’s not gonna work though. Oh no, it doesn’t even fit,
it’s got a little lip on it. So I have to use wired headphones? Is that what you’re trying
try to tell me right now? like I’m a peasant with a
normal non-ultimate Switch? I will actually say, this
grip feels a lot better than the standard Switch Lite. Which to me, while I
like this portability, it’s always a little kind
of crampy on my hands, but that that feels really nice. Do you think it’s gonna reach?
I think it’s gonna reach. – [Ken] It might. – There, Ken! So now I have to gently
set it down on the table, don’t touch it ever again. What is that? Oh, a Switch controller, wait, this is for the pro controller? – [Ken] Yes.
– Wait, how many things am I clipping on to it though? It’s all gonna be too thick, right? Oh, this feels terrible. That’s it? (hiphop music) So I’ve got it clipped to the back now. This is all gonna explode, if I touch it just the wrong way. okay, so, I’ve got it tight. – [Ken] I am impressed. – The chunky boy, no I’m not
done yet, I’m not done yet. Can I do this upside down? I think the laws of Physics
are against me on this one. (laughter) – [Ken] That is literally everything on the floor. – Can I get a large roll
of duct tape please? (duct tape sounds)
(electronic music) What is that, what are you bringing in? (soft growling sound) You’re just making my life more difficult. Roboraptor’s not gonna help,
he’s gonna yell at me until I mess it up. So, I now have a magnified screen with a 6000 milliamp
Hour battery and a fan and grips which I’m not using because I have a bracket to connect it to the pro controller. This is dumb. I’m gonna to give it a try. I’m actually kind of impressed that this stupid little piece of plastic is holding all those weight. I will say, if you want
a forearm exercise? – [Ken] I’ve been really impressed at how that looks from the front. – Yeah, this is not that bad, right? – [Ken] You don’t know the tape’s there. – No, I’ve gotta say, while I would get a little
bit more magnification, if the screen was farther back, I actually feel like this is a more sort of comfortable distance for it, than the actual stock thing. ‘Cause now I can actually
look at it normally. Before I wanted to do
this, which looks weird. I think we found some good things here. However, none of this
is remotely ultimate. This is all dumb. You know how to make the
ultimate Nintendo Switch? Well, I mean, if you’ve watched YouTube over the last 18 months, you know exactly what I’m about
to say, time to hydro dip. Disclaimer I’ve never hydrodipped in my life and it’s probably gonna look terrible. So we begin our hydro dipping excursion, we’re actually going to take
a little bit of a shortcut. So while technically you should probably just take apart your Switch, however, we’re going to not do that yet. As you actually buy third
party shells on Amazon for like what, 15 bucks? Now there are a couple
of ways of doing it. If you wanna be the cool YouTuber and make the really cool thumbnail. You’ll spray paint in here, but I don’t want to get
spray paint all over my desk, so instead, we have,
a, what do you call it? It’s like the hydro dipping film? So we actually have ordered
a wide variety of films. I’m not sure what should we use. Like this weird like, oh
it’s a Rick and Morty. – [Ken] Never mind. I can’t read what that says, I’m Batman. Oh, look at that. Our Switches gonna be so cool. It looks like a giant Dorito though. – [Ken] No, no, no! That’s a thumbnail right there. All right, let’s put our
super cool flames on. Ready, set and look at that, okay, there is water on
top of it, is that okay? – [Wes] Maybe. – All right, here goes nothing. So I’m gonna ease it in here. Oh, no, that’s not, nope, nope (chuckles) That’s not gonna work. All right, we’re gonna
try do this very quickly. So straight down, so, I’m
not gonna breath that at all. That’s terrible, okay, cool. No, I didn’t work, (percussive jazz music)
(spray fizzing sound) oh God. – [Ken] This is very sad. This is not how YouTubers
told me it would go (chuckles) – So, attempt number one
didn’t exactly end well. It’s almost like I rolled a fruit by the foot on the Switch. However, we’ve had a breakthrough. And that we’re morons, we were putting the hydro dip film on the wrong way. So you’re supposed to put it face down, which makes sense when you think that the material goes up. Look, okay, first time hydro dipping, it’s fine, we’re gonna build the ultimate Switch Lite today and, Look at that, it actually
like unrolls itself. So 60 seconds or we can
already see, look at that. It’s already kind of like
warping and everything. Okay.
– [Ken] Give it a good coat. – Here we go, that is the
correct way of doing it. Here we go. Oh, it I fell apart. Okay, that was too good of a coat. – [Wes] Even coats men,
what are you doing? – Okay, all right, shall we go? Everyone feeling good? Okay, here we go and, that’s not bad. – [Ken] No, that’s pretty bad. That’s the same thing as earlier. – I mean no, look, part
of it’s pretty good. That’s fine, right? It’s so sad, that was so much
better than the first one. Look at the difference. We went from one to two. But okay, thankfully Ken thought ahead and we have one backup plan to make this even more ultimate then this disaster. So, let’s cut out the part that we just did the hydro dipping. So if you just, I’ll just step over here so people can’t see that part. We’re gonna pretend that
that never happened. Okay, so next step is
we’re going to be doing a clear shell conversion
for Nintendo Switch Lite. Now some people might try
to paint the the Switch. However, what we’re doing
today is we’re going to make it clear, because
this is the way to do an ultimate Switch Lite
is just to do it clear. So I hope that this is easy to take apart. It seems to be easy so far. So because this Switch Lite is fairly new and these shell replacements
have just come out, as far as I know, there’s
currently no tutorial on how to do this. So I’m just gonna figure it out. I’m making progress, see,
I’ve opened a thing or two. Here we go. (upbeat funk music) – [Ken] Easy enough. We now have the inside of our Switch Lite. This I think should be a
pretty straightforward swap. So you can see it doesn’t look like anything too crazy on the back. We do actually have
some yellow components, which should show through nicely. But it’s pretty much just
this sort of metal backplate. So roughly, that’s what
it’s gonna look like once we have the clear shell on. I actually don’t totally hate the idea of yellow on the
front and clear on the back. So you see how I’ll like micro SD flap, I can just remove this mechanism
and just put it on here. That look okay, right? With a little bit of
yellow and clear mixed. Yeah, okay, I’m gonna do that. Yeah, look at that, there we go. So now we have our yellow power button, volume rocker, game
card slot, and micro SD. Let’s get this thing on now. – [Ken] Oh, wait a minute. – What? – [Ken] What you should totally do. – What should I do right now? Boom, Look at that. Oh, yeah, look at that
dude, this is actually cool. I mean, I knew as of course,
the owner of this video and the person who put this title up here, I knew it was gonna be good. I’m not surprised in any way right now. Let me throw in my micro
SD and the game card and make sure this all fires up. And then we can reassemble
the ultimate Switch. And hopefully it still works. I mean, it’d be weird if it didn’t turn on ’cause I didn’t touch
anything on the inside. Come on, that looks pretty good, right? Look, can’t you see
how great our shell is? It’s like almost like you can’t
even tell we did any thing. So we have the ultimate
Nintendo Switch Lite, with a magnified screen. Giant battery, fans, pro
controller and a custom shell. So you can get this video
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back with more dumb ideas. I however, have nothing but good ideas. So we’re fine. Remember good ideas, bad ideas.


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