iOS 13.4 Beta 4 – Follow Up Review

iOS 13.4 Beta 4 – Follow Up Review

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech &
iOS 13.4 beta 4 has been out for a few days now and have been using it on the
normal 11 Pro max that I normally use and my iPhone 6s plus also has it
installed so I wanted to talk about the normal things that I do with a follow up
such as performance battery life and any issues that I’m having and issues you’re
having based off the YouTube community poll and then we’ll read some of your
comments a little bit later and talk about when the final version of iOS 13.4
will be released to the public now the first thing is the only issues I had at
all with iOS 13.4 beta 4 was settings lagging on me so for example when I went
into settings sometimes I just couldn’t scroll here it would sort of lock up and
then it would free itself after a few seconds now I’ve seen that a couple
different times I’ve completely forgot about it because it happened at the
beginning and then it actually happened a few hours before I started making this
video so when in the settings tried to scroll to check something and it just
wouldn’t move so now what’s working fine but it’s really intermittent and hit or
miss and now as far as anything else well I’ve actually had no issues with
LTE Wi-Fi or anything else some of you have and actually mal has been pretty
good for me as well but we’ll talk about more other issues in a little bit now
performance on all of these devices has been good and this is the oldest
supported device the iPhone 6s plus and performance has been pretty decent on
all of these in fact most people that were having issues it was not with
performance whatsoever so people that were having issues with this particular
update it was more with some issues with lag or battery and things like that so
in general the performance will wait for that to load there we go performance is
pretty fast given the age of the phone and if you’re playing games don’t expect
any changes as far as performance from the previous beta now if you’re coming
from iOS 13 point three point one there may be some improvements with
performance on this one actually so everything seems to be much smoother now
as far as battery it’s going to vary depending on how you use your phone of
course but let’s go into settings here and take a look at the battery and
battery health for me is 100 and now this is the phone that I’ve been
using every single day except for a couple when I was testing the iPhone 11
for example I’ve used this every single day since it came out so this is my main
phone and then I use others on the side but this is the one I use the most and
the battery capacity stays at a hundred percent with me charging it all night I
have separate videos on that as well some of others may disagree but I find
that that seems to work best and I’ve had every iPhone and charged it that way
so it seems to work well for me now as far as battering health changing with an
update well that’s specific to it actually checking for the battery health
everytime it updates the actual update does not affect the health now let’s
take a look at the last ten days I haven’t actually looked at this since
doing this video so let’s go ahead and take a look and yesterday you’ll see I
had three hours and 39 minutes of screen on time 4 hours and 22 minutes of screen
off time so a lot of screen off time listening to music and I only used a
little bit or over a quarter of my battery so if I was to continue using
this for a hundred percent of its usage and just continue using it not plugged
in or anything I could easily get to 12 hours of screen on time so I’ve had no
issues with this particular update and I’ve heard a lot of good things with the
exception of a couple older devices but let’s talk about the bugs you’ve been
reporting in the YouTube community poll and the first thing is people are having
issues with iMessage people are saying it’s lagging or not activating so I’ve
seen a few complaints about that and it is a beta so there will be issues but if
you continue to have issues make sure to submit that and feedback so Apple can
actually put that together and then prioritize what’s most important now
others are saying they do still have that rotation issue I thought it was
fixed for most people but you’ll see if you have a plus sized iPhone so a 6s
plus 7 plus 8 plus you’ll be able to rotate the home screen otherwise
rotation seems to be fine and it was fine on my iPad as well and so I had
zero issues on my iPad Pro that I use alongside with this iPhone so I’ve had
no problems with iPad OS or anything now some people are having issues with
notifications not showing up I don’t really think I’ve seen that they’re
saying it’s either slow or lagging you’re not showing up I’ve actually had
no problems with notifications on this update and then finally people are still
having issues with mail with selecting all and deleting them I’ve actually
tested this out and not had an issue with my mail but some people are having
it and I have very few mail issues now and in fact I haven’t noticed any with
this particular beta so I was using spark now I’m using this one so we’ll
see what happens in the future now as far as battery is concerned most people
say it’s great according to the comments and we’ll talk about those in a moment
but most people are saying battery is great with the exception of some of the
older phones the most complaint that I’ve heard on any of the other phones
was the iPhone 7 and 7 plus and there’s only a few people mentioning that in the
comments so it seems to be pretty hit or miss but even people with the 6s or 6s
plus are actually seeing improvement so it just depends on what your device is
how you’re using it but generally updates affect all the phones fairly
similarly iPhone 7 has been a little bit different but for the most part it’s
about the same now before I talk about the YouTube community poll and take a
look at some of the comments I want to talk about when 13.4 will release to the
public so iOS 13.4 has been through four betas and it’s likely that we will have
a beta 5 but right now with things up in the air with different events getting
canceled and things like that it’s hard to say what Apple’s going to do I had
really expected this update to come out at the end of the month around the 31st
of March but right now it could come out this coming week or it could come out in
a few weeks it’s really hard to say what’s going to happen as far as the
update is concerned but it looks like it’s fairly close to final most bugs are
fixed with the exception of the few that I mentioned and even in the final build
they’ll refine that as well so I would expect probably beta 5 on Monday Tuesday
or Wednesday of this week and then maybe the final the following week but it’s
hard to say we could see the final as early as this week as well let’s talk
about the YouTube community poll and some of the comments so let’s go into
the YouTube app and if you go to my channel there’s a community tab at the
top if you’re not familiar with this unfortunately it’s not available on iPad
yet and hopefully they’ll bring that along but it’s available on any phone or
computer so you’ll be able to get it there and then vote on the community
poll now it seems like people are less and
less interested in betas so I’m not sure if I should continue doing the follow up
community polls for beta updates but let me know what you think about it in the
comments below with this particular poll there was 5.5
K votes or 5,500 votes so I really appreciate everyone that voted and there
was a hundred and ten comments and that’s where I got all the information
about your experience so I sorted all of that and here are all of the issues that
were mentioned I actually take stats every week here’s all the issues that
were mentioned and here’s all the devices people mentioned in the comments
that you’re using so there’s quite a few different devices and things and that
gives us a general idea of how it is for everyone across all those devices now
with this poll 17% of you said it was great that was run that we’re running
the beta two percent said it was terrible so that’s a really good sign
that’s very low and only 5% said okay but some bugs so I tend to combine
terrible and okay but some bugs so 7% of you had a few issues with it
62% of you are on iOS 13 point 3.1 or older and 14% are on Android that number
has gone down since the last poll and thanks for voting on this even though it
doesn’t pertain to you I just like to include that so everyone can chime in
and let me know what they’re using since I do cover Android updates regularly as
well now let’s take a look at some of the comments I phone XS Max here no
issues so far I had one app crashing but it was just updated and now all is fine
iPhone 11 solid battery no glitches very responsive screen on battery life is
about 10 hours for me what a difference from my previous iPhone X no particular
bugs raised to wake didn’t work properly a few times but everything working great
apart from that iPhone 8 plus your choices do not fit my answer so you’re
either using blackberry or Windows Phone I suppose I’d be curious to know what
you’re using and I would love if you’d comment here and let me know and let me
know what choice would fit your your answer so I can actually add to the poll
if need be its overall okay but I have freezing again it happens when I have 10
to 12 apps running on the background on beta 3 I didn’t have it battery life is
okay but not perfect on my XS but iPad OS is amazing smooth and amazing battery
life on my air 2019 and RAM management is
something I didn’t mention before and that’s because no one seems to have an
issue with it only a couple people mentioned it and I’ve had no issues with
it either so it seems like RAM management is much better so apps
staying awake in the background when you go back into them excellent no hiccups
running it on both my ten are and 2019 iPad keep up the great work thank you
notification issues with slide to manage iPhone 11 pro locking up on my iPad pro
10.5 my battery isn’t as good as it was on thirteen point three I find myself
charging my phone once a day instead of once every day and a half I’m using
iPhone 11 I used iPhone 11 Pro Max the problem is I go home use my Wi-Fi and my
mobile data is on I don’t know why the iPhone uses my mobile data I’m I go to
the Apple Store they say there’s no problem maybe some settings or your Y
home Wi-Fi is not long I go home reset on my phone I have a problem can be can
you tell me why if you have it like I have it here in the upper right where
you have cellular data and Wi-Fi you’re good to go it means it’s going to use
Wi-Fi first even if it shows your signal now if it’s not showing you connected to
Wi-Fi here then you may need to adjust your settings or Wi-Fi settings and
trying to reconnect to it otherwise if you have all of those it’s going to
default to Wi-Fi instead of cellular unless you’re having an issue with Wi-Fi
iPad pro 10.5 it restored the ability to use my Apple lightning to digital AV
Adapter HDMI it did not work on the last beta and that’s good to hear and that’s
another reason I tell people hold off if you’re if you’re worried about things
not working properly because betas are for testing and may have weird things
like that so when the final is released all of those features should work again
so far on my iPhone 7 plus it’s been great the bug in the About section in
settings is fixed and RAM management is good I have one problem when watching
YouTube but when I receive a phone call the whole phone freezes for 10 seconds
and I have to reopen YouTube other than that everything else is great and thanks
for the compliment iPhone 8 randomly freezes and locks up and having to force
restart iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11 good battery life no problems beta for
fix the really annoying for me in the messages application where
it would lock up and freeze up when I had in beta 2 and beta 3 beta 4 has
definitely been flawless great performance and battery iphone 11 Pro
Max, iPhone X it’s been more or less just fine however my Wi-Fi has been
disconnecting and reconnecting reconnecting randomly since I updated
and a smaller issue is when I peek a notification from Twitter for example
tapping it sometimes doesn’t actually open the app the last one is quite quite
a rare issue though I’d say overall it’s been ok still beta 4 seems to be running
quicker and less buggy on my iPhone XS and iPhone 11 pro max I’ve noticed a
better battery life and performance I’ll read a couple more iPhone XR took
several tries to install Safari loads most websites very slowly otherwise it’s
good I had that same install issue on my foot iPhone XR as well they did fix
it though it took a couple hours on my iPhone XS battery life is great ending
the day at 10 p.m. with 10% battery left on 5 hours of screen on time but a bug
where the Apple Store where App Store will open then force closed otherwise a
great update I’m running it on iPhone se and I’m not sure if this is a problem
with YouTube or with iOS but my Wi-Fi connection drops and then I have to
refresh or toggle it on and off Wi-Fi to fix it that’s actually an issue with
YouTube I find that happens with me too it doesn’t matter how good of a Wi-Fi
connection you have the YouTube apps sometimes will do that and you have to
toggle it on and off it doesn’t actually drop but the connection in the app drops
oh there’s something wrong with the app and hopefully they fix it soon it’s been
great on my pro max I’ve been getting it 10 to 12 hours of screen on time and
that’s it for this particular beta now iOS 14 being shown in June at the
Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC I still expect to happen regardless of if
they cancel the physical event or not hopefully they don’t and we don’t need
to but it looks like if they do cancel it they can still live stream Apple has
enough employees they can fill the Steve Jobs theater and show the new features
and things like that and then just make it available to download for beta
testers so I wouldn’t expect it to really affect any of that unless they’re
having other issues and the situation changes but
things are better by then otherwise I would still expect the software to
continue as normal and hopefully we’ll just see a streamed event I would expect
that for Google i/o as well and all of these other events that are being
canceled that could normally be done just virtually anyway so hopefully it
doesn’t affect any of that and things change a little bit in the future but as
far as iOS development and things like that and iPhones coming out iPhone 12
hopefully we’ll have plenty of them in September and things will continue as
usual but let me know what you think about that in the comments below now if
you’d like to get your hands on this wallpaper of course I’ll link it in the
description as I always do and if you haven’t subscribed already please
subscribe and if you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks
for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time


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