RGB-less Mesh Design – Corsair 275R Airflow Review

RGB-less Mesh Design – Corsair 275R Airflow Review

it’s been a long time I’m waiting to
finally unbox this case that I like a lot so it better not disappoint me of course it’s the white edition and no RGB it’s your boy Kanetsu and welcome
everybody to this review of the Corsair 275R airflow let’s open these bad box
and yes here’s the nice front panel Get out of here I wasn’t expecting the front
to be made of plastic science in the 220T Corsair used a metallic one here’s the
glass with the frame and on the back there is even a vertical GPU mount and
this is the boring side I screwed up the the glass panel is fine it seems to stay in
place even without screws this is the top I/O with power button audio jack
two USB ports and the reset button the top filter seems a bit small but it’s
fine and you can see the fans mounting point it’s a long case but I don’t think
you can fit a 360 up here and it’s so strange that here is only a support for
one 140 like they already know it will interfere with your motherboard the
drive cage in the bottom is removable if you plan to use a super long PSU I’m
glad that these are flat cable since they’re easier to route there are a lot
of option for two and a half drives but I wonder how many people use these many
these days but overall the back it’s very interesting because of this lip I
can’t insert my PSU with the cables on keep in mind that this is a very
long PSU for today standards while cases have this stupid lip anyway
I really like all this cable management option on the back these hooks
lots of holes for easy routing all around if only there was a bit more
space but overall nice job the manual is pretty thick but it’s a bunch of
translation and it doesn’t really tell you anything like why there is this
it doesn’t seem you can route cables here it’s four pumps why is it here
wait you’re supposed to mount the drives on the back what a waste
let’s see if Corsair can surprise me here mm it’s the usual screws and zip
ties with Bonus screws good so let’s take a look at the front panel
I don’t understand why there is this huge gap aesthetically it’s a very bad
decision science you can see these pegs these panel designs are easily pulled
from the bottom without the need of side vents
is it because maybe of air restriction and at last I adore the Hi-Fi style feets it’s a
nice touch this is one of the three included fans regular DC three pin
two in the front and one on the back finger crossed for a good sound profile building in this case is a breeze if you
don’t need the drive cage removing it will make cable management so much
easier now let’s check sound levels with my new GN approved method and with the
fans at max speed it’s around 50 dB it’s the middle of the day so external
noises will mask them a bit but the noise imprint it’s not that bad
lowering the speed to 1000 rpm is definitely an improvement in noise
levels will see while testing if it’s going to affect thermals
I’m going to test the stock config then I’ll remove everything that’s in the
front then I’ll try with just the filter on then I’ll try with just the front
panel on and just for fun in the end I’ll try to seal the sides of the front
panel and the results are pretty boring pretty pretty boring at low fan speeds
performance is pretty good you can say that the filter it’s a bit very very
bit restrictive but I won’t really worry about it
raising the fans to the max gives better performance obviously and you may have
noticed that I didn’t include the numbers for the tape experiment that’s
because it’s just the same as the stock configure I can’t complain at all about
this case airflow and if you buy this just took the fans to your motherboard
set a nice profile and forget about it one last thing I wanted to try to see
if I can fit my 280 all-in-one cooler in the top you can kinda mount it but no
luck for the fans but in the front it’s going to fit just fine so if you want to
go liquid on top only 240 and in front 360 or 280 this case is a really nice case good
space inside nice design good price great airflow it does everything pretty
well so if you like it go for it if I have to say a bad thing or just a
suggestion why no RGB anyway anyway I hope you enjoyed this review leave a
question in the comments if you have any or just say hi leave a like and subscribe
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video ciao ciao


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