QUICKOM for Call Center – The Solution for World-class Customer Success

QUICKOM for Call Center – The Solution for World-class Customer Success

Whether you’re building your small businesses, or managing a global enterprise, a seamless and reliable connection with your customers is essential. Meet QUICKOM by Beowulf a quick and easy call center solution that utilizes QR code technology to get your own call center up and running in minutes allowing your customers to reach you at any touchpoint of their customer journey via high-quality voice and video calling, and live chatting. With QUICKOM, you can create scannable QR codes to let your customers contact your call center by using the camera on their phone or by clicking on a web link right on your website without any special software or account registration These QR codes can be fully customizable for different service departments with the flexibility to create and manage groups on the fly. QUICKOM’s smart routing capabilities can also help optimize performance by identifying the purchase information embedded in the QR codes and intelligently routes your customers directly to the right account team therefore further improving handling time and customer satisfaction. And with the QUICKOM built-in analytics dashboard you get all the valuable metrics to help put excellent customer experience at the front and center of your business. Now you can share your contact line in the form of QR codes anywhere you want, whether you want to stick them on your products or hardware equipment or put them up on your company website, social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn or e-commerce marketplaces we’ve got you covered. Enable your business to fulfill the promise of world-class customer experience with QUICKOM Call Center. QUICKOM – The QR code solution for world-class customer success.


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