Slow and Unsteady, Show 3226, COPS TV SHOW

Slow and Unsteady, Show 3226, COPS TV SHOW

[SIREN] OFFICER: He about wrecked out. He’s dragging a battery. [MUSIC – INNER CIRCLE, “BAD
BOYS”] SINGER: Bad boys, What you
goin’– what you goin– what you gonna do– OFFICER: Hands behind your back. SUSPECT: I ain’t moving. OFFICER: What do we think is in
that big bag between your legs? SUSPECT: Mm-mmm. OFFICER: OK. OFFICER: You don’t
know much, Jon. What do you know? OFFICER: I know
there’s a big bag of– a Ziploc bag that looks
like methamphetamine. OFFICER: Why do they
call you evil goddess? SUSPECT: My boyfriend’s
name is evil sex god. I don’t know. OFFICER: Evil sex god. SUSPECT: Yeah, don’t ask. OFFICER: I want you to take
nine steps, heel to toe. SUSPECT: I told him
to stop, don’t run. OFFICER: I arrested
you two weeks ago. SUSPECT: I’m trying
to get better. SUSPECT: I wanted to
take a shower, all right? And I came out. The TV was on the
Spanish channel. She took the remote. She wouldn’t give
me the remote back. So I unplugged the
cable in the garage. If I’m not going to watch TV,
you’re not going to watch TV.


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