JUVENTUS vs INTER | Antonio Conte Inter TV Exclusive Pre-Match Interview 🎙⚫🔵 [SUB ENG]

JUVENTUS vs INTER | Antonio Conte Inter TV Exclusive Pre-Match Interview 🎙⚫🔵 [SUB ENG]

How’s the team looking going into this big match? We’re going into it in the right way
despite all the difficulties because having to change our plans and not being able to play games hasn’t been easy. As I said to the lads, we must be
capable of adapting to the situation and we must adapt quickly. We need to keep doing what we’ve been doing, keep working hard and try to do our best. The match will be played behind closed doors. As a former Juventus player and coach, how do you
imagine the Derby d’Italia without the fans? It’s difficult to imagine because the crowd play an important role
in football matches, especially at big stadiums and
on big occasions such as this. However, it’s a very difficult period
and we must be very careful. The citizens’ health comes first so we must adapt and try to make sure things
are done as safely as possible. How are the players looking fitness-wise given that some of them haven’t played
since the Lazio game on 16 February? Generally speaking, we’re in good shape. Obviously we’ve all had to
adjust and change our plans, because postponing games has meant
we’ve had to change the way we work. But the lads have got on with the job brilliantly. They’re just as hard-working
and determined to raise the bar. We want to be playing games
like this with a lot riding on it. So we’re in the right frame of mind,
with desire and determination having been intelligent enough
to adapt to all the changes, which are far from ideal for all of us,
coaches, players and club officials. Do you expect Juventus to be different
compared to the reverse fixture? I think every match is a different story. Games like this are decided by fine margins. We know we’re up against a very good team. We have a lot of respect for them and what they’ve achieved in recent years. Our ambition is to work hard and try to close the gap with them. The fixture list is looking pretty congested now especially after the postponed matches. As a coach, how do you manage the team’s
energy levels and the psychological side? It’s not easy because this is an awkward period. We all have families and what is happening is not something you can ignore. Clearly, we’re all trying to face up
to the situation as best we can. Having said that it’s important that, when it comes to match day we need a clear plan. As professionals, we must have the time and the possibility to plan things properly. During this difficult spell we must try to focus on the values of football because football conveys
human and sporting values and we must ensure those values are
conveyed even in a difficult time such as this. We can say you’ve already achieved something It’s been years since
the Derby d’Italia was last played with Inter and Juventus
so close together in the league. As I said before, we must keep raising the bar and we can only do that through hard graft. The lads deserve credit for raising the bar and creating the right conditions
so that a game like this has so much meaning in terms of the league table. Juventus v Inter will always be an important game but it should mean something
for the league standings too. Inter have the league’s best defence
with two games in hand and have scored one goal more than Juventus,
having played one game more. How important are such statistics considering that for many years Juventus were
way ahead of Inter at this stage of the season? I think it just proves what a great job
the players have been doing. I’ll always be grateful to them
for their efforts on a daily basis, their determination to keep improving and desire to be competitive. Of course if you reach a big game
like this with so much riding on it you’re necessarily going to have good stats in terms of goals scored and conceded. The world is looking at the battle between
Romelu Lukaku and Cristiano Ronaldo. You must be pleased that the Belgian striker,
with the help of the team, is having such a good debut campaign. I’m obviously happy because it’s Romelu’s first year in Italy
and he’s doing really well. He’s an example for the rest of the team. He’s working really hard
to improve himself and the team The team is doing likewise. I’m very happy with what Romelu is doing but let’s not forget that there’s a team
behind him giving him all the help possible, just as he’s helping the team. The next opponents after Juventus are Getafe. What are you expecting from that game? It will be a very tough, hard-fought match. Getafe have been a revelation in Spain. They’re a quality side who know how to scrap. They’re a very solid team with an excellent coach. We’re going to have to be
at our best if we want to go through. The first leg will be behind closed doors
so that’s something we need to adapt to against a team who are having
a fantastic season in La Liga. Thanks, coach.


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