MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Lunchgate”

MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 3: “Lunchgate”

[ NARRATOR ] Today’s episode is brought to you by Extra I’ve had a lot of first days at school every few years, my mom gets a new job every town is a little different, but also the same there’s the popular girls, the gamers, the goths, the jocks, a loner, and another loner, the high school sweethearts, the film buffs, and the fancy kids. …and don’t forget the class clown. You don’t need to meet all of them on your first day. In fact, there’s only one person you really need and that’s a friend Sometimes the smallest gestures
can be the most refreshing [ NARRATOR ] Give Extra, Get Extra with All-New Refreshers Gum (upbeat music) – All right my friend, I
see how you’re playing this and guess what? Your 50 bucks is about to be mine. (laughs) – Less talk more play. – Want to see play, huh? – Yeah, come on, show me. – All right, watch this. Boom, boom, boom. – Oh shoot! – Boom, 50 dollars. Come on, come on, give me the money. – Oh, oh ho, my friend,
you’re going broke today. Oh, here we go, a bada bing, bada boom, bada bing, bada boom. – No! (laughs) – Pay up 50 dollaroos. – So about that, um, can I give you 10? – But what the heck am I
gonna buy with 10 dollars? (stammers) – [Mani] You can buy something
at the 99 Cent Store. – No I’m not going to the 99 Cent Store. Listen, meet me at Three PM, you’re
old, so I’m being nice. – You better get out of here. Get out of here. Where am I gonna get 40 bucks. (soft music) So when are your parents
getting back from Aruba? – They’re in Argentina this week, why? – Oh um, (sighs) I just need a little
advance on my paycheck. – They don’t usually tell me
when they’re getting back. I guess they don’t want to disappoint me. – Well, that is okay, because what you and I got going on here is just as good. And things are going to
get a whole lot better when you try my family’s famous chili. Try that, try that, what do you think? – This tastes like Disneyland feels. – Hey, right? Just a little something I whipped up. – You know you could sell this right? (upbeat music) – Wait, sell this chili? (cha-chings) (angelic music) – I have to go. – Where are you going? – Bali wants to do some
dumb mediation thing with me and Harmony. – Hey, that might be fun. – Whatever. – It will be fun. Learn something. Should I sell this chili? – I’m so happy you guys agreed to talk. Plus, I really hate
seeing my friends fight. – Seriously, because she’s
been nothing but mean to me since I got here. – Come on, try expressing your emotions by the “I feel” statements. Come on, nobody’s wrong here. – Okay, I feel that True’s
been nothing but mean to me since I got here. I made a few mistakes but
she won’t give me a chance. – You’re right. – What? – Sorry, I feel, that you’re right. I didn’t give you a
chance and I should have. Mani thinks you’re good people and Mani’s good people. So I guess he’s right. – Thank you? – Well ladies, my work here is done. (bell rings) – I’m getting that runt
Harmony, kicked out of Millwood if it’s the last thing I do. – How? (upbeat music) – I have an idea. (bell rings) – About to make this money. Pay back Chris and then your boy is gonna be in the business. (cheers) you know what that smell’s like Mani, that smells like money over there. (gasps) (sniffs) Know that smell. – Woo, this secret recipe is about to get your boy some money. – Stop right there, Mani Lee,
what are you doing out here selling my chili. – Stop hitting me, stop hitting me so I can tell you. – I’m waiting. – I’m trying to get some bread. – Well it better be corn bread ’cause that’s the only
thing that goes well with my chili and you’re
the only grandchild I trust with my recipe and you better not be trying to take advantage of me. (sighs) – Fine, 30 percent. – Make it 60 percent or I’m reporting you to Doctor Tomlin. – All right Grani. – And change that sign to
Grani Lee’s famous chili. – I’m gonna change it. – And stop playing with me Mani. – Geez, fine, okay. (smacks)
(moans) Stop. – Photosynthesis is wild,
I mean I can’t believe that plants actually eat sunlight. – Oh plants, I was wondering
why we were talking about photography in bio. Oh I’m so hungry I can’t even think. – Me too. – Where’s my lunch? – [Girl] Mine’s gone too. – [Elisabeth] I’ve been
dreaming of my BLT all day. – What crazy person has stole our lunches? (plops) – O M G! – Dr Tomlin, Harmony
stole all of our lunches. – No, I didn’t. – Well, it very much looks like you did. Harmony, my office, now. – Can’t believe True did that. – Her anger issues run
deeper than I thought. – And, Dr Tomlin gave me
my first detention ever! And they all believe
that I’m the lunch thief. I wish I could go back to Attaway. – Hey, don’t say that, it’s not healthy to run away from your problems. – So what do I do? – Hmm. (rings) I have an idea. – No. – [Girls] Please? – No, – [Girls] Please. – No, Grani already squeezed
me for half of the profit giving chili away fro
free, that’s a done-zo. – Even after what True did? – Not my problem, hands are tied. – I guess I shouldn’t be
surprised that you’ve clearly chosen True over me. – What? No, I don’t care. – Well, well, well, what have we here? – Oh, I’m sorry, this is
a private conversation, could you take a hike? – Selling food without
a license is a crime and there seems to be a lot of those today which isn’t good. – But Dr Tomlin, he’s not selling Chili, he’s giving it away, right Mani? – (laughs) Yeah that’s right. I’m not selling it, I’m
giving it away for free. It’s a soup kitchen on wheels. – Free. – You want some? A free bowl? – And that’s why I stole the lunches, to give you guys delicious, free, chili. (cheers) – [Kid] Free chili, for everybody. – Hey, look what I got. – That better not be for me, I’m so sick of chili, I
never want to see it again. – I could order some pizza. – Why don’t you order for Harmony, it’s obvious that you like her better. – True stop it. I’m your Manny, she’s our
friend, just chill, she’s nice. – Whatever, I’m so used
to people letting me down. Especially adults. – True, better attitude, okay? – Oh, and don’t you bother
about your application to the True Crue, we
don’t accept traitors. – Are you serious, True, wait a minute, True, can I appeal? – We good now? – Yeah, we cool. – Hey, hey, hey, it’s
one thing to come for me but not my Grani. – I’m selling your debt fool. – Calm down. – Pleasure doing business
with you Mrs Lee. – Get out of here. – Oh come on.
– Go! – You did that for me Grani? – Let’s not take it that far. (laughs) Get out of here Mani Lee. Before Grandma give you a kiss. Go on, get. That boy so crazy. And I want my $50 back. – [Announcer] Next up on Mani. (upbeat music) – No more available
slots for today, sorry. – You obviously have availability. – Not for you, next. – We need your help,
it’s a step emergency. – Right, what moves do you know? (cheers) – [All] Next.


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