People cross limits for their relationships. I had one such relationship for which I crossed borders. Father always fed you this, didn’t he? You stupid little piece of Stop yelling. Ronnie. When it’s about me, I keep calm. If it’s about brother, I will cause harm. Hey Ronnie, let’s go. Where? – With me. Brother, it’s just routine […]

New Bubble Guppies! 🐟 Full Episode w/ Zooli ‘The New Guppy!’ | Nick Jr.

Hi, it’s me Molly and it’s time for… It’s time for… It’s time… Uh, Gilly? [screaming] [laughing] It’s time for Bubble Guppies! ♪ Bub-bub-bubble, Gup-gup-guppies ♪ ♪ Bubble, bubble, bubble Guppy, guppy, guppies ♪ ♪ Bubble! Bubble! Guppy! Guppy! ♪ ♪ Bubble Guppies! ♪ I’m Molly. I’m Gil. I’m Goby! I’m Deema! – Oona! – Nonny. Zooli! Bubble […]

How To Start YOUR YouTube Videos For Better Results

– I’m gonna tell you how to start your YouTube videos so you can keep people watching longer right after this quick introduction about an awesome video editing app that you should be using. This video is brought to you by Videoleap. Videoleap is a free mobile video editor that’s super intuitive and easy to learn. With Videoleap, […]