Osmar Barutti do Jô Soares sobre as aulas de improvisação de Frank Herzberg

Osmar Barutti do Jô Soares sobre as aulas de improvisação de Frank Herzberg

How are you? Well, common in! Ok, let’s see… Hello! Right on… Let’s take basically the motiv of that music and play it mechanically over the changes. Here on locrian we’ll start on the root, F# and the motive will be…(playes) If you comp I’ll play it once. I’ve studied at the same school like Frank in the US at the famous “Berklee School of Music” in Boston ten years earlier. When I arrived in Boston there was a teacher, unfortunately he already passed away, called Charlie Banacos. At this time I couldn’t have classes with Charlie Banacos in Boston. There was a waiting list to study with him of two years. Then I heard that Frank had studied with Charlie over 5 years And I told him: Frank I would like to know this Charlie Banacos material, its wonderful, extraordinary musicians have studied with him, When with Miles Davis, guitarist Mike Stern studied with Banacos. Banacos was a teacher that humanity will discover 20 -30 years from now, because he was such a important person, musician… in the end for jazz and even classical music… So Frank said: “Ok! Do you want to have classes regularly every week?” And I said: “Sure!” This was really what I needed at this time, the contact with Banacos’s material, and it was really good for me Charlie Banacos that Osmar mentioned as well, told me always: “You never should be a musician because of money, or to get the girls! He said: “You should be in love with music itself, because this chord sounds great and this on over it even better…” He was loving music and that’s what I really liked on Charlie Banacos. A classical musician has a discipline to study that popular musicians often lack. My connection with Frank dates back already 4 or 5 years. Every week I come and stay for one or two hours, and we play and I get exercises to study for the next week… and I go home and study for real, arranging time to study this specific material.


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