Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein Episode 18 | English Subtitle | HUM TV Drama 6 March 2020

Mehboob Apke Qadmon Mein Episode 18 | English Subtitle | HUM TV Drama 6 March 2020

Mother! where are you going? I am going to the hospital
Shazia have got an accident! Accident! She is telling you a lie
mother She is telling a lie to you! if you don’t speak something else, don’t you? mother, I have personally witnessed by my own eyes
nothing happen to her she is absolutely okay! in fact, I have seen her in the police station
with such a strange faced man even he was seems to be some
abracadabra doing person, He is the father of her friend. even she has informed me that
Shazia was crossing the road and
she got an accident. Mother, what can I do! please let me know?
what should I do in this regard? you even just believe in all her talks! well! Should I believe in your talks? get away!
let me go Haven forbid!
she the girl, if I could understand her any! hey listen!
why don’t you drop me there in your vehicle? well Okay, I get to go with you. let’s move I will take you there
why do you lock the door? Sunaina is not home
even she has gone to her kindred because fear. if I could understand any,
what’s going on with us in this house? Oh God, please protect us.
I am so much upset in this house. Sunaina!
I have cooked your favorite Pilaf please eat a little bit. Sunaina! Sunaina! what happen daughter What happen? nothing! so, why are you crying? I am
I am been there for much time, but
Arsal didn’t make a call even once! to ask how about me!
if I am okay or not? Daughter, he would be busy. Mother, he is not busy. Aunty Sakina made me a phone call
they all went to the hospital Hospital! bhabhi Shazia have got an accident. he, care about everyone
except me! Please don’t cry. Oh daughter
how was that’s all occur? Phoppo, I couldn’t know I was crossing the road. some vehicle stricken me. then I became unconscious. when I got conscious,
I came to know that I am here. Daughter, you have to take care of you. thanks God, that
yours friend was with you as well. she took you to the hospital, and
she the poor even informed us through a phone call. Has Sarim arrived?
where is he? He has arrived
Sonia went to bring him here. daughter, don’t you feel much pain? not really Phoppo,
not very much what are you doing here? what do you mean
I am here to see Bhabhi. are you even aware of Sunaina? She the poor went to her kindred
because of fear. And
you are here to see bhabhi! Sonia, I have talked to her I made a phone call to her
She went there to her kindred. what, what have you got strange to you? if somebody will ever accept that
you have been wedded for 2 months. Sonia, nothing would be critical, beside that
I am not here to hear your preach,
Please! you became really so ill mannered. what, what happen to you both?
why are you standing there? Brother, nothing,
please come. Bhabhi is there. Shazia, why was you in so hurry what need brought to you
to cross the road in such a hurry? Sarim, I wasn’t in hurry, but
Sonia was chasing me. don’t know why, but what I felt that
She might be got some misunderstanding, so I had crossed the road in such a hurry.
so I had crossed the road
and tried to follow her, but
meanwhile, suddenly a vehicle came along She wasn’t following me! She was stay there and watched me going! this is okay! if somebody ever believe in my talks that
they will believe me this time. I am telling a lie. I willingly have hurt myself! So I have to even deserve for the punishment for that. Isn’t it? do you wish to divorce me?
please leave me. I will leave here. Because,
nobody believe in my talks. Hey Shazia,
such a strange talks you do
what wrong with you. please don’t speak like that Phoppo!
please you bring around her. and you!
get out
get out of here. And
stay outside have it!
always orders for get me out! Shazia, I am sorry. Sister! Where have you been
took much time I was right here
where else should I be? whatever,
I have to let you hear some breaking news! what is that? I have got a job! Oh really! Strange,
with such a rude mood! not really
things are not like that. Congratulations to you, even more. thanks. Sit down,
let me bring water for you. not really,
I will take by my own now I have to perform all my works by my own. Oh really, Oh yes
seriously, now
I will perform all my works by my own! whatever!
how about mother by mood? Mother is not home, where has she gone? She went to visit Shazia. Shazia!
why? She have got an accident. Accident!
but how it occurred. Excuse me! Arsal, Sunaina has been very much frighten, Aunty, I can understand, Son, if you don’t feel annoy
you even don’t understand that. if you understands that,
Sunaina would never leave home like that! she would wait for you come
when you back home
she would come here with you. I know that, something occur extravagant! look at us! we spent someday out of this house, but we have got release from that extravagant incidents. Son, I humbly requested to you, you have to think about that Sit down. Easy. now you please take rest, okay? if you need anything
please let me know. okay, further, you please don’t put on any of Sonia talks. she is foolish. I will bring around her. Has Sunaina come? Arsal went to pick her. you please personally suggest Phoppo
to make a courtesy call to her mother. That,
they wouldn’t be reluctant
to see her off here. Isn’t it? okay, you are saying right. God will bring, Sunaina will be back home. okay, please now you take rest. let me bring juice for you from the vehicle. okay. well dude now you need complete rest! Sunaina is my only daughter. I can’t see tear in her eyes. I can’t see her frightened face, I know, that
you love her very much, but
Son, what lover seek, that
to give importance to her talks. even I just can request you, not really Uncle! you really make me feel ashamed! I promise you both, I will never give a chance to complain of. it’s okay. Sunaina what happen? Arsal!
somebody out there! there outside well, let me go to see outside! NO!
NO! you will not go anywhere!
if she She come inside, so? Arsal!
Somebody out there, isn’t it? okay,
I am
I am not going anywhere. Arsal, somebody out there! You sit down here
I am going to see there outside. please go and talk to mother. Mother! Go, please
go , go. Mother, Saba wish to discuss something! what She has to discuss? mother,
Assalam O Alaikom. Waalaikom Assalam. Well, I am going to office. you better go! Don’t you? if you came here to ask me permission? Of course! you didn’t ask me
when you go for the interview! whatever you heart really wish
just do it! you, no need to seek my permission! but, I want your permission! if I don’t allow you, so? then, I will bring around you! Look mother! if you happily see me off,
my day in the office would be good. well okay! I will not speak odd regarding Shazia,
from this day. will you please agreed me upon, now. please, you really made me so irritated
you really irritated me so much! please forgive me. I am sorry. please mother console with now, mother
please agree with me Well, go now! thank you. Sister, thank you! move! thank you mother! well move!
make a cup of tea for me. Hey son
don’t be worried about her I am here to take care of her. she is there in her bedroom
taking rest. well okay, you don’t worry
I am here to care her. well,
okay son. Okay, Okay I said, I will.
Khuda Hafiz. hey Shazia!
why are you here in such a condition! just called me up right there
I would be there. I am not coming, but
I am going somewhere where are you going? I told you about the father of my friend
who was detained against false accused he is going to release today on the bell, so
there is nobody at her home, so
I get go there. Such a strange talk you do, my daughter! even if you can walk properly, and
look at you! going to perform such a great work? enough,
daughter, please you take rest now. Please you don’t worry! I am not alone going there! My friend bushra! she is going with me as well. well, Sarim
even I was talking with Sarim let me do a call to Sarim
he will take you there, No, no , no
please don’t inform Sarim,
really annoying for his work even Sarim has to perform all his works beside that I put on him my works
this is not good. I will go by my own
please you don’t worry. But daughter!
in such a condition? Shazia! have it!
think of devil and devil is there! please come. Assalam O Alaikom Aunty. live long,
Waalaikom Assalam. now you have arrived
you better convince her Look at her condition, and
instead to take rest, she is willing to go somewhere. Aunty, I have tried a lot to bring around her! but you know well!
when she has decided no one can stop her. but I am agreed with her for one condition that she will follow me to the hospital later and she will get new dressing there. okay!
if things are like that
I will not forced her please take her with you. are we allowed to go? Of course easy to go easy to back home. let’s go? let’s go. listen! let me release from this misery, first! just remember to take it with care! you have to dress it again. Of course!
are you here to take care of it? yes,
I will take care. let’s move on. you don’t worry, I have all you important stuff with me. before to reach police
I took all the things with me,with great care. all those things are save at my home. whenever you want
you will get those. . So
please don’t be worried about those things. how will I clear the accounts of
all the favors you did to me! well, tell me the truth
I didn’t support anyone else, but
that is only my greed
that, really force me to help you just once!
if I got my destiny even once! after that,
I will have no concern even about you. is that you! have you finished your packing? yes, the packing almost done. I brought a meager gift for you. don’t know,
you like it or not. such a strange talks you do! this really great
I really like shawl. this is really suits you. Oh its color is even tasteful. how am I look? Wow,
you are looking so cute. Isn’t it? thank you. hear the sound of Sarim’s car horn. but, why is brother Sarim back home early? because, he has to drop you people to the airport, isn’t it? okay. get ready in a hurry,
we are waiting for you. Miss Saba! some documents need your signature. who is that you? this is Agha Fareed.
I am HR manager here. Oh Sir! please,
Relax. actually I was dialing your extension so long you couldn’t receive the call, so
I personally came here. well, actually Sir! doesn’t matter. you will soon be habitual. anyway!
Congratulations. here it is your appointment letter you will take original with you, and
putdown your signatures on the copy,
before to hand over me. Okay Sir. well,
Any question? No. you people leave home well! and Arsal!
you have to take care of her very much. Move,
you people are getting late. and of course! never forget,
what I have preached you. I will do video call to you. well, let move Move. follow us. Assalam O alaikom waalaikom Assalam please have seat. please. if you people going to highjack the plane, do you? we have been informed you since long
this not ours. but
but, nobody believe us! Ms.Noureen, what do you think
whose this?
is it’s mine? maybe possible!
this could be yours. But
you better ask them
that will be great. hmmmm perhaps, this is made of iron or steel! well, you mean to say that
this is not packed by you within your luggage? not really! this suitcase is mine, but
I didn’t pack that in my luggage then surely,
you have putted in,
Mr. rrrrrrrrrr Arsal. Mr. Arsal. Look Sir! we both are spouse to each other, we were going for honeymoon; we don’t know
from where this came into our luggage. look, we belong to a Nobel family. belong to Nobel family! well, you people agree that
this is what we got from your luggage? Sir, this is just… it will be investigated, and you people will be detained in our custody
until the investigation wouldn’t be completed. Ms. Noureen! yes Sir! please take them with you and offer them tea etc. and remember that, they are very gentlemen. Please Madam
follow me. Hello.
Assalam O alaikom. this is Sarim Speaking. Mr. Jahangir Shoukat has given me,
your contact number. yes,
yes well, perhaps he has talked to you. Yes, yes Arsal is my younger brother
his wife has been detained in police custody. Yes. thank you so much!
so kind of you
thank you. we will got his number from inquiry office we will have to go to his office. well,
may I follow you? let’s go. I am the elder brother of Arsal. you sure to check the record of Arsal
there is no criminal activity,
he has ever been indulge in. even there is no complain against him.
this is nothing but a misunderstanding, even as far as Sunaina concern.
she is also belong to a nice family. and she is very… Look, you just waste time for no reason whatever you wish to confess
you better confess tomorrow before the court. but, I wish to discuss you something. I know well,
you haven’t spare much time, but
a few facts about Sunaina, that
you don’t know! if you please let me tell you, that
you easily proceed for the interrogation. and you people wouldn’t face problem. I know that, you have no time, even though
just, just for 5 minutes. please! Sure, please carry on. Sunaina has not been well mentally, I mean to say that what she use to do when and where
even She can’t remember maybe possible that she has putted in
that dagger knife while packing personally! And
she couldn’t remember that. do you understand what I am talking to you? have you some evidence in this regard? some certificate related to her mental health,
or some prescription or something like that? even though, that’s all you have; but no one allowed to break the law! they both will be presented before the court. whatever you people wish to speak
please confess right there. Sunaina! please try to recall you memory
have you checked the suitcase, before to start packing? Arsal, yes I did! that suitcase was absolutely empty. I have remember very well,
there was no dagger knife in that at that time. did somebody came to meet you? no.
Bhabhi Shazia came to meet me! yes, Bhabhi Shazia came to meet me in the room Sunaina!
why would Bhabhi Shazia do that? I didn’t mean that! why you.. well, that wasn’t came in by its own walking in. surely somebody took it in the bag. why are you talking me like that? Arsal please,
don’t let me leave alone! Please. Sunaina, I am not leaving you alone. just want to ask you, if
that dagger knife wasn’t there while your packing done. Knife, knife wasn’t there at that time. of course, there was not. not there till then. there was no knife till then. what do you mean, “till then”? I don’t know. look, this is not an easy case as you take it so easy. anyhow if we declare your relative as …. She is my sister in law. like my own sister. Sure, anyhow if we prove her a psycho patient even though, there is not sure that
she would be released, it is possible that she would be shifted in the hospital as a patient! what would be the decision of court, that is all depend upon the intentions of the patient She is not offender! she is an accused Look, we are here seeking hope from you. and expecting you, that you put up this case before court, that Sunaina who is my sister in law
will be released with respect. that’s it,
nothing else we expecting you. look, I will try my best.
later, it depend upon God. Mother. Hmmm please take your lunch. I am not hungry. mother, how long will you remain hungry? you sure to eat something, isn’t it? if Sarim made a phone call? if something brought to know
when they will be released. now they just arranged the board of doctors! today Sunaina will be present before the board. Oh God,
please do them favor.
my Lord. let me do, that
I get to go to meet Pir Saheb. please you follow me as well. and remember one thing. you should be remain Silent right there.
whatever I would talk to him personally. Mother,
no benefit of visit there. why? Pir Sahab died last night. mother please
bring courage, please eat a little bit of lunch. have you arrived! how about the case of Sunaina? is there any hope to set her free? I never thought before, that our daughter will caught in such a misery! and I wouldn’t do anything for her. those who know that
we are in trouble, they don’t receive my phone call. even those who talk to me
they give me advice instead of help! well, you don’t worry. In laws of Sunaina doing their best, isn’t it? now, they are the only hope. And And now, I am not very much optimistic in this regard. why are you talking like that? Because Arsal has been released on the bail. he got release! Arsal has been released on the bail! And
Sunaina? he has confessed that
whatever happen, there was no fault of Arsal. he is absolutely innocent. my daughter! this is your things! ask, whatever you want? all your knowledge! what will you do then? all your ambitions prove to be fulfilled
anyhow! that girl,
she is about to behind the bars but I don’t wish that! whatever going on
that is absolutely wrong! if such circumstances remain on
Sunaina will Surely die! And
she would be buried in the heart of Arsal
even forever! and I don’t wish that. she will sure live alive, but
never face Arsal ever again even Arsal look at her, but
turn his face. watching her, faraway
but he wouldn’t like to hear her name. but now,
the circumstances are quite different! gradually Arsal feels love for her. And
I don’t like that. I have seen the tears in Arsal eyes regarding Sunaina
this is what, I really don’t like that. what will you do then? if you eliminate love between them
through spell of magic? Love will be awaken when the spell of magic will over and the same situation will be occurred regarding your wedding. love would be occur until the spell of magic works when spell of magic will over and he will gone leaving you. that’s why I am asking all your knowledge! because I will never let him allow
to release form the spell of magic. to find him
to achieve him,
I am headstrong for that
thee only ambition in my life. if I don’t achieve him
I will be surely died. even I don’t wish to be die
live without him. even I know that, you were not serious to let me learn the magic yet. but now,
you have to be. you better think again. I have thought a lot
and decided yet. this is my last decision. once you got the power, this is hard to set free from that. life may become difficult, but but
the death become more difficult as well. I told you, I have decided yet! to achieve his love,
that is the only destiny of my life that’s it! nothing I will demand but this.


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