Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president


31 thoughts on “Putin may challenge US shale industry: Former Shell Oil president”

  • You know saying that we're going to have a task force meeting at 5:30 and that's going on 6:30 you postponed it twice tells me that this task force ain't got a clue what they're doing when Capitol Hill can't be on time for a briefing that tells me a lot

  • That's why I moved my stock out of oil and put it towards Amazon for now. Lol it's nice to fill a 26 gallon tank for 35 40 dollars. Instead of 55 to 60

  • Lol! Oh yeah those "Ruskie's". No talk about our pal Saudi Arabia trying this in 2015 and right in there today doing exactly what Russia is doing…

  • MARKETS down from OIL WAR between Saudi/Russia at OPEC.🛢Watch… this will force IRAQ to revalue their currency fast, or they will have to start borrowing bigly to fill huge defecit.💸Iraqi PetroDinar (IQD) on the international Asset-backed Quantum Financial System # GoldQFS💰

  • Absolute Garbage, from a Banker paid schill, & this FAKE broadcast. News is not news, it's entertainment. ( Q-uote from pressitutes

  • How are we ( the consumer ) in for a tough time if prices come down?
    WTF are they talking about? This competition seems to me to be pretty good for humans. It's all overpriced anyway

  • It'll hurt frackers for the short term. Saudi and Russia will bring in some more revenue through volume sales for a time. But the price is so elastic that it mainly helps people who BUY oil. Good deal for poorer people heating their homes and fueling their vehicles. Good deal for China and other major oil importers.

    Still waiting for "peak oil." Was supposed to hit us 10 years ago. Still waiting for climate-change predictions to actually be borne out by evidence, too. The science is settled, they say. They are wrong.

  • Yes your right it is an attack… but it's not an attack on the American oil industry … it's an attack on the American financial industry… What do you think is going to happen when all the 'frackers' default…. It really isn't rocket science…

  • Live for SOMETHING or die for NOTHING says:

    It costs SA $2.60 to manufacture 1 barrel of oil and get it too market. Russia needs minimum $40. This is a war of attrition. My money is on the US. I think its a great time for USA to invade Russia and reduce its population by half. Occupy the oil fields, starve the popukation, Hold back tobacco, Alcohol and watch the country go totally crazy. Seize all gold and money. Take over the whole COUNTRY.

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