Jo Tou Chahay Episode 30 | English Subtitle | HUM TV Drama 6 March 2020

Jo Tou Chahay Episode 30 | English Subtitle | HUM TV Drama 6 March 2020

Mashal, your friend’s calling you . Why arent you answering it? I don’t want to speak to her. Why don’t you want to speak to her? I’ll see what she wants. Hello. Hello, who’s this? Ramsha, this is Hashir. Assalamwalekum . Walekumassalam brother Hashir.How are you? I’m very well, how are you? Why isn’t Mashal answering my calls? Just look at her, it was my henna ceremony last night and she didn’t attend it. And now I’m getting married today. What? You’re getting married today? Yes, it’s I’m getting married today. Mashal is my best friend so imagine how sad it would be if she didn’t attend my wedding. She will definitely attend your wedding In Shaa Allah and I will bring her to it myself. And very many congratulation to you on your wedding. Thank you very much. Welcome. Allah Hafiz . Its Ramsha’s wedding today, arent you going? No. Why not? She’s your friend Mashal… your best friend. Why arent you going to her wedding? Aunty-mom, has forbidden me going. She’s saying that there’s no need to go to a stranger’s wedding. Since when is she a stranger to you? Mummy does wonders sometimes. Go get ready and I’ll take you. Aunty-mom, won’t like it so I cant. She wont. I’ll handle her. You go get ready and wear your Eid outfit with matching jewelry. They really look nice on you. I want to find you dressed and ready when I get back. Go on. How are you feeling now? Yes, well I’m fine now. Here, why don’t you also have some. No, no, I don’t want any right now. I wanted to speak to you about something mummy. What? Mummy, Ramsha is Mashal’s best friend and she’s getting married today. She called and I happened to answer the call. I promised her that I would take Mashal to her wedding. I see! So you’re going to have your own way in everything from now on! You take me for a complete fool that you can you control whenever you want! What’s wrong mummy, why are you getting so angry? When I’d already told Mashal that she couldn’t go then why are you taking her?! You make me out to be a liar?!
You think to demean me! What wrong with you mummy, why are you thinking such things? No ones trying to demean anyone. All I’m saying to you is that Mashal has only one friend. She doesn’t go anywhere, doesn’t she make any requests and nor do we think of her happiness. So where’s the problem if she goes to her friend’s wedding? God knows who these people are? What kind of people they are? They’re strangers… I don’t even know them. There are a thousand and one responsibilities when it comes to a girl. Then its decided mummy, I’ll escort her to the wedding and I will also bring her back from it. You don’t have any objection to my doing this do you? Do as you like, why ask me! Again you’re getting angry? Whats wrong with you mummy? Yes, I’m the idiot, I’m the ignorant one! You all are the smart ones! You override all my decisions! Don’t make an issue out of such minor matters mummy. Your blood pressure is as it is always on the higher side. Look at you, you’re not well even right now. Here, have this. I understand everything! Go on with you. This devious girl never desists! Talking nonsense all the time. Oh, so they’re going out on a jaunt now. Burhan! Where have you been?! Why haven’t you been answering my calls!Where were you all night?! Oh hey Ma, my friend fell ill so I was with him at the hospital. Wait and listen to me! Couldn’t you phone to let me know?! Why was your phone switched off?! Uff ho Ma, what’s wrong with you! And you need to first tell me something, Mashal is supposed to be getting married to me! Then why is she all decked out and going all over the place with Hashir?! Your match hasn’t been finalized with her as yet that you think you can act all possessive! And besides she still has no clue as to what we have planned for her! Whatever the case Ma! I cannot tolerate Mashal being with anyone else now! She’s my wife to be Ma! Oh please! So what if you cant tolerate it, what does she care! And I’d suggest that you keep absolutely quite about this! If your father or anyone else gets to know of this then nothing will happen! Why? What wont happen? You know who’s your biggest barrier?! That one who’s turned into your enemy! Hashir! Ma, listen to me and listen good, if Hashir continues to come in my way like this, then I will end up killing him one of these days! Good! Very good! Your other habits are as it is already quite admirable and all you need right now is to hang the title of ‘Murderer’ around your neck Ma is absolutely right, are you married to her or what that you think you can claim any right to her and be possessive of her? Sit quietly! Oh really, so if I have no right to her then why was I told about it?! Look at this son! Forgive me!I made a mistake! Now go to your room!Go! Yeah right, claiming possession! Uff…! Oh but son I wasn’t planning on coming but now I have to come to celebrate the happy occasion. Alright fine, I’ll discuss it with Faraz and let you know. Allah Hafiz . That was Wahab on the phone. He’s asked me to come to America. But how can you leave Mama? You’re in the midst of arranging my marriage… What do I do son?! I’m tired of trying to convince them! I even went over to their house! But they neither say yes and nor do they say no! Wahab’s had a son after five years! That’s fine Mama, but your going there is also important. I know. I… I really like Bisma. So do I. Otherwise I would have refused a long time ago. Okay fine then… but you need to place the ring on Bisma’s finger before you leave. Alright. You decided to come over today without informing me? I thought I’d give you a surprise. Yes, of course and most welcome, this is like your own home. Absolutely. And then Bisma is my daughter. Faraz has gone totally crazy about her. Really? But then my daughter is actually very lucky. What could be better for a girl than to get a loving husband. Absolutely. And I’ve been waiting this whole while as to when you’re going to invite me over for an engagement… and when I can finally put a ring on Bisma’s finger. Actually the situation is such that… her father is being stubborn in saying that he will only have an engagement when our son arrives. It will be as God wills. The thing is that I have to go to America. How come? Actually my elder son, Wahab, they’ve had a son after five years. Its a very happy time for us so it wont look nice if I don’t go. Yes of course and you must go. When do you expect to return? I’ll be back after a month, In Shaa Allah . Oh… I see. Why did you order ice cream. We should have gone home. Its okay. And then you’ve gotten out of the house after ages. Where’s the problem in having some ice cream on the way? By the way, they were both looking so happy. Was it a love marriage for them? Yes and do you know something, the two are also cousins Just like Bisma and me. Looking at them I kept thinking only one thing. How good Bisma and I would look when we get married. Cute couple, yes?Happy, happy. Um… Its getting late.
I think we should leave now. What do you mean ‘Leave now’?And who’s going to have this ice cream? No, its just that aunty-mom must be waiting and she’ll get angry. Let her wait, I’ll handle it. And besides I wont look good having ice cream while driving my motorbike. Now eat. Sister Shama, you don’t have an objection to our proposal do you? No… no, of course not. Then that’s fine. I’ll place the ring on Bisma’s finger now and we can have an engagement ceremony at a later date. Okay? Give me your hand my dear. Bisma? Very many congratulations. And to you. This must weigh at least 10 grams! And its pure gold! And listen, don’t you dare! You are not to speak to anyone about this ring. You are not to tell your father and or Burhan! Oh really? And why’s that? I’m going to arrange Burhan’s marriage first. By then Mrs. Saman will also be back. And then I’ll decide what should be done. You can think whatever you want and or do whatever you like but just remember one thing, no matter what you do, I will not marry Faraz! This is my life and I will decide what to do with it. Why? What’s your problem! Tell me one thing that’s wrong with Faraz? It doesn’t make a difference to me whether he has anything right or wrong with him! I don’t want to marry someone I’m not in love with! Why is everyone on my case! Forget it! Yeah right, ‘Marry someone I’m not in love with!’ As if he’s giving you first preference where his heart is concerned! You’re crazy!Absolutely crazy! You’re right, I am crazy! I’m crazily in love with him and I will remain that way! Now see here, don’t you dare utter a word. The one you claim to love so much, he doesn’t even respect you. And this love, its only in name and a show… I’m not listening to a thing you’re saying. Arisha? Initially I thought this to be just your suspicion and imagination. But I’m now beginning to suspect that you might be right. What do you mean? One cant trust a husband these days. They’re like bees attracted to honey. What are you trying to say? Wives think that their husband’s are in the palm of their hands. But the wives they don’t even know with whom all their husbands have been flirting and or playing the field. Please don’t talk in riddles sister Fakhara, you can talk openly to me. No way. My husband has strictly forbidden me to interfere between a husband and wife and their matters! Are you really that sure of your husband? Thank the Lord! And I reached this surety after having investigated him thoroughly! I did it by keeping any eye on him and by spying on him. You should also do the same. You’re making me more and more suspicious about Arman Every intelligent wife should be suspicious. Listen to me, a smart wife never picks a fight. She does what she has to do quietly. The husband doesn’t get to know of it and the wife shows her artistry without anyone being the wiser for it. This means that these two have been making prior plans to meet. Now see here son, I’m asking you gently. Tell me truthfully, where do you go and what kind of people are you associating with? And what are your plans for the future? Uh… I’m going to start a business with a friend, dad. Business? What kind of business? Uh… We’re going to start a car showroom dad. Showroom. You’re taking interest in a business that hasn’t even started as yet… while your elder brother is asking you to come abroad but you show no interest in that. You tell me something first dad, what has brother Arman achieved while living abroad? How much money has he earned? And how much money has he been able to send back home? I’m fine out here! No, no son, he used to send quite a good sum of money. And then we bought this plot of land with his money. Its only ever since he married that pathetic Arisha that he’s stopped sending us anything. I will very soon start up a showroom Ma. I’ll be a partner in that showroom! Really? Where will you get the investment from? Uh… Investment? Dad, I’ll get a loan from the bank or else I’ll sit at the showroom But we’ll be fifty/fifty partners when it comes to profit. I don’t believe anything you have to say. Stop it! At least let the boy do something! He’s saying that he’s opening up a showroom! And then ordinary people don’t up showrooms do they. Fine. But this is the last time son. You wont get another chance. Listen… Yes? Start this work as soon as you can. I want you to be working when I go with the proposal. Its to take any away any chance of Hashir and brother Abbas refusing! Oh hey Ma… why do you worry? Just consider the showroom as a done deal! Please find a way take my proposal to them and make sure it doesn’t get refused. Don’t you worry my son; and you can think of this match as a done deal just like your showroom! I’m going to pump up sister-in-law Fasiha so much, that she will herself give you Mashal’s hand in marriage! So be happy now! By the way, they were both looking so happy. Just like Bisma and me. Looking at them I kept thinking only one thing. How good Bisma and I would look when we get married. Cute couple, yes?Happy, happy. Mashal? What’s wrong? Why are you crying? No, no… I… I was missing grandma. She used to really love Ramsha. So I was thinking that, had she been alive today, she would have been very happy to see Ramsha and brother Osama together. You’re right. But by going there you fulfilled the lack of Apa ji’s presence. Hmm. I was, however, thinking that since your friend is now married you should also be getting married. But they loved each other and they got each other. I will find you a loving, caring partner as well. I wonder how people who love each other get each other. What did you think that all people who love each other find happiness? If that was the case then all the love marriages in this world would prove successful. But they do eventually get their love. To get the one you love isn’t what’s amazing. What’s amazing is being able to stay true to it and nurturing it. Do you know what’s most important thing is life? What? Its peace. And one only gets it if one trusts in God. Hand yourself over to Him, give unto Him the care of your every happiness and sorrow and pain. Give Him everything and then wait and watch the peace it gives you. Anyways its getting quite late at night so go to sleep. Yaar, what’s your next plan? Oh hey, don’t ask about a plan, ask about plans! We’re going to earn a lot in the future! That’s all well and good but… we also need to start thinking about a business. Yes? Business? What can be a better business than this? Yes but we do need to give some kind of solid reason to the world. And besides I’ve now told my father that I’m opening a showroom with my friends to satisfy him. Opening a showroom’? You’ve really trumped up and fabricated the truth to your father! Why don’t you explain it to him buddy! We’ve at least put together enough money to now start a nice showroom! Hmm So we should open up a showroom? But when someone asks us where we got so much money to invest in it, what will we say?! We’ll eventually find a solution to that as well but at least with this way no one will suspect as to how we got so much money! By the way Shahid, Burhan is right. It is necessary to have a source of income. Okay, I’ll think about it. But let me tell you one thing, I will only work with full planning! Okay fine brother, we will plan everything together! Alright fine then, consider the showroom as being open. How’s that? Oh hey… you know that friend of mine? His brother? Well he has a huge showroom. I’ll go speak to him tomorrow. The three of us will invest in it together. We’ll become partners! This has turned out great buddy! Burhan buddy, you are brilliant. Why did you delay giving us such a brilliant idea? What do I tell you buddy? The thing is that my father asked me what I wanted to do with my future. I didn’t know what to say at the time, so what slipped out was that I’m opening a showroom with my friends.’ Wow! It slipped out but you can now consider the deed as done! You can consider the showroom as open! Hi. How are you? I’m fine. I’m very happy today. Mama, placed the ring on your finger so I’m suddenly feeling a greater sense of attachment. Are you also happy about it? Actually the thing is that I… I know. You’re very shy and you will never openly admit to your feelings of affection. But frankly speaking Bisma, this is something that I really about you. What’s that? You’re a very reserved and modest kind of girl. You’re not like the girls of today, bold and coy. Yes. Weren’t you asleep? Yes, but I’m awake now. Where did you go off to? That to without letting me know? Uh… Actually… you were sleeping and I was getting bored so I thought that I would go out and about with friends. Good you did that.
Very good. Then you must have also had your dinner? Uh… Yes, we all had some mince curry with naan. Arent you having to think a little too much about your answers? What are you actually trying to ask me Arisha? Nothing. But your nervousness is giving you away. Arisha’s attitude is really quite different today. Earlier she would fight, argue and say whatever was on her mind! So why is bent upon confusing me by not saying anything today? To get the one you love isn’t what’s amazing. What’s amazing is being able to stay true to it and nurturing it. Do you know what’s most important thing is life? What? Its peace. And one only gets it if one trusts in God. Oh Allah , please fill my heart with peace. Take away my sense of neediness. I hand unto You my everything; my happiness and my every sorrow. Just make me a person that accepts Your will willingly. Listen… when are you going to speak to aunty about Mashal and Burhan match? What’s wrong with you all of a sudden? I don’t think that you should wait anymore. You should get them married immediately. Why? You were the one that said that I should first win your aunt Fasiha’s heart, captivate her with my charm and then go with a proposal So how can I go with a proposal all of a sudden? I know I said that. Do you know why I’m saying this?! Your beloved son came to my room yesterday to speak to me. And do you know what he said? He said, ‘If Ma delays my marriage to Mashal any further then I will kidnap Mashal! Oh my god! How dare he be so bold so as to even say this! Ma, the pace he’s going at, he can dare to do just about anything! Before he does something new and unthinkable Ma, you need to sort out this matter about his marriage immediately! Didn’t I tell you not to tell him anything? But oh no, you were in a great rush to tell him! And now if he doesn’t anything like this then the little respect we have left in the family will also finish. And that father of yours, he’ll be the first to grab his hand and throw him out of the house! Let that scoundrel come back and I’ll ask him what he’s done! Oh ho! What will you ask him?! I’ve already spoken to him about it for now and cooled him down by saying, Give it a day or two and mummy will go and speak to them.’ Now if you want to really do something, then go and get that proposal accepted! Dont speak to him.I will make him understand things. Really? So do you think I should speak to sister-in-law Fasiha today? Of course! What are you waiting for?! I would go and talk to her but Burhan isn’t doing anything! When is Mashal such a favorite of her’s that she’d want a wealthy businessman for her. Tell her that he’s working somewhere or the other. Oye, wait listen! Say that he’s started some business of his own! Like a… a car showroom! When is she going to go about verifying it. This is good. Alright I’ll go and speak to her today. You do that. Bunty, how come you didn’t go to school today? I had the day off today. Okay. So listen, where were you going last night with sister Hania? I was going to the shopping mall in front. Why? For shopping. What did you shop for? Uncle Arman bought chocolates for me and he bought sister Hania a watch. Okay… so what else did you do? And then the three of us had ice cream. Why didn’t you come with us aunty? Okay so has sister Hania and Arman met before as well? Yes, twice before. Okay. What do they talk about? I don’t know… but they laugh a lot. They just keep on laughing and laughing. Alright… so Bunty dear, you’re my little friend, right? Then you’re not to tell anyone about any of this. Any of what? The fact that I asked you anything? Alright then aunty, I’m going to leave now. Wait, listen! Do you know something, I’ve planned a real nice surprise for you. What kind of a surprise? Umm… Every time sister Hania asks you to go anywhere with her now, you should make the excuse of a stomach ache and come to me. Aunty should I say this even if my stomach isn’t hurting? Yes, even then. Okay… What’s the surprise aunty? I’ll tell you about that later. Okay fine, I’ll be leaving now. Yes, okay. Allah Hafiz ! Sister Bisma, please make me my breakfast quickly! I cant make these breakfasts and all! And is this any time to wake up?! Everything to do with the Nawabzada is unique! What’s wrong? Seems the canon’s about to fire! Yes? Are you calling me a canon??? Dont you have any manners when talking to someone?! I’m not saying it but… you’re quite intelligent so you end up understanding it yourself. By the way, why are you getting all hot and bothered today, what’s up? You are as it is quite ill-mannered. But the fact that you would turn out to also be a coward, scared and weak is something I had no idea about! Oh wow! You heaped on all that praise in one go! By the way why are you feeling angry with me today? What else should I feel if not angry with you? I should have known that I couldn’t trust you with this matter! Its not in you to be able to trap her into falling in love with you! Every time I’ve tried sister Bisma, I got caught! Dad slapped me a couple of times and mummy humiliated me separately. So? He slapped you so? Dont turn such a small matter into a case of ego! Dont you want to do something about the way she humiliated you?! Just think about it! She humiliated you! What’s up? You’re talking of humiliation on one hand and on the other you’re talking of love? What are you really saying?And… where’s mummy? She’s gone with your proposal. Which I’m sure is never going to happen. No one gives their girls to people like you. Why’s that? Where will they find such a nice boy? Oh ho, someone should see to this boy’s delusions! Before giving way to such illusions, do ponder over your shenanigans. I really don’t understand people like you. and yet your head’s in the clouds as if your were some kind of real fantastic being! Stop underestimating me at every turn and tell me what I need to do. Oh good, only half the bottle of water is left. You are giving Hashir the water to drink regularly arent you? Uh… Yes aunty-mom. But it doesn’t seem to be affecting Hashir. And then I’m also reading the wazifa every day This morning he again started of with, ‘I’m going to marry Bisma. Take my proposal to her house!’ I’ll get done with the reading of that special prayer in two to three day… and then I’ll go to Shah saheb. This sage seems like a fraud to me. The damn man took so much money but the work isn’t getting done. I don’t know how Arisha’s work got done! Sister-in-law Fasiha?Where are you? Look at that! Where has this problem turned up from now? I’ll go see what she wants. Suppose your proposal gets rejected today, what do you intend to do about it? Um… I? What can I do… I haven’t thought of anything. I knew it! Had you been capable of anything, would you be sitting here right now. By the way I have a solution to the situation.That is if you want my help. Oh I see, so you’re going to help me are you? How? Now look, if today… this proposal does not get accepted respectably… Okay. and she does not accept your proposal in all honesty… Yes? Then… I think that you should kidnap Mashal from the house. And if you take my opinion, you should only come back after you’ve married her! No one can do a thing once you’re married! You seem fine to me… so then why are you talking such crap?! Just forget it! This isn’t something you can do! You wont be able to do anything! Look don’t say that. I can do it sister Bisma, but dad will then kill me! And then there’s Hashir and uncle Abbas, they just go overboard! And if truth be told, dad wont be able to bear the humiliation. Don’t try to make a fool of me, do it with someone else. You seem to forget that I’ve grown up with you in this very house. I know very well how concerned you are about dad’s respect! Why don’t you just say it outright that you don’t have the guts toavenge yourself of someone! Stay behind! Dont do anything! Just remember one thing sister Bisma, Burhan is not one of those who forgives… and nor is he one to forget his humiliation. I will get such a revenge… such a revenge, that no one will ever forget it! We’ll see. But why am I thinking about all this right now?! I’m positive that this marriage will get arranged! Is that understood? Talking nonsense. So how come you dropped by? I came to ask after your health. And beside how long can we ignore each other? They’re just two brothers… so don’t you think that things should always be decided after consultation with each other? Its good that you’ve finally started to think about such things. Hmm… I don’t know whats been stopping us till now. Okay so what have you been thinking about? Only this, that we should think about the children’s marriages. Really. So are you arranging Bisma’s marriage with someone? You can consider Bisma’s marriage as more or less arranged. Oh but sister-in-law, I’ve found such a nice boy for her! He’s so very wealthy! He’s an engineer. We’ve selected the boy and now all they’re waiting for is when we’re going to invite them to our house. Ma Shaa Allah, God be praised! Very many congratulations, this is such good news! May the Lord now make the child’s fate a blessed one. Amen, Amen to that! So tell me something, have you thought of someone for Hashir? Yes, of course! I like this one girl.She’s my cousin’s daughter. She’s a very nice girl. Ma Shaa Allah, God be praised, the Lord will make his fate a blessed one as well. Amen. You keep sitting while I go get her photograph. A precious feeling such as love… can it actually end with this water? Apa ji used to say that love was a great favor bestowed upon us by God. It’s only because of His Benevolence that one gets it. Aunty-mom, God is the one who puts love in ones heart so neither this water nor any human can end what He placed there.


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