President Moon orders flexibility in new mask distribution system

the government announced a purchase
limit of two mass per person each week here in the nation president moon Jane
called on authorities to give people some leeway so they can make purchases
on behalf of family members or acquaintances facing difficulties buying
the product Kim Morgan shares with us his remarks president moon Jane
instructed government officials to make more people Elizabeth to have
acquaintances by face masks on their behalf
that’s according to charity spokesperson Kim min-seok in a briefing on Friday we
said President Lee noted that the new measures as they exist now only allow
the proxy buying of masks for disabled people
president moon said this needs to be made more flexible to minimize
inconvenience the measures announced the previous day limit purchases to two
masks a week they can be bought at pharmacies but only on designated days
of the week assigned based on the customers year of birth and only with ID
the president’s remarks come amid calls for exemptions for the elderly and for
children who might not be able to go to the pharmacy on the assigned day
president would also order the authorities to create a mobile app that
people can check so they don’t have to waste time going to pharmacies that are
out of stock later in the day on social media he’s saying the nation’s
pharmacists and asked for their understanding when it comes to being
convenience and sacrifice they have to endure moon also visited a mask factory
in congedo province to check up on production and hear from the workers
about their difficulties he called for the government to give its utmost
support to mass companies to help them cope with a sowing demand by helping
them get the resources they need and by helping them deal with their longer
working hours Kim Morgan Arirang news


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