13 thoughts on “James Shelton, Year-End Rally Ahead? | CNBC Survival Guide | November 26, 2007”

  • Tearadactyl Athletic says:

    Wow, oil close to $100/barrel in this video.. Those were the days.. Too bad these idiot CNBC shills were too busy trying to stoke a rally rather than inform people what was on the horizon at that time.. Deja-vous all over again in 2016?

  • This is trending, because it is demonstrative of Pundits without compunction telling people "everything is awesome" when it is not! This was in 2008 just before the US entered the beginning of the Greatest Depression.

    The Collapse of the economy was supposedly saved by massive Nuclear economic manipulation of the hormone levels of the market. For several years this put the market on a hormone induced manic trip that all real people with uncommon sense knew could not end well, but these pundits laughed them down.

    This is trending because it is a repeating stanza about to repeat, and finally the rock concert crowd is beginning to get the lyrics through their drug-induced stupors and are singing along because they actually know the tune and the lyrics now.

    This is trending now, because the next and huge leg down is likely to be the end of the whole concert like nothing this world has ever seen before in it's scope and magnitude.

    Oh, and compare this to what the same media outlets are reporting as I write this and you read it, and see if they aren't singing "everything is awesome" even while the Globe burns AGAIN just like they did demonstrated here by this YouTube clip from way back in 2008…they are singing "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME," just listen!

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