MOTOROLA EDGE PLUS – You Need To See This Phone!

MOTOROLA EDGE PLUS – You Need To See This Phone!

the Motorola edge plus is coming and I’m
gonna be sharing the details right after this if you new here want to stay up to date
with the latest tack please hit subscribe followed by the bow so when it
comes to Motorola we haven’t really seen anything too exciting from the company
but that’s now set to change they’re of course releasing their new flagship the
Motorola edge plus more we previously only had rumors to go on we now have
some 360 renders courtesy of reliable leaker on leaks yesterday on leaks
teamed up with price barbar to deliver us another 360 render of the Motorola
edge plus along with reporting on many of its specifications we’re now gonna
run through everything to help you guys decide if this could be the phone for
you so to start with that the Motorola edge plus is unique selling point seems
to be at the huge display well it isn’t 100% screen it does bought
a high screen to body ratio thanks to its tiny punch hole selfie camera with
its trim down bezels top and bottom the forehead is however slightly bigger than
the chin so this may upset those who need perfect symmetry we can see the
display is also very curved at both edges and most likely the reason behind
the naming of the Motorola edge plus we’re getting a full HD plus AMOLED
display that measures in its 6.8 inches if we go curved edge to curved edge the
Motorola edge plus is an in display fingerprint scanner and of course the
punch hole selfie camera in the top left the Motorola edge plus also gives us a
90 Hertz display making things incredibly smooth many are speculating
that it has a physical fingerprint scanner on the back but on leaked States
that this is just a Motorola logo and it will have the in display fingerprint
scanner the phone dimensions come in at 161 point 1 by 71 point 3 up by nine
point five millimeters but if we include the thickness of the camera bumper then
its 11.5 milk when it comes to the rear of the
Motorola edge plus so we have a triple camera setup along with the LED flash on
the right the rear is made of glass but there’s currently no mention or whether
this will or will not support wireless charging and we’re unsure what sensors
we’re going to get in the triple camera setup but we can’t see a noise
cancellation mic above the lenses we’ve got the circular Motorola logo in
the center and this has an LED around the edge it’s thought that this is going
to be used as a notification LED for alerts being a flagship the Motorola
edge plus will of course be powered by the latest snapdragon 865 system-on-chip
and it’s gonna be coupled with eight or twelve gigs of ram we haven’t got any
information on storage yet but I imagine it’s gonna be the usual 128 256 and
maybe even 512 it will support 5g out of the box it’s of course can come with
Android 10 the Motorola edge plus is gonna be powered by a huge 5,000 170
milliamp hour battery but as I said earlier we don’t know if it’s gonna have
wireless charging given that the rear of the phone is made of glass that then
it’s still a possibility the Motorola edge plus was expected to make its debut
at Mobile World Congress in February but since the cancellation of this event
then no details have been provided Percy I think it’s great to see them trying
something new again previously their motor mods which was a great idea in
theory just didn’t take off as well as I’d have hoped users of the Zed mods did
seem to be pleased but there were still many people are unaware of their
existence when it comes to pricing I don’t really have any sensible figures
for you guys today Motorola haven’t given anything away we
haven’t had any leaks but if we take a look Motorola haven’t been competing too
hard in the flagship specs as of lately and it does seem to be a very new design
so any number that I give you it would just be a complete guess so I’ve decided
not to give anything right now if you guys think you know how much it will be
though just let me know in the comments below it is gonna be interesting to see
who is correct once we finally do have a price and as always if there’s anything
I’ve missed you’ve got anything to say you have any questions at all then just
leave them in the comments as well but thanks for watching the video if you
like to smash a thumbs up if you didn’t hit the thumbs down twice and I’ll see
you guys in the next one


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