Roxanne throws snide remarks at Cardo as she treats his wounds | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Roxanne throws snide remarks at Cardo as she treats his wounds | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

[CLAMORING] He’s really hurt.
We need to help him. [CLAMORING] [CLAMORING] Move aside. Move aside.
I’m a police officer. What happened here? Dalisay?! Help me. Carry him to my car. Hurry! – Let’s help him!
– Carry him! Make way! Hurry! Support his head. Excuse me. Hurry! Let’s go! Dalisay. Dalisay, wake up! This is Major Opeña. Dalisay! Major? What happened to you?! What did you do?! I’m taking you to
the hospital. You don’t have to, Major. I can manage. You don’t look like you can.
I’m taking you to the hospital. And I said you don’t have to.
Just let me down here. – [GROANS]
– You’re not going anywhere. – I swear, I’m alright.
– Stop it, Dalisay. Dalisay! [TIRES SCREECHING] What are you doing?! Dalisay! Dalisay, stop! I said stop! Where are you going?! Dalisay! Stop! Dalisay! Where are you going?! Ma’am, you can go home now.
I can handle myself. Stop! At least tell me
where you’re going! Don’t worry about me, Ma’am.
I can handle myself. Stop being so stubborn! You’re so full of yourself! You’re bleeding everywhere and
you’re still refusing help! A police officer shouldn’t
be picking fights in a bar! Ma’am, I didn’t pick
a fight with anyone. I had to defend a woman. It just so happened
that I was outnumbered! Even so!
You’re a police officer! You should’ve
resolved it properly! Why didn’t you file a complaint?
Why didn’t call for backup?! They just got lucky, Ma’am. Don’t worry. I’ll deal
with them tomorrow. Dalisay! Dalisay, stop! What’s wrong with you?! If anything happens to you, I’ll be an accessory
to the crime, alright?! If you don’t want to
go to a hospital, then I’ll treat your
injuries here! Now, sit down! That’s an order! Sit! Stay there!
I’m going to buy you medicine! Here. Let’s patch you up. We need to clean your wounds,
or else they’ll get infected. Face here. I said face here! Ouch! That hurt! What? The tough guy can’t
handle a little alcohol? You wanted to defend
that lady, right? And for what? So you
can be her hero? Serves you right. Ouch! Ma’am, would it kill you
to be a bit more gentle?! Ma’am. What? I know this is
asking too much… But can I borrow
some money? What? You see… all that fighting
got me hungry.


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