Southside Scavenger Hunt, Officer Jacob LaMunyon, COPS TV SHOW

Southside Scavenger Hunt, Officer Jacob LaMunyon, COPS TV SHOW

could have gotten away. MAN: If he goes down, I go down. If I do the same stupid
[BLEEP] he does– OFFICER: You’re
going down with him? MAN: Yeah. It’s only right. [MUSIC – INNER CIRCLE, “BAD
BOYS”] SINGER: Bad boyd,
whatcha gon– whatcha gon– whatcha gonna do when
Sheriff John Brown come for you? OFFICER: We were in
the area of a burglary in progress that came out at
one of our metal salvage yards. The calling party advised
that there was two suspects. One of the suspects
jet across on a bike at a fast rate of speed. I cut through a
parking lot and was able to catch up to the suspect. Can you put your
bag down for me? I’m just going to pat
you down, make sure you don’t have any weapons on you. Put your hands on top
of your head for me. You got anything that’s
going to poke, stick, stab me or anything? MAN: Nope. OFFICER: No? No weapons, guns, knives,
bazookas, or hand grenades? MAN: I don’t think I
could fit a bazooka. OFFICER: OK. He initially didn’t
want to give me his name or his date of birth. What’s your name, man? MAN: I don’t feel like
giving that information. OFFICER: Well, that’s
not something– OFFICER: That’s not
really an option, brother. You want to give me your name? OFFICER: You’re
required by state law to give us your
name, date of birth. If you don’t, you go to
jail for obstruction. So two choices. Tell us who you
are, or go to jail. MAN: I’m not
obstructing anything. OFFICER: You going
to give me your name? OFFICER: You’re
obstructing investigation right now by not– OFFICER: Are you going
to give me your name? MAN: I’ll give you my name. OFFICER: And then a second
suspect walk up to us. Other officer made
contact with him. We placed him in
the back of the car. And the second suspect then told
officers that he and his buddy, who was our suspect we
had taken into custody, were on the property, and did
break in and steal some items from the property. What was that all about? MAN: I was a dumbass, you see? And I broke into [INAUDIBLE]
and stole their walkie talkies, and just being a
dumbass is what it was. OFFICER: Instead of
leaving the area, he rode around on his bike and
tossed the backpack that they had put the stolen items in. The individual in the
backseat of this car dumped items that they
took from the property as well as masks and
gloves that was used. Anything else on this side? OFFICER: He said that should
be it, just the book bag. OFFICER: OK. Are they there? Bingo. So the radios are
in the backpack he ditched over on the fence. And then he also had a mask
with a clown face on it. The manager of the
property shows up. He was able to provide
us with some screenshots from the video, which
were very clear. MANAGER: Well, as you
can see right there, there’s our three-way camera. And then this is where they
come in at right here as well. That way, we could get
a nice picture of them. OFFICER: Yeah. Maybe we’ll see
it in the camera. Yeah. Quite obvious, the suspects
broke into the business, busted out the windows. Can you send us any footage? MANAGER: OK. Here. There you go. I’ll let you. I don’t know how to work it. OFFICER: There’s
our suspect that we had taken into custody at
the very beginning trying to go in the window. That’s definitely our guy. They had broken a rear
window of the office, and then went into
the front area, and stole a charging bank
and six handheld radios. Do you wish to talk to me now? MAN: No. OFFICER: No? All right, fair enough. OFFICER: Time is 00:49. OFFICER: 00:49. All right, so tonight,
you’re getting booked for burglary and theft. OFFICER: Minor and possession. OFFICER: And a
minor in possession charge because you had the beer
and alcohol in your backpack. This was a really
good open/shut case. It was nice actually having good
quality photographs and video to be able to look
at and assist us in confirming those were,
in fact, the suspects. MAN: If he gets in
trouble for it– OFFICER: You’re
going down with him? MAN: Yeah. It’s only right. OFFICER: And they say
friendship is dead. OFFICER: Yeah. MAN: [INAUDIBLE]
like my brother. I’ll take it for it. OFFICER: There you go. CHILD: I was just
taking rocks and– WOMAN: Taking rocks where? CHILD: I was giving it to them. And then they threw– and
then they threw rocks. And then they hit the man’s car. And then the man saw
us three running. WOMAN: Wait. Hit the man’s car where? OFFICER: They hit the
vehicle on a highway, ma’am. CHILD: I didn’t hit it though.


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