Mnuchin blasts high-tax states during congressional hearing


71 thoughts on “Mnuchin blasts high-tax states during congressional hearing”

  • America may never become like Germany, one of the highest tax nations on the planet and by the way exploiting us with massive tarde surpluses. Trump must Keep his promises at any cost.

  • Inverted Reality says:

    Democrat states spent themselves into a corner. They'll only raise taxes to try to get themselves out of it.

  • California and New York and other places have stopped spending money on our roads and bridges, and other things that need fixed. Somebody needs to check on where the money goes.

  • Eagle Whitefeather01 says:

    Lol. Glad they finally said something to those morons!… but the politically led sheep voted for them.

  • Single moms should pay a tax to offset all of the harm they are doing to Our Nation, Society and Culture.
    The money could go towards some kind of education program which would focus on teaching women to be personally accountable for their actions and wean women from the entitlement programming that modern feminism has infected them with.

  • The democrats are not angry that taxes are too high….they are angry that the People who earned the money get to keep more of it.

  • littlejon Doe says:

    In Connecticut the corrupt democrats have been stealing taxpayers dollars for decades. In the last five ten years or so close to 100,000 people have left the state due to taxes and illegal Unconstitutional firearms laws. One of the smallest states in the Country with the highest taxes. I’ve been pushing for term limits and happened to see Blumenthal is worth over 85 million, sure he worked for all that money. I’m selling my house this summer and moving south and I should have done it fifteen years ago. F this state.

  • It is tiring the California and NY States still vote for Democrats. First the Dems are socialists and keep themselves on top and everybody else in the bottom. They keep themselves in government by manipulating the ballots. GET WISE PEOPLE AND CATCH THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME AND THROW THEM OUT.

  • Connecticut is the same. They find every single way to to tax you. They'll use any means necessary to take take the spare change out of your pocket. The scams being passed over night.
    The state grocery bag tax. 10 cents a bag. It was supposed to generate a lot of money for the state. Then people realized. I'll bring my own bags. Or just grab hefty bags off the shelf. Now they have paper. ? They went to plastic because of the environment. Now they use the logic to get rid of plastic.
    Look at your garage bag section.
    All plastic. This is the logic of a stupid liberal Democrat


  • Rhode island is the East coast California. I wish I could get out. Gina romando sucks and I'm fed up. Send the Liberians home if they on welfare

  • Julia Rickett says:

    maybe the people are tired of their hard earned money being spent to give illegals free EVERYTHING ……. I'm all for helping families that are struggling to keep their heads above water. But not illegals.

  • Tell the people that run the state of Illinois that!! They ALL pretend they know how to fix it, but each year the same thing! Chicago is the worst place to live for taxes and leadership, along with Peoria etc…!! All of em are scumbags with money! It's starting to turn into a police state… And even the feds,state cops, etc.. let em get away with it!! Lowlife is what we call it! God will be the last Judge for em!

  • I'm getting the hell out of Illinois because I can't afford the high taxes, especially property taxes on my house. MY brother and best friend have already moved from Illinois to Missouri. I'm right behind them!

  • Not A liberal USA says:

    Just wait till taxes get higher ! the more the Democrats get into politics and Power the more the taxes go up

  • High tax state have things like well paid professional police, well maintained infrastructure, growing economies – things that red states can only dream about.

  • Being treated like a tax milk cow………. a top 5 reason I left NYC
    Earn $100,000…..not bad
    After taxes…net $60K or so…still, not bad
    Rent….$30,000+ to live in a non-doorman building, shoe box size apartment
    ….$30,000 max left…still, not bad
    …but after food, cable/internet, electricity, mid-range health club, transportation, and a Scotch at a bar now and then
    …certainly not "an exploiter of the masses"

  • Have you noticed how the SALT (State And Local Taxes) cap of $10,000 is being roasted as unfair to Blue States while favoring Red States? The reverse logic must also be true, an uncapped SALT deduction is unfair to Red States while favoring Blue States. Just something to keep in mind when you hear screaming about this deduction cap…

  • If Bernie wins, the word "high taxes" will go to another level and take on another meaning. It will only be referred to as "outrageous taxes" and will affect most every state. There will be a domino effect with everything.

  • SALT? Hell, how about living in a city in AZ and pain AZ tax AND reservation tax because you're white and live in a city that happens to be on a res. Yeah, 19+ percent sales tax. How freakin' un-American is that.

  • SadWings Raging says:

    Where are all the Bernie bros at? They were flooding the reply section with their drivel a week ago. Oh well,,,, better luck next campaign! ROFLMAO!

  • Devorah BatMiriamGoldaVMordecai Bayer says:

    Mr. Suozzi, really? Where are the State and local accountability for their expenses! I was raised a Cover, just like you…I noticed you moved to a more affordable non-sanctuary town.

  • When 90% of the people are homeless and dying on the streets, then they will be happy. And it is going to happen, it just take time.

  • Steven Garcia says:

    how many BILLIONS in taxes were not paid because so many executives of companies in Westchester County and
    NYC who all live in Connecticutt , just to avoid taxes ???????????????????????
    This has been going on for decades , the only people who HAVE to stay in NY are poor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! those aren't
    yet poor will be … retired people cannot afford to keep their homes in NYS … g

  • Katherine Richards says:

    Why should the rest of the country have to foot the bill for badly governed states? Everyone in the high tax states should be fighting their loser leaders.

  • Jimmy the Saint says:

    New Jersey's Taxes. over all are completely Horrendous, Take my word for it. I live in Alpine New Jersey.

  • Claudio Perri says:

    People in the land of the living…the “Resistance & Fear Mongers
    & Lovers of Abortion, Homosexuality, Islam, & Liberalism” yes, the
    democratic, left, socialist, sect, party, those workers of iniquity &
    evildoers, & the “Resistance & Fear Mongers” little league fake, lying
    news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc, cbsn, huffpost, the hill, time, newyork
    times, nyt editorial board, the wall street journal, the washington post,
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    refinery29, the telegraph, protect our democracy, the ftc, the world health
    organization…are all about Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of
    Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down
    to.  One more TRUTH…there all LESS THAN

  • People aren't just leaving because of the taxes, they are also leaving because of the crazy laws like plastic bag bans and high regulations and fees on everything, and the icing on that cake is allowing illegals to have a drivers license and voting rights.

  • SO WHY WONT TRUMP JUST RELEASE HIS TAXES??? WHAT IS HE HIDING? WHATS THE BIG DEAL???? Clearly he is hiding something, his behavior to hide his taxes to this extreme is not normal.

  • Every time someone tells me about taxes I respond with this….people need to be educated that state taxes are passed by state and local governments….Federal taxes are passed by the President and Congress… Federal taxes have been cut tremendously, while state taxes are getting higher by Your state government officials; your governor , mayor and state house of representatives! Get educated on these matters, our school education aren't teaching these civil courses thanks to clinton, Bush and Obama….while they send our fathers and brothers to war they have perverted our education system, principles and morals and government agencies…..the devil has deceiving our people ….we need Our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST back in America like we always have…some people not all ..Jesus Christ is King! Repent and save our country

  • Retired Manager says:

    Remember the Malibu wildfire, many very expensive homes lost. The celebs immediately wanted federal assistance to rebuild. Most had written off money as SALT deductions. The feds gave them welfare. They never paid the feds, they shouldn’t have been entitled to the assistance. It’s not like they were broke they had their own money.

  • Another reason people move is insurance rates. California bleeds insurance companies. Too many people don't have insurance so that drives up uninsured motorists claims which everyone pays the increased rates except those who don't carry insurance.

  • unknown person says:

    Lower their taxes? They cant, highest taxes yet look at California and how many homeless and drug addicts they have with all the money they take in.

  • You little people just don't get it. State and local employees have salaries, benefits and pensions that must be met. When they work for 30 years and have earned their retirement at about age 55 they will be drawing a pension and health benefits as negotiated by the unions and mandated by law for in many cases, longer than they were actually employed. This is expensive so that is why your taxes are high. Ok, have we cleared that up? Gosh you people are dense but see if you can remember who the party of the working class is this November, it's the Democrats that look after the working people dummies so pay your taxes and shut up.

  • Republicans make sure the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. Everything wrong in the world is the fault of Democrats. Nothing is the fault of Republicans the tax cuts weren't good for the poor. Face it

  • Zionist Rothschild puppet, former banker and corrupt, took advance during the housing crisis from those who lost their homes

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