Naagkanya Ek Anokhi Rakshak || Episode 04 || New TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Naagkanya Ek Anokhi Rakshak || Episode 04 || New TV Show || Dangal TV Channel

Julie… Sona! Why are weird things happening with me since the last few days? I’m able to run faster than cheetah. My eyesight has become
sharper than an eagle. I came back to life after I died. Am I myself or somebody else? Sona, my dear… Sona, my dear. Open the door. The food is getting cold. I’ve made your favourite
vegetable and yogurt dip. Come out quickly. I’m not in the mood to eat. You should eat to satiate
your hunger and not for your mood. You can have dinner. I’m not hungry. You’re my darling daughter. Eat a little. Do something. Have fried flatbreads
while watching television. Your favourite film is being aired on TV. The film in which a man
is bitten by a spider and he starts climbing walls. Madam, it’s Spiderman. Yes, right. Diaper man. My dear, please come out. Sona. Why are you disturbing her? She said she’ll eat later. You know its natural
to be worried for her. She never locked her door before. Why did she do this today? What are you saying? Is she a child? The children nowadays need time and space for themselves. Why? is she planning to go to space? You’re talking nonsense. Oh no! I hope she’s not
having an affair with a boy. Empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Think before you say something. Stop guarding her and go from here. She will eat when she feels like. Have I got the powers
of the snake after it bit me? I’ll do something. I’ll seek the help of
the computer for my problems. Which animal is it that runs very fast, an hear anything and see in the dark. All these are the
characteristics of a snake. I’ll search about serpent girl again. O Lord, answer me correctly this time. Serpent girls in India. According to Indian
folklore there are snakes that can change their forms. The snake skin appears
and disappears from time to time. She can run very fast,
see in the dark and she’s very energetic. The same things are happening to me. Am I… It means according to the internet… I’m a serpent girl. Guruji, greetings to you from Takshesh. Speak up. Why did you betray me? You said that I’ll get the Nagmani
if I get the 800 year old snakeskin. You said that the snakeskin
would attract the Nagmani. Didn’t you? You didn’t mention about any serpent girl. The snakeskin has merged
with the serpent girl. What was that? Why didn’t you tell me? Speak up. Whatever you said just now is true. But the fact that the snakeskin
merged with the girl indicates that she has some
connection with the Nagmani. Where’s the Nagmani? Sona, you’re hurt. What is this? I got hurt and there’s no pain. Great! I’m having fun. This means that nobody
can challenge me now. I’ll teach them a lesson. Yes! What if I land in further
problems because of these powers? When I was a normal girl,
problems were my best friend. And now I’m special. What else can happen with me? When I killed Vaishali her daughter wasn’t with her. Where was she? Oh! So, the girl is family. The daughter of my dear
brother and sister-in-law. The girl who’s the
protector of the Nagmani. I must find her now. After all an uncle
and his niece must reunite. I’ve to attain the Nagmani from her. Why doesn’t Sona come on time? She’ll arrive on time if she
walks properly and reaches the stop. She keeps falling at every step.
She’s a stupid girl. She must be in bad mood
because of yesterday’s scolding so she didn’t come. I’m in great mood today and
ready to do today’s assignment. What do I have to do? From where did she come? Look, I’m here. Julie, doesn’t Sona appear changed? What kind of change? Is there anything on my
face or is my hair disheveled? No, a change that’s good. You now the glow of confidence. It’s clearly visible today. Good job, Sona. Forget it and tell me
what am I supposed to do today. The giver of joys and
the one who takes away sorrows. Anybody who wishes to get rid of sorrows and wants joys and prosperity in life one who wants a good life
and wants to fulfill his dreams should come here. He’s the giver of joys and
the one who takes away sorrows. Krish, look there.
He’s the man you were looking for. Take away the owl. After yesterday’s incident
I think I should do the recording. Okay. Fine. I’ll take the interview. That’s because when Julie
comes before the camera she sets the screen on fire. Watch and learn. Okay? Please. You won’t take the interview. -Sona will take the interview.
-This stupid girl? How can I take the interview? What do you mean? Remember what PP sir said. This is your last chance. You should grab this opportunity. How will you win if you accept
defeat before the war starts? Not at all. Brave are those who face
challenges in the battlefield. The ones who don’t face
challenges aren’t b rave at all. That was absolutely right. Good. I’ve said this proverb correctly. If my father heard me
he would’ve been so surprised that he would’ve forgotten
to stitch clothes. Let’s go. This magical feather will
guide me to the serpent girl. Today’s sensational news. There’s a man who claims he’ll
help us get rid of stress and problems. He claims that if you keep the owl that is giver of joys and the
helps you get rid of sorrows at home then your life will
be happy and prosperous. Come, let’s find out the
truth about the owl from him. Are your claims about the owl true? 200%. Sister, this is not an ordinary owl. This owl has been born with
the blessings of gods and goddesses. Once it steps inside anybody’s
house it resolves all problems. This own helps you get
rid of all the problems in life. The problems get resolved but how. When the owl sees anyone in
trouble his colour changes to red and he warns the person of danger. What are you saying? Its colour changes? Ask questions. I want to know why should we
believe that what you’re saying is true. It’s a matter of faith. If you’ve faith it’s god for
you else it’s just a piece of stone. Today’s viewers want proof. Tell us before the camera
if you’re ready to prove yourself. Of course. If I cut my finger the
owl will change it color. Of course. I didn’t even cut my finger
and the owl changed its colour. But how? Problem, there’s serious problem. Krish. Krish. Give me the camera. Why is the owl chasing the man? He was right. This girl is the serpent girl and my Nagmaani is inside her. This is an owl with extraordinary powers. Just now it changed
its colour and turned red. Now he has turned back to grey. This is nothing short of a miracle. This was the story
of the owl that brings joys and helps one get rid of problems. If you want to hear and know
about more such interesting stories stay tuned to Sach Ka Samna. This is reporter Sona
with cameraman Krish. Sister, you’ve increased its demands. The buys are waiting for it. Thank you. Great work, Sona. It’s brilliant. You’ve recorded everything. This is far better
than your first interview. Sir will be impressed. Krish, are you okay?
I hope you’re not hurt. Oh! I’m absolutely fine. I fail to understand something. Why was the owl after that man? Oh god! Silly girl,
it was what the owl can spot. Problem. Problem,. C’mon lets go. Have one more morsel. Mom. Dad. Look at this.
This is my first interview.Today’s sensational news.There’s a man who claims he’ll help
us get rid of stress and problems.
He claims that if you keep the owlthat is giver of joys and
the helps you get rid of sorrows…
Well-done, my child. this is great job. I pray that nobody
casts his evil eye on you. Well-done, my child. You’ve made me proud. I always said that my
daughter is no less than sons. She’s better than the boys. Well-said, sir.There’s a man who claims he’ll help
us get rid of stress and problems.
If you want to see and hear
more such interesting stories
then stay tuned to Sach Ka Samna.This is reporter Sona
with cameraman Krish.
I didn’t have to toil hard to find you. It seems your end is near. Sona. Sona has done a great interview. She has sent the very
first ball for six runs. She’s the Virat Kholi of Sach Ka Samna. I also think the same. What do you say, guys? Oh hello! Hello! I could’ve done it better than her. I don’t know what Krish
finds special in her. She has the wish to work
hard and a passion for journalism. But, you can’t see it. Really, Krish? -Is that what you think about me?
-Of course. PP sir is calling me. -Oh god!
-What? Why is he calling me? Have I made any mistake? What can be wrong now? You’ve taken such a nice interview. He must’ve called to appreciate you. -C’mon, let’s go. Shall we?
-Yes. Let’s go. Ninety nine. Hundred. Two hundred. Three hundred. Three hundred. Very good. Wow! That was great news. Fantastic! Awesome, Sundarlal. Sir, I’m Sona. What’s in a name? Get ready. We’re soon going to
get a lot of assignments. It’s going to start with his assignment. Meet him. He’s TP Tushar Prasad. And he has an interesting piece of news. TP, meet my boys and girls. I think I’ve seen you somewhere. I’m very close to you… in matters of work. I’m an experienced man in
the profession you’ve just entered. It’s also my profession
to look for sensational news. Very good. Now that you’ve
been introduced, let’s discuss work. TP, tell her. Look at this idol carefully. What’s special about this? The specialty of this idol
is that it turns everything that it touches to gold. Anything…
you mean pen, paper, diary, flowers it can transform anything into gold? Absolutely. -Me too?
-What? I’m already Sona (gold).
Why do I need to turn into gold? Jokes apart. Why should we believe you? It can be fake news. Look at this. I trust him. This news will make Sach Ka
Samna overnight international sensation. Go and cover the news. Get back to work.
I’ll also go back to work. -Go. Go.
-Okay. Nice to meet you.I’m going to get something
more precious than gold.
I’ll snatch the Naagmani from you.


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