“My Kids React: To My First TV Stand Up Appearance” (Part 1) – Jim Gaffigan (Caroline’s Comedy Hour)

“My Kids React: To My First TV Stand Up Appearance” (Part 1) – Jim Gaffigan (Caroline’s Comedy Hour)

This is my first T.V. set that I ever did! Why are you getting offended?
You asked us. Do you think that I have a
future in standup comedy? Hi, my name is Jim Gaffigan and this is my son Patrick is it Patrick? Yeah. Hi, I am Marre Gaffigan and I’m Katie Gaffigan. I’m Jack Gaffigan
and I’m Michael Gaffigan. and you’re watching Disney Channel. We’re gonna watch some
of my old Stand-up Comedy and we’re gonna see what Patrick thinks and we’re also gonna see
what my other kids think. I want to go home. Well I think when he started your
stand-up might have been a little bit dry because I’m not sure if
had met Mom at that time and I know that she helps
you a lot with your writing. When you started Stand-up
I bet you were bad. Here goes nothing. Something you would see in a horror movie. It’s like Seinfeld. They called you Mrs.?
*Laughing* Mrs.? He said Mrs. Jim Gaffigan. Is this your first time? This is my first T.V set that I ever did. It’s kind of like my first day of school for T.V. Long neck very long neck. Ha ha. That’s me. Wow, you look so different. Do I look different? Yeah, your bald-spot is bigger. My bald-spot is bigger now? You look like a serial killer. You look so much skinnier. You look like Steve Jobs. Yeah. Your voice is so high is that your real voice?
*Laughing* it’s funny that you’re like making a joke about how old
people can’t use technology and it’s like that answering machine. So what do you think an answering machine like what is an answering
machine, do you know? I think you like write a question on
a sheet of paper and put it in there and it gives you the answer. Oh, okay and what do you think
a fax machine is? a fax machine? Yeah. I’ve heard of that
before, it’s like a printer? or something like that. Yeah. Well, I know when you leave a message you can like, listen to what they sent. Umm, I feel like an answering machine you can answer to the message. How do I look different there
than right now? Am I… I don’t know,
because your bald-spot is smaller But you cant even
see my bald-spot and it’s not necessary
to keep bringing it up. Since you don’t have a bald-spot. I don’t have a bald-spot there. It sounds like you’re impersonating
Bart from the Simpsons. a little bit like it’s because your voice is just
in a higher register than it is now. But you know a bald spot a lot of woman are really
attracted to bald-spots. Really? Yeah I mean, well not a lot. Well, none are. But some might be. How old do you think I was in that? You sounded like you were, like Just say thirty. Okay, thirty.
No, no. I think that you were actually sixty.
Sixteen. Sixteen? Jack, how old do you think I was? Two haaaaa!!…
Umm, I think you were like 35? I was 2 years old. Oh stop, oh staaaahppp. I’ll give you three answers I am either twenty five seventeen or forty five forty five. I’m forty five in…
Okay. Twenty four Seriously? Twenty four Maybe twenty nine, twenty eight He’s got to be like eighty nine. Looking at this video do you think I have a
future in stand-up comedy? You don’t just have to say
that because I’m your dad like do you think it’s
funny, you can be honest. Yeah. That last joke I didn’t
understand and I kinda laughed. Yeah, I mean you
didn’t laugh out loud. I, um, I mostly laugh at
jokes that I don’t understand. Oh, okay that’s interesting,
you laugh at the jokes that you don’t get. Michael, would you think that
I would have a good career? Don’t ask him. Why not,
why cant I ask that question? cause he’s not even gonna
answer, he’s just gonna go You use, you use the same joke every time. What’s the same joke? Why are you getting offended?
You asked us. I’m not getting offended. And so like, we’ve seen baby
pictures of me and you look like… when you were a baby you looked like me and, I mean you’re better looking but like, so that’s what you’re
gonna look like when you’re 25 how do you feel about that? Does that make you sad? No, that kind of doesn’t
change a difference to me. It doesn’t change a difference. I might not have a bald-spot
but I don’t know either. Okay again, back to the bald spot… because I don’t really
have to be your mini-me. Indiana’s a great state.
If you’re unfamiliar with it well… here’s something you’ll never hear in Indiana. Nice Tux, anyway. That wasn’t funny. Really,
this is something you’ll never hear in Indiana? Nice Tux. You didn’t think that was funny? No. I don’t know, I don’t understand it. When I met this girl,
she was like fundamental she was so intense though, she kept on
demanding that I go to a bible-study class. So I would joke around with
her, I would call her up Was this mom? and I would just go, the devil. So that devil voice… Why are you trying to avoid the thing
where it’s like… yeah, I was dating this girl. Well, I mean Uh, yeah. What, do you think that I never
dated anyone before your mom? Uhh, the story doesn’t add up but…
I’ll let it slide! It was like another 10
years before I met your mom. Seriously? So Michael, that Devil voice… Don’t you do a Devil voice? “Yeah, I do.” It’s funny, I laughed. I get how parents laugh at it. Why do you only think parents? I don’t know, because you’re laughing? That’s how like you made the jokes. Hey, what’s up. I’m Jim Gaffigan thanks for watching,
now hit the subscribe button or Pat, you tell them what’s gonna happen. Or else. Oh, you wouldn’t
do that would you?


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