Pence Delivers Coronavirus Update After Trump Travels To Capitol Hill | MTP Daily | MSNBC


49 thoughts on “Pence Delivers Coronavirus Update After Trump Travels To Capitol Hill | MTP Daily | MSNBC”

  • What happens if you have no insurance I guess you're just screwed then. Illegals come here get food stamps cash benefits and medical and I'm a widowed father you can't get any help.

  • Helllo Tele-Medicine hospital? I'm not a hobo without insurance or anything… I just need instructions over the phone to do a minor surgery to reattach my left arm that detached in an accident….. yes, I'm still at the scene with my sewing kit and I can hold for a couple of minutes until my blood runs out…

  • Yes, Insurance and health care is stepping forward because Bernie is coming for them.. This act will not save their $$$.

  • Notch Millions says:

    How does anyone know this is coronavirus and not the flu anyone with a fever now has the coronavirus? I think this is all a distraction or is more of a hype all of a sudden we forget that trump was supposed to be impeached and that he pulled the trigger without asking anyone 🤔

  • Selling Silverman says:

    It’s funny they lowered the gas /oil prices to help spread it nationwide… I can cruise like the good old days

  • Hmmmm, why would we talk about waiving medical fees for those affected by the coronavirus if the numbers are so low. I bet there expecting the numbers to sky rocket. Just my 2 cents

  • China provides full healthcare to its people for free. US citizens cannot even afford to get tested let alone treated.

  • What I heard: "We've finally accepted this is not a Democrat hoax and as the fatalities mount, we're finally ready to do our job and work to protect the public at large."

  • Come and play everything's a-okay

    Friendly neighbors yes that's where we meet

    Can you tell me how to get how to get to sesame street😜

    Songwriters: Bruce Hart / Jon Stone / Joseph G. Raposo

    Sesame Street Theme lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG Rights Management

  • Healthy Wealthy says:

    Load Up ON China Free ingredients…#1 liposomal C with two clinical trials at the University of Colorado.


    A patented process made with No Heat, Pressure Or Solvents…

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  • NOTE TO U AND myself…
    Pence stated the economy FIRST
    THEN… mentioned protecting the public American ppl.. LAST.
    Anddddd folks there u have it …their priorities
    Loud and clear watch ur backs !!!

  • Saudi & Putin's main purpose for the oil wars that will last right up to the election, is to get the lesser of the two evil's, Donald Trump elected. They saw the virus as an opportune time to lower the gas price to get Trump elected. The second reason is they wanted to destroy the stock market. In reality lower gas will make the stock market go sky high. The virus caused interest rates to go down. The virus will destroy the problems of welfare, big government, 401k"s, pensions, Medicaid, & entering the country. Th evirus will leave the country before the election. The virus loves Donald Trump. After the virus is over with, Trump just passed quadruple world food trade deals

  • The elderly and people with health conditions safety will be compromised every day that the schools stay open these people can stay home and do nothing and will still be exposed when the children in their family's bring it home after being exposed to the community petri dish we call schools

  • Why are you guys so close together? Did you really all cram in there together just to make sure your faces are seen on camera? Even though there’s a killer virus on the loose? Ridiculous

  • cases went from 65something to over 900 just today if read it right, kinda sounds little more easy to get than what he said

  • According to Air Force loaders a pallet of test kits was flown from Rammstein AF Base in Germany
    to Washinton, shrinkwrapped and unmarked.
    For ''executive use only''?

  • While we figure out which end is what? In the meantime "did you know you could save 15% or more by switching to geico".

  • Be vigilant, for certain groups of people who still consider corona as a brutal attack, it is very possible that a more severe counterattack will occur, so we all still need to be vigilant.

  • I think this is much bigger than we think! I will say I told you so when Trump is in this big plastic bubble to protect himself and gives us the finger!!!!!😫😷😲😱

  • "They committed to no surprise billing " but just for those people who get it everyone else keep expecting that 🤦‍♂️

  • Just A guy and his silver says:

    Im going to "make up" a conspiracy theory, admit it was made up, and someone will still believe it. European and Asian countries have been struggling to get control of the ever growing number of refugees flooding their borders each month. Exhausted by world and media backlash, the corona virus is introduced to the population. 2 months later, all borders are closed.

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