Mobile Branding | Overview

Mobile Branding | Overview

Now you can customize ServiceNow mobile apps
with your own app name, description, and branding. In just a few steps, … …you can create custom branded mobile apps using any ServiceNow Mobile app and your unique company identity. Start by logging in to your instance and submitting a Mobile Branding Request. You can request the iOS and Android version
of an app at the same time. Enter some key information, including app
name and description, … …and select your security vendor such as
Microsoft Intune if required. Last, enter some final details and images
for each mobile platform,… … and submit your request. Next, ServiceNow builds and tests your branded app. You’ll receive a notification when it’s
ready for you to test and approve. Finally, you test, approve and publish your
branded app using your preferred deployment channel to deliver great, secure work experiences. With ServiceNow’s native mobile work experience… … what better way to engage your employees and secure your data than with your own custom mobile application. For more information, see our product documentation,
knowledge base, or podcast. Or ask a question in the ServiceNow Community.


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