Microsoft HoloLens: Course 101E – Ch. 1 – Project Creation

In this chapter, we’ll load our sample project, add some holograms to the scene, and then we’ll deploy that project to the HoloLens emulator. You can find the sample project at the link below. First, we’ll launch Unity at the top, click “Open” and then browse to the folder where you extracted the starter project then click “Select […]

Intro to Libby & OverDrive to Enjoy eBooks and Audiobooks

– [Jannah] Hello! My name is Jannah. I’m a librarian at Sno-Isle Libraries. Today I’m giving you an introduction to Libby and Overdrive. Let’s get started. In order to find Libby and Overdrive, we’re first going to want to begin at the Sno-Isle homepage. That’s www.sno, S N O, hyphen, isle. I S L E, dot O R […]

How to Replace the Display Bezel | HP Chromebook 14a-na0000 Series | HP

How to Replace the Display Bezel Before you begin: Remove the base enclosure, disconnect the battery, WLAN module, and top cover. Removal Starting from the top of the display panel Carefully separate the display bezel from the adhesive and retention tabs on the display panel and display enclosure. Gently pry the display bezel off of the display enclosure. […]