Saudi Arabia Seizes Oil Market By The Throat; Stock Market Shokes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Seizes Oil Market By The Throat; Stock Market Shokes | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  • The war of the black gold is about to start … Prophet Muhammad prohibited believers to refrain from that black gold…as 999 out of 1000 will be killed in that war and those who will survive will envy the dead …

  • This is for all you stable geniuses out there. Shoke: a sudden strong unpleasant or upsetting feeling. A shock of a surprise.

    Misleading the public daily

  • If it’s not a fact,all news should start off with’in our opinion’ or ‘in my opinion’ stop the constant lies and shadowy agenda.

  • All the democrats/socialist want is Your Tax Money and the Power to Control You by taking away your freedoms like free speech, choice of religion and right to bear arms to only name a few.
    They always create a crisis that only they can solve by more regulation and more taxes.
    Learn from history, socialist/ communist do the same thing every time. Tax & Control the Working Class until the money is gone. Then they take Your Tax money and leave in the Jet You bought them and tell their cronies to shut you up by whatever means necessary.

  • The title says “shokes” check it out before they change it. Not only does MSNBC need a calculator, they now need a spellchecker.


  • Trump and his loan co-signers destroying the oil market. Time for more lies and empty promises. Believe your eyes and ears.

  • I love the fack that the dump president dumbs his country down to believe that your are safe and so what only 20 persent of you you s7ffu4e .its not necessary wakke up take changes in your own hands .cleanlenesse etc whe have at least 2 years of this and millions of our famililys facincing death

  • Pierre Marie Cordier says:

    And of course, Donny Fat Turd doesn’t have much to say about it. It is true he is a very busy golf player.

  • I thought the US was a free market. I thought the whole trade with China was about forcing China to open up a free market. Yet US is colluding with other governments to control the price of oil? 🧐

  • Rose Johnson-Tsosie says:

    It's time to free up some of that alternative energy that is has been repressed. Trump's uncle, Dr. John Trump, was the person who took Tesla's papers after he died. Maybe that is where the answer lies?

  • Stock market shokes? If you’re attempting to scare us all to death, It’s called proof read people. Proofread? Or maybe you’d spell it proff red.

  • Marc Milton-Talbot says:

    Iran and Iraq were struggling even before this price drop.You wonder how long Saudi Arabian reserves will last pumping it out at this huge rate for peanuts.

  • andrea renee smith-hall says:

    COVID-19 CPAC spread including Trump. USA should be stopped selling out it's own. No more fracking, drilling. No more profits..

  • Saudis are hurting Americans not just Russians! Trump will say "I got you cheap gas" . But the entire South survives off gas production. That's like selling solar panels to coal miners.

  • I was about to watch this video BUT then I saw that FAKE HACK Rachael Maddow was doing this, so I went right down here and made this comment…right, back to my home page here now laters
    MAGA! KAG2020 !!

  • SA are using the only power move they have. SA has the biggest shipping cost of any company, also the biggest profiting company in the entire world. Funny how they say this that and the other and say nothing about what matters…typical.

  • It is the financial blackmail by holding our fear of being fired affecting our lifelong pensions to accept illegal & immoral employment practices !! Remember , the middle class not excluding the small business owner being forced by the threat of becoming a homeless family is great security for Big Business and for government Bullies !!! Enough said for the Right of Free Speech !!

  • Once again MSNBC is lying to you. The Saudis can't sustain prices this low.

  • Creating unnecessary panic like this in the market and the media should be illegal, there needs to be laws put in place. Theres no difference between this and yelling fire in a crowded theater when there is none. The virus is not a danger unless you’re old and with a weakened immune system. You are destroying our way of life through your garbage news.

  • Jetjazz Dauntless says:

    Seems like all these public school geniuses don't know how markets work. Is there really a monster under every bed?

  • Sherryl Luciano says:

    Jared kushner and trump family love that their friends in Saudi Arabia are effective on hurting our oil market. Russian operation in our united States white House destroying our democracy

  • Russia comes out a winner. Russian companies can sell their oil at a low price of about 25-30 a barrel for months maybe even years, while the U.S oil companies and Saudi oil companies need it to be $50-80 for a profit. American shell and Saudi oil companies go broke. Saudis are in debt and their whole economy depends on oil. Russia is very low debt, lots of gold reserves, and only 40% of Russian economy depends on oil profits. Russia clear winner here 🇷🇺👏 Putin is the gift that keeps on giving. 😂👏bravo

  • Im confused…what's stopping the other companies from buying $10 barrels and either saving or selling them at higher prices?

  • Red Power.红色的力量 says:

    Many Americans consumers thinks this is a good thing. Spoiler alert 🚨 this is a small fire that will cause great depression in US when Saudi suddenly increase the oil price per barrels as it did not met Saudi needs. Boom. The bigger fallout began.

  • Don't worry, your 1% owned orange puppet will be sending your babies to die; so your 1% masters can make billions!

  • Socrates ExplainsEverything says:

    Increase production during falling demand. Great idea.
    The only thing is that an oil well can be found and drilled and then capped awaiting a good price.
    The US shale is very good at doing that.
    So this will just hurt the oil producers and not oil production. Saudi Arabia has an endless history of bad moves and foolish choices.

  • 1. Cheaper oil = cheaper gas. Good for consumer. The climate fanatic people hate this.
    2. Russia sells the heavy oil that is why they took over Venezuela oil fields.
    3. Russian Rosnef "can" go bankrupt too, just cause is owned by the state which has to pay for all their government programs, does not mean they can't go down, look at Venezuela state owned oil.  Maddow…that was a dumb statement

  • Ave. price of gasoline in Denmark $6………….Ave price of gasoline in USA  $2    And coming down. Who is winning?

  • Screw the oil companies they screw their workers they screw the American people. Screw the oil companies they made a hundred billion last year

  • stopthecrazyguy says:

    Another good reason to find eco-friendly energy sources. Education & Research on a global level is the path to progress. (and a great side effect is making Saudi Arabia irrelevant.)

  • More great guests with great info on TRMS. Where is the segment from the Doctor at the CDC via voice in the gray box? Was that on the Last Word? That Doctor gave an incredible summation of all things we should know and concerns about Covid-19. Thanks Rachel and MSNBC!

  • Mr. Business expert, John Kilduff is smoking weeds, and some of you peoples here are also high in weed. Do a little critical thinking here. The U.S have control of the Saudi oil. The U.S caused this drop of oil price.  The US and Saudi have their hand in this price war. The drop in oil price will cripple Russian gas and oil productions and infrastructures to Northern Europe and around the world. Listen carefully, the U.S knife start at 2:06 stated by Rachel Maddow. Making Oil cheaper so that other oil depend countries such as the EU will not depend/buy Russian gas and oil. This price war is actually aimed at Russian oil.

  • It will be interesting to watch as Trump tries to maneuver the U.S. to be dependent on Russian oil policies without disrupting the markets any further. Then again, maybe Putin has already done what he wanted to do– destroy U.S. fracking efforts.

  • Thanks to the fracking opposed by Leftists/Dems/Eco-Fascists, who believe in junk science,
    Natural Gas in now inexpensive


    1- the USA has reduced CO2 emissions the most of any country
    2- the average family has saved $ thousands in energy costs

    3 – the USA no longer needs to distort its foreign policy to appease oil producing countries

  • This is the absolute perfect time for US to fill up its strategic oil reserve at the current incredibly good purchase prices for oil. Oil may be quite important in an environment of trade shut downs, and oil prices a pawn in strategic manipulations. Additionally, adding to the strategic reserve now would help US crude producers, which are now on the verge of bankruptcies.

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