Points for Neatness, Show 3225, COPS TV SHOW

Points for Neatness, Show 3225, COPS TV SHOW

BOYS”] OFFICER: What’s up, guys? MAN: Hey. OFFICER: Show me
your hands, man. Hey, stop. [TIRES SQUEAL] [SIRENS] (SINGING) Bad boys. Whatcha want? Whatcha want? Whatcha– OFFICER: No weapons,
guns, knives, bazookas, or hand grenades? MAN: I don’t think I
could fit a bazooka. [DOG BARKING] [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Give up your hands. MAN: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. OFFICER: You were on
Adderall at six years old? MAN: Yeah. I know. OFFICER: Dude. MAN: That sounds [BLEEP]
up [INAUDIBLE] out here. OFFICER: Quite
obvious the suspects broke into the business. Busted out the windows. MAN: Well, if he
goes down, I go down. OFFICER: I know. MAN: I don’t expect
him to do that for me. But if I do the same
stupid [BLEEP] as he does– OFFICER: You’re
going down with him? MAN: Yeah. It’s only right. OFFICER: You’ve got
stuff organized. You’ve got your sharps
and your needles such, you’re a little tourniquet. This is, like, the most squared
away little kit I’ve ever seen. OFFICER: Why did you run? MAN: I didn’t even think
that you guys would, like, trying to stop us. Like, why? We got weed? We’re smoking weed? OFFICER: If that’s all it was,
y’all would have went home and went to sleep. MAN: Exactly. OFFICER: You ever going
to stop using this stuff? MAN: I figured I might as well
have fun enjoyment of what I can do while I can do it. OFFICER: So that’s a no? OFFICER: Want to see was
going on with these guys. I get a lot of complaints from
the clerk in there, so– yo. MAN: [INAUDIBLE] OFFICER: Come back
right here, bruh. You ready? We got one running. [GRUNTING AND PANTING]


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  • Portland cops and Multnomah county sheriffs use doubles and photogenic photo's to frame their victims they want dead as pedophile and they pay their girlfriends that work at Happy Valley Walmart to print thousands of flyers at the expense of Walmart calling the man they framed a pedophile immediately after grinning smirking cops and their girlfriends commit the crimes themselves!
    Officer Eric Carlson and his poisonous girlfriend were at the time using the nick names Doubleclick and Mrs Dash in love letters at the time and those nick names stood for the photo double and the poisoner!
    EVERYONE that worked at East Port Walmart in 2006 and everyone that worked at Happy Valley Walmart are witness to their affairs and witness to them using doubles for photogenic photo's and are witness to them printing thousands of flyers giving their victims the blame for crimes that badge carriers and their girlfriends committed!

  • Johnny Lawrence says:

    Geeze, let's get off the lame ass line of hand grenades and bazookas.. learn to talk to people and stop with the scripted speech

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